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The Brookings-Harbor Redshirts mission is to support our troops serving in harm's way until they all come home. We are a group of citizens who volunteer our time to get the message out to our communities, near and far, to our schools and civic groups who are interested and want to help us in our mission. We have no paid members or officers, ours is a labor of love.
Dec 12, 2011

Redshirts/GlobalGiving partners share Christmas

On November 25th, the Brookings-Harbor Redshirts were able to send 130 more care packages to our  wounded warriors and our troops at two hospitals in Afghanistan. Thanks to our GlobalGiving partrners for helping make this support possible.

We sent care packages filled with hand made Christmas ornaments, gifts, portable DVD players, DVD's, CD's, healthy snacks, goodies and lots of hygiene items. We directed our support to the Nato Role 3 Multi-National hospital in Afghanistan and also the 10th Combat Support Hospital in Afghanistan.

We wrapped many Christmas gifts for under their Christmas trees and had 40 portable DVD players to help keep our wounded soldiers entertained while recovering from their injuries. We included coffee, popcorn, licorice, Christmas candy, over 100 cloth frisbees, Clif bars and many letters from our local Middle School, as well as from various churches and private citizens.

We have yet to hear back from any of the reciepients as they are probably just now receiving the packages and will probably save them until Christmas. Our contacts promised they would let us know when everything has arrived at their camps. We do however, have a couple of recent thank you letters from troops who recently received some of the care packages you helped us send.

Please continue to support the troops. Some times, that's what keeps us going. Knowing that there are people back home who care what we do and know why we do it. We are coming to an end on our deployment. We had some good times and some bad times. But going through it with your brothers in arms, is what makes this experience a very special one. Thank you again for all your prayers, support, and packages. Thank your for serving those who serve. May God bless you all! We all can't wait to come home!!!!!!!!! God Bless America!

- Harold Badillo and the Military Police Platoon

And from Chaplain Gilmore at Camp Dwyer:


On behalf of the leaders and Soldiers of the 115th Combat Support Hospital, I’d like to thank each of you and your organizations for being so faithful in serving in our unit. Over the past year, your efforts to increase our morale and make being away from home a bit easier have paid eternal dividends. And from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you.

Our replacements, the 10th Combat Support Hospital are here now and are in the process of assuming this mission. Their Chaplain, CPT Anthony Allen, is copied on this email. He will be in touch with you to share their needs and their gratitude as well. I’m sure you’ll take as good care of them as you did us.


Chaplain Gilmore

So thank you, first, to our Troops for being on the front line for our nation and also thanks to all our partners at GlobalGiving, for without your support, our project would not be nearly as sucessfull as you have helped make it. We will send you another update when we hear back from our contacts and reciepients of our Christmas program.

Thank you for your support,

With Gratitude,

Frank Muller, Project Leader

Brookings-Harbor Redshirts

Sep 15, 2011

Christmas in July, Summer Shipping

First, a big thank you to all of our supporters from the Brookings-Harbor Redshirts and from the troops. We continue to send care packages twice a month to our troops, but on July 22nd we had a larger mailing we estimated to be around 60 care packages but the final total was 73. There are always last minute additons and adjustments that need to be made. 

We sent the majority of our care packages to the 115th Combat Support Hospital at Forward Observation Base Dwyer in Hemland Province Afghanistan and also to the Nato Multi-National Hospital in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan. We also included other individual soldiers in units in the field. Here are some of the responses we have received back; the first from Debra Young:

First I want to thank you so much for helping to keep our morale up while we are deployed to Camp Dwyer.  All the soldiers really appreciate getting care packages from home. I am one of the Emergency Department RNs here. I am also running the Morale Tent here for our soldiers.  I work with a group of soldiers that help distribute the boxes and place needed supplies in the Morale Tent for all to use.  We have over 200 soldiers in the CSH.  We also have Marines and Navy personnel that work along with us at the hospital Thank you so much for all you do on the home front.  It really means so much to us here.


