Conexion Colombia

Conexion Colombia is a nonprofit organization which efficiently and transparently channels resources from anywhere in the world to a portfolio of NGOs and pre screened projects with a high social impact, this in order to promote the link between Colombians and their country. We work together in the promotion of the social development of the country.
Jan 27, 2014

Changing education in Bucaramanga

I am Jasbleidy Melliz Guerrero Camelo, I am 10 years old and I was surrounded by people who did not treat me well Thanks to an anonymous call, people knew my situation and now I am rebuilding my life.

Today, I can say I finally find my happy place at school, a place full of joy and friends.There, I can express my feelings through art and creativity.

A group of professionals help me every day with my homeworks and teach me how to use the internet. Estructurar Foundation has improved my quality of life at home. Now, I dialogue with my parents in order to solve problems and enjoy every time I got with my sisters. Thanks to Estructurar I am a friendly person, healthier with a new conscius about my health, my eating habits and my life. But I have to confess I am not such a big fan of onion and beet.

Thanks for your support, thanks for you commitment with colombian children ahd their education.


Dec 20, 2013

Amiguitos Royal has great news for you

Thank you letter
Thank you letter

Amiguitos Royal Foundation is very pleased to share some of their most significant experiences of recent months about its purpose " FEEDING WITH LOVE ". For Amiguitos Royal Foundation, Nourish goes far beyond providing quality food to children in need. Throughout the year 2013 , all of our efforts were focused on building safe and stimulating  scenarios that allowed children to grow healthier and develop their physical, social , cognitive and affective potential  and thereby increasing the chances of becoming productive and happy adults .

Our particular interest was the children agree to be part of a recovery process that included nutritional food intake and anthropometric monitoring, educational support to families, individual consultations , strengthening of social networks for interdisciplinary and multisectoral work. However the most important thing was to strength links between children and their families and between children and their communities , promoting relationships mediated by affection , respect and solidarity.

The areas of work: childhood, family and community are articulated in all activities performed. The set of three Nutrition Centres in partnership with our public and private donors  favored our goal to nurture with love and make happy children and families .

Finally, we thank on behalf of all  Amiguitos Royal Team for the generous support of Global Giving throughout the year 2013 , which was full of hard work, rewards and miles of smiles.

Merry Christmas and a happy 2014¡

Thank you letter
Thank you letter


Oct 4, 2013

We continue working for our children

I'm Luis Miguel Baez Ramirez and I want to tell you my history. I used to live in a very nice farm where my favorite toys were the blackberry trees. For me picking blackberries was not a work, was a delight. Besides play, I ate some of them “occasionally” they are delicious!

When I was 7, my parents started to run and said to me to enlisted “Motas” our dog. We have to leave our life there so fast that I didn´t have time to say good bye to my trees! Today, I am nine years old and I still do not know why we have to leave our home.

I have learned many things in the city, now I play football and I love to spend my time with my friends. I'm studying, I have had to work hard, but I have succeeded. If one day, I return to the farm I want to go back when I am graduate and very knowledge. I want to be like such engineers sowing know very well.

It is not easy, before we were all together as a family, now my dad is not with us and my mom works, but we found a place allows us to study, recreate, learn and have fun. My brothers and I want to succeed and overcome all difficulties. We are so confident that we will achieve it¡

Thank you very much for your support¡ you are making possible the impossible¡


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