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Conexion Colombia is a nonprofit organization which efficiently and transparently channels resources from anywhere in the world to a portfolio of NGOs and pre screened projects with a high social impact, this in order to promote the link between Colombians and their country. We work together in the promotion of the social development of the country.
Feb 14, 2012

Helping children combat malnutrition

We ended the year 2011 with the care of 756 children, 46 mothers in pregnancy,  91% of their babies were born with normal weight and size, were treated 396 mothers and their children in early childhood training and educational groups who were trained in different themes handled according to your needs, such as healthy lifestyles, pregnancy: an encounter with life, breastfeeding, enfermedadesprevalentes in early childhood, among others, these groups were conducted training and so pedagogically fun, it had the support of entities belonging to different local networks that handle issues related to our mission.

These people belong to our three nutrition centers located in the town of Usaquén of the City of Bogota. This particular group who are being treated individually have been motivated to continue their recovery process for the year 2012 both these children and their parents, some of them have been referred to other local entities to coordinate actions and services to lograrsu full recovery and influence effectively in promoting and preventing problems of emphasis malnutrición.Nuestro care children in early childhood continue crónicay dedesnutrición problem with direct knowledge of the habitat of our families beneficiaries and their environment that allows us to better guidance and advice to its various problems.

With the support of our donors and sponsors of our children achieve for the year-end festivities, play and recreational activities can enjoy theme parks and recreation, parties and Christmas presents as they enjoyed in the company of their families, it should be noted that all our beneficiaries belong to strata 1 and 2 whose families have meager resources económicosya its use is informal, many mothers heads of families who live with their extended families

After evaluating our service with our people, we observed a greater understanding of the importance of physical exercise and  eating well. The mothers developed activities in the hands craft workshop making some subsequent economic income support its domestic economy and expressed their satisfaction to our donors and their support. 

To our benefactors who have supported our children, a special thanks, inviting them to hopefully personally know us, we sent some pictures of special activities in the new year,


Feb 6, 2012

Educating 160 orphans in Bucaramanga, Colombia

My name is Luis Carlos Caceres and I am happy to tell you, many wonder and are surprised to see me
I am, however I can only say that I am a child who has zest for life and being a big one.
I have 8 years of age, and I must not good lie, things have not been easy, I've had hard times and some overwhelming, but my mom has been there and she always encourages me to continue
forward above all things, ah I forgot to tell you that she is my hero, my mom brought me to school and there she goes home happy for thinking your child is learning and crescendo and becoming a teenager who has many ideals. Eager desire to reach the rest and not just for eat, or rest, but to view it and hug those that elephant she likes so much. In the afternoon the super pass, I like the classes my math teacher Dorothy, she is patient but above all see and understand my ability to learn, I spent the time when something is not as easy for me, she has become my second mother, leads me to classes sports in my chair and play with me and my friends, enjoy life at my school, so that every day I look
looking forward to my mom takes me to start at noon my classes. Sometimes I get tired of sitting all the time, but
I got home and my hero massage me, I lift a little while, of course I know that weight and can sometimes not so long
but she is strong, the strongest in the world.

Project Status
Structure The Foundation continues to provide training spaces to 160 children who have a vulnerable position, from very small pre-school age until they finish their studies
design and technical school for print media in coordination with SENA (National Learning Service)

Project Impact

We work with families in patterns suitable breeding and feeding healthy. The students have exceeded the grades earlier this year and will attend the level their part in its formation academic


Oct 4, 2011

Helping children combat malnutrition

The project aims to work in the prevention of child nutrition problems and the promotion of proper eating habits in families of children served by the foundation who once nutritional values, is making plans customized and individualized intervention so comprehensive nutritional, psychosocial and educational. At the same time there are activities such as nutritional surveillance, specialized diet, psychosocial care, the scale of neurodevelopment, anemia status, educational home visits by monitoring and evaluations of the progress and achievements of each child, also is linked parents and / or caregivers to training and educational workshops with mothers,

Our children reside in the town of Usaquén of Bogota (Colombia), their socioeconomic status is very precarious. Generally, parents and mothers working in different trades, construction, security guards, street vending, utilities and others, and their average income is $ 500,000 per month, paying rent in tenements, has access to public services.

During the individual attention you shoot anthropometric measures according to their age group on a regular basis, reflecting the evolution of the nutritional status of children: according to analysis by the nutritionist. Thanks to the balanced diet they are getting according to their problems and active participation of families in the workshops of food and nutrition education, 83% of children who are in the program improved their condition of malnutrition.

There has been among children with a greater acceptance of certain foods such as vegetables and whole fruits, because the pleasure to consume. Mothers have also taken a greater awareness of the importance of healthy eating habits which affects the quality of food offered to their families

Future Plans:

NURTURING Foundation based on their experience of 30 years in the management of nutritional problems particularly affecting early childhood, continue to innovate and re-directing their programs based on continuous evaluation that makes management. In this regard it is important to recognize that some phenomena related to food insecurity have been declining over time, and the severity of these problems. No emabrgo is important to continue working to strengthen social and community networks.

On the other hand beginning to see more and more children / younger ages as overweight and obese regardless of their socioeconomic conditions. Therefore, the Nurture Foundation has initiated intervention processes to this problem with the support of academic and avoid replicating this phenomenon further.

"Bray ORJUELA ALEXANDER, CHILD OF 7 YEARS SAYS benefited from the program: Thank God there are still people as generous as UDS. GOD BLESS YOU FOR SUPPORT AND HELP TO BE MORE FELICICES, THANKS "

Our donors are invited to learn about our boys and girls, also contact us through our website or Colombia login page if they want further information or comment on the project and we thank them continue to support.