The Alliance for Youth Achievement

AYA provides resources to African-based efforts that provide hope and care for children in their communities. AYA's support helps out partners increase their capacity to improve the quality of life for the poorest and most vulnerable children in Africa.
May 11, 2012

AYA Farm Impacts Children at Candlelight Primary

I was fortunate to make another trip to Kenya in March to catch up with our partner schools and community projects. It was great to see first-hand the impact AYA and the farm are making in the lives of children. Since I stayed with Fred and Alice Afwai in Nairobi, I spent a lot of time Candlelight Primary School and Hands with Hope Safehouse. Fred and Alice are the founders and directors of these projects; they have dedicated their lives to providing education and opportunity to desperately poor children who otherwise may not be able to receive an education or have a safe place to live.

The reason the farm is so vital for these projects is two-fold. The harvest from the farm provides food for the children. There are over 250 children in the school and each child receives a hot lunch every school day. For many, this may be their only meal; the food provides an incentive to come to school and helps children learn better when they are not hungry. As well, 26 children live in the safehouse, and Fred and Alice are responsible to see that the children get three meals a day. Secondly, receiving food from the AYA farm allows more money to be devoted to other needs such as textbooks and teachers’ salaries for the school and clothing and health care for the safehouse.

To see more of Candlelight’s work in action visit Please consider helping AYA impact the lives of more children by donating to the AYA Farm on Global Giving.


Feb 9, 2012

AYA Purchases 3 Additional Acres

AYA would like to extend a huge thank you to our donors for helping us get three-quarters of the way to our goal of owning 20 acres!  At the end of December, the three acres adjoining AYA’s farm became available and AYA supporters heeded the call to purchase the land. This brings the total acres we own to 15. This land is valuable not only because of the additional food we can produce, but because it is attached to the current farm and helps us to work more efficiently and securely.

As we look forward to 2012, we hope to raise enough to buy another 5 acres (currently selling at about $5000 per acre). We also need to work on fencing the current property due to the high potential of theft and animals grazing on our crops.  Our project manager is currently working on an estimate. 

We would also like to welcome the newest AYA Farm supporters on Global Giving. We are truly excited and humbled that so many people have chosen to support us amid so many worthwhile projects.  If anyone ever has questions or would like more information about the farm or any of AYA’s projects, please don’t hesitate to contact me at  We truly can’t continue to impact children’s lives without you!

Oct 26, 2011

AYA Farm 2011 Harvest

Receiving corn for a children
Receiving corn for a children's home

Despite experiencing one of the worst droughts in decades throughout much of Kenya, the AYA farm actually improved its harvest this year and was able to deliver a total of 220 90kg bags of corn to 20 AYA partners. This achievement came at a vital time as corn and food prices continued to rise. An accelerating inflation rate of over 16% more than doubled the price of corn to $50 for a 90kg bag. So, because of the help of generous AYA supporters, we were able to provide $11,000 in food to our partners!

However, you don’t have to understand a lot about economics or commodities to know that the current circumstances in East Africa can gravely affect the nutrition and well being of children.  Most of you, have seen the horrific images of starving children that have recently been in the news. While the children served by AYA partners, are not literally starving, they are affected by high food prices and inflation. Many are malnourished, miss school when the school can’t afford to provide lunch, or become vulnerable to living on the streets as their families cannot afford to take care of them.

With the holiday season fast approaching, we ask you to consider making the AYA farm part of your holiday giving. We were thrilled to learn that 3 acres adjacent to our current farm are for sale and hope to raise the $15,000 needed by the end of the year. Not only can you give directly on our Global Giving page, but Global Giving provides the ability to create your own fundraising pages or registries so that friends and family can give in your honor

We truly appreciate your support!

Taking the harvest for shelling
Taking the harvest for shelling