Debra Young 

Also we received this reply from HMC Lukas Gardner:

Frank & the Redshirts,

It is good to hear from you. We did receive the Redshirt's care packages, thank you so much. We distributed them to a various number of units and wounded warriors. I will be leaving very shortly and will be passing this on to HMC Monica Florence, her email is attached. Thank you again for all the support you have shown us, it truly means a lot and keeps morale and spirits up.


HMC(AW) Lukas Gardner

Role 3 MMU

Kandahar, Afghanistan

From SPC Nicollette Kennemer

I just would like to say a quick thank you for your organizations support, and the care packages. They were greatly appreciated by myself and my fellow soldiers. I attached a picture to the email so you can see all the faces you supported. We are almost done with our tour, and should be out of Iraq by Sept 1st.

Thank you Brookings-Harbor Redshirts for all you do.


Spc Nicollette Kennemer

And finally an email from Captain Casey Brock, USMC:

I took the contents of the packages and split them up amongst a bunch of the Marines. "Some people spend their whole lives wondering if they have made a difference. The Marines do not have that problem”. I believe that statement to be true and I believe this same statement applies to the members of your organization. You have made a difference in our lives and for that I truly grateful.

Casey M. Brock Captain, USMC

These letters are to thank all of you, our supporters. This is the how our soldiers feel about your help on Global Giving. As we move forward, The Brookings-Harbor Redshirts are preparing again for a large Christmas shipment of care packages to both of these hospitals in Hemland Province and also in Kandahar. The troops keep rotating through these two bases so they are in constant need of our moral support and greatly appreciate any goodies they receive from home.

Our goal this Christmas is to send a lot of portable DVD players, movies, healthy snacks, letters from home, military phone cards and hygiene items to both hospital units as well as to continue sending items to individual soldiers and units. As of September 16th, the Brookings-Harbor Redshirts will have sent 5,322 care packages to the troops with a shipping cost of over fifty-eight thousand dollars. Thank you for your generous donations that help make this possible as the Redshirts will be here supporting our troops "Until they all come home."

Jun 24, 2011

"Christmas in July" getting ready to ship

Thank you for your support of the "Christmas in July" project. We are nearing another of our yearly goals, our special annual summer shipment called "Christmas in July." This year we will have our special mailing on July 8, 2011 and are expecting to ship about 60 care packages to two hospitals in Afghanistan and more to soldiers deployed  in Iraq.

The first hospital receiving these care packages is the Nato Multi-National Role 3 Hospital in Kandahar Province,  Afghanistan. The other is the 115th Combat Support Hospital at Camp Dwyer, in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. 

We chose these hospitals not only because they are located in "hot spots," but also because our contacts there said they would distribute the care packages to the wounded soldiers at both facilities, and then to the rest of the groups to share. In addition to healthy snacks, dried fruits, trail mixes, nuts, coffee, etc. we'll also be including military phone cards for the soldiers to use and also letters from our local students, letters from home and pictures of the beautiful southern Oregon coast.

We'll be updating you as we receive feedback from our troops. Thank you for your continued support, since we send care packages all year long, and as of July 8th, we will have sent 6,109 care packages to the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Pictured below is SPC Amy Feltzin and her unit with local Afghans; Amy and her unit were recent recipients of care packages from the Brookings-Harbor Redshirts.

As a final thought here is a letter from June 9th from SGT Tristan Ryan:

First, thank you so much for the two boxes that you sent of treats and hygiene supplies. Not only will I and the rest of my unit use it, but we will also be sharing with the locals that work with us. It was great to receive mail as a surprise and to find all the goodies in it was even more of a shock!

My mom has made sure that I know about the Red Shirts and everything that you guys do, but I am not sure you guys understand how appreciated it is. I have been told many time "Thank you for your service", but for a while I really had no idea how to respond. My statement now is thank you for your support. I could not imagine going home after spending time in Iraq or Afghanistan to people that hate us. When someone tells me thank you, it helps remind me why I love serving my country.

So I want to say thank you for your constant support of all of the service members in deployed areas, and that you are true heroes.

SGT Tristan Ryan

SOCOM Attached to 1310 AOB, 1st SFG


With gratitude,

Frank Muller,

Brookings-Harbor Redshirts