Conexion Colombia

Conexion Colombia is a nonprofit organization which efficiently and transparently channels resources from anywhere in the world to a portfolio of NGOs and pre screened projects with a high social impact, this in order to promote the link between Colombians and their country. We work together in the promotion of the social development of the country.
Jul 16, 2014

Colombian Children are improving their nutrition

The Amiguitos Royal Foundation, in its purpose of contributing to the nutrition of Bogota's most needy children, counts with the following programs:


Program for Pregnant women.

Pregnant women as indicated by our Hospital partner being at high risk of malnutrition due to their age, weight, clinical or psychosocial picture are received by the Foundation, where they receive daily nutritional support and monthly nutritional follow-up. Additionally women receive workshops and counseling on themes such as: promotion of breastfeeding, healthy and adequate food and micronutrients intake, solutions to problems in regards to the affiliation to the public health system, promotion of oral health and how to strengthen emotional bonds with the newborn. 25 women were attended this semester and 9 healthy children have been born.


Mother and Child Program: (290 children and their mothers currently are part of the program).

The Amiguitos Royal Foundation has sought to strengthen the essential link between the mother and her baby with the purpose of encouraging proper nutrition and healthy growth of children living in low-income conditions. On the assumption that this new being must generate a healthy connection with the world to become a happy and productive adult and, he/she requires primarily of the establishment of a safe and effective attachment with the mother who provides the necessary care, and affection


The Amiguitos Royal Foundation oriented by this theory work to provide education and support to these mothers, stimulating their affective resources and diligence in the exercise of their maternity. The organization also stimulates breastfeeding for the first 6 months and supports the healthy introduction of complementary feeding from second semester, where, in addition, the mother and child begin to receive food support.


Daily attendance:

For the first half of the year, 40 children between the ages of 3 and 5 have been enrolled in the Daily Attendance program. These children attend from Monday to Friday on a schedule of 8 am to 4 pm and receive nutritional support (lunch and two snacks per day). Moreover, these children have been assessed with the neurodevelopmental scale to identify their levels and include them in a pedagogical project adjusted to the requirements of the children and the acquisitions of linguistic and social characteristics of their stage of development.


School lunches.

This program includes 150 children, enrolled during the first semester, between the ages of 5 and 9. These beneficiaries receive lunch and a snack daily. In addition, these have access to a series of workshops intended to encourage and motivate them through art, sport and construction of scenarios of peace, as a creative and stimulating alternative to processes they receive in formal education.


Anthropometric measurements.

One of the axes of the process, which allows us to evaluate and take corrective actions in the proper development of the children, is weight and height measurements. During the first semester there have been two screenings, the results have been tabulated and classified to obtain a profile in which children with inappropriate nutritional diagnosis are individualized for intervention and follow-up by the interdisciplinary team of the Foundation, which includes a pediatrician, psychologist, nutritionist, educator and social worker. In addition, at-risk children receive home visits aimed at health promotion, nutrition, affective link strengthening, and promotion of healthy housing and investment of leisure time of children.

Jul 14, 2014

Improving lives through education

My name is Emmanuel José, I am 8 years old and live with my dad and older brother. Since the death of my mother, I have lived in many houses and every now and then a woman takes care of us when dad isn´t around. Sometimes I feel lonely and sad because I don´t have many friends.

I am studying at the Institución Educativa Fundación Estructurar where they have given me love and care, because the teachers care about me and treat me very well; they are my new family. I have learned many things such as being respectful to others and caring for myself. I like to play soccer, Xbox and surf the web.

I would like to thank God and the people that are helping me because with them I can smile and enjoy the small and big things in life.


Jul 14, 2014

It is time to change 160 colombian lives

My name is YAMILE MARIA, I was born in November 3, 2001 in El Banco, Magdalena (Colombia). I use to live with my grandparents, my parents and brothers. We had a huge house with five rooms and beautiful fruit trees. We loved to climb on the trees to eat fresch oranges, mangoes and lemons.

We felt free and happy. I enjoyed to go to the river where I spent hours having fun in the clear water and watching the fish in water and listening to the chirping of birds. Suddenly We have to left our home, we travelled all night long searching a place to lot up a ranch with some wood and plastics.I felt sad for not being able to say goodbye to
my friends, my grandparents and it was very hard to understand why we had to leave our home.

Now I am studying in Estructurar Foundation, I am in 5 grade and they have tought me that I am a beautiful person which is really important for my self confidence. I am able to participate in group discussions and another complementary activities.

The Life has been hard for me and my family and I have to face difficult times like the divorce of my parents but I don´t feel alone because God is always with me and we have so many people who have been with us so long. We just have to live life in the way it is, there is a whole world expecting for me and my dreams¡

Thank you very much, your support means a lot for me and my family¡