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Conexion Colombia is a nonprofit organization which efficiently and transparently channels resources from anywhere in the world to a portfolio of NGOs and pre screened projects with a high social impact, this in order to promote the link between Colombians and their country. We work together in the promotion of the social development of the country.
Oct 4, 2011

Educating 160 orphans in Bucaramanga, Colombia

Joel David Hernandez Sandoval, a happy child, gifted, full of dreams and illusions that make your life and make a character, a whole day to day child overcomes small adversities of life, as well as calls those situations that may not want to remember. His family lived happily in a territory that was taken away by violence, now her dad is a vendor of sweets on the buses, the home she had gone, everything is very unsettled and his mother from time to time there for him. Joel was born in Bucaramanga and really live with an aunt who gives aid, yet none of this has the skills and dreams are gone, just the opposite, the little time he spends at home, good in the space allowed to live, has helped to participate in programs such as Theatre, an excellent actor in training, who lives in each work involved, appropriates his character so you can move to different ages and life situations. His enormous drive to succeed and get ahead do not stop, in class each day striving to be the best and fulfill their academic responsibilities with good results. In the Educational Institution is a school radio station and it is nice to see direct Joel, look for hymns in the flag hoisted, edit, radio spots to listen to their peers later in the hour of rest, recording the testimonies of people who visit the station, to encourage their peers to participate in radio programs, all these activities make Joel a tireless child for their dreams.

Project Status
Structure The Foundation continues to provide training spaces to 160 children who have a vulnerable position, from very small pre-school age until they finish their studies
design and technical school for print media in coordination with SENA (National Learning Service)

Project Impact
Boys and girls are trained Structure Foundation in comprehensiveness, it is intended that all may have the academic knowledge required for their development, but also are taught to put into practice their knowledge, and what we seek is that knowing and be achieved by great people in our society, people, leaders, entrepreneurs and creative, that is why in the proper use of leisure, educational workshops for students and parents, we seek that balance between our
students, their families and society.

Jun 2, 2011

Giving a Family the Opportunitiy for Education and Stability

Siblings Tisoy Jacanamijoy, Yesica Alendra, Maribel and Mariano, are of indigenous Inga descent. 15 years ago their parents suffered under the whip of displacement and were ejected from their rural district Putumayo. They were fated to travel across the region, in search of a place that could offer safety and security for their children. Their travels are evident in the different birthplaces of their children; the oldest daughter Jessica was born in Ibagué, Maribel was born in Magdalena, and Mariano was born in Sincelejo. It has been 5 years since they arrived at Bucaramanga, and settled in the center of the city in a commercial district where they could pay their board daily.

Their parents are immersed in an informal economy, traveling vendors of creams, ointments, bracelets and other herbal medicines, none of which provide sufficient economic resources for taking care of their children. Furthermore, issues of alcohol consumption make this a situation which compromises the rights of their children and puts them at risk to sell drugs or other things. Knowledge of this situation came about through an interdisciplinary team and through resources provided by Global Giving. The Foundation provided support for the family, and was able to connect with the children. The two sisters are now in sixth grade, and the young boy is in first grade. They are participating in formative workshops, receiving psychological attention, therapy, aid from social workers, and other complementary services. They also receive lunch daily which allows for improved nutrition. With the support of the interdisciplinary team of professionals, the parents have taken on their role of responsibility for their children, have lowered their alcohol consumption, and have maintained good family dynamics.

Estructurar Foundation continues to help 160 boys and girls in vulnerable situations who do not have guaranteed access to education nor proper attention. They receive “Integral Education” from their childhood up until they have completed their technical education in design or the graphic arts. They also receive the title of Technician of design, signed by SENA (National Service for Learning) which gives them the best opportunities in their work the moment they have graduated from Estructurar Foundation.

The children receiving attention have achieved good results in their academic pursuits, have used their free time well in their participation in complimentary activities, and have also improved social interactions with their classmates in groups and in pairs. Their families have been fortified through models of growth which has helped them to improve their relations and effective bonds as well.

We thank you for the support that you have provided, through which these children are able to dream of a better future. If you would like to receive more information about this project visit:

Jun 2, 2011

Helping Children and their Families Combat Malnutrition

Children Participating in a Workshop
Children Participating in a Workshop

NUTRIR Foundation is progressing in its aim to effectively promote the awareness of and to prevent the causes of infantile malnutrition, particularly through active involvement in the family of each child. NUTRIR Foundation continues to help each chronically malnourished children by individually assessing the extent of malnutrition and then implementing varied intervention plans in areas like nutrition, socio-psychology, and pedagogy. More specifically, such projects in these areas include: raising nutritional awareness, implementing specialized diets, assessing the incidence of anemia, providing psychological support and encouraging psychological development. NUTRIR Foundation holds educational workshops for each different family, and also visits their home and performs follow-ups; this is because the degree of nutritional improvement for each child is linked to their parents' improved understanding of proper nutrition through educational workshops.

Our children live in Usaquén, a neighborhood in Bogotá. Their socioeconomic situation is vulnerable. Their parents work minimum-wage jobs in areas such as construction or surveillance, or if they are in a less stable position they may work in an itinerant fashion (e.g. in the service sector). The families have access to social services and they generally lease or rent their homes as tenants.

When individually examining each child, their height and weight are measured in relation to the norm for their age group which helps to gauge their relative nutritional development. According to the assessment of a nutritionist who works for NUTRIR Foundation, the level of nutrition for the treated children and the estimation of anemia have improved. These improvements are results of balanced diets which are personalized to each child's deficiencies and problems, and of familial involvement in informational workshops. NUTRIR Foundation achieved 83% of the nutritional goals set for its children.

NUTRIR Foundation has achieved success in introducing healthy means of sustenance, particularly fruits and vegetables, which the children really like. At home, mothers' improved knowledge of nutrition and nourishment are seen in their providing healthy food for their children on the weekends.

Brayan Alexander Orjuela, a 7 year-old boy who has benefitted from this program, says: “Thank you God for people as generous as you. May God bless you for supporting us and helping us to be happier. A million thanks.”

To our donors: We invite you to get to know our boys and girls. You can contact us through our website:, or through Conexión Colombia: If you wish to learn more about our project or want to give your opinion we invite you to contact us through our website.