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LIN's mission is to provide support services to local NPOs, skilled volunteers and donors who are committed to building strong communities. The LIN Center for Community Development serves grassroots not-for-profit organizations (NPOs) and individual and corporate philanthropists located in and around Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. By helping local people to meet local needs, LIN aims to promote a healthy environment for philanthropy in Vietnam and strengthen the communities in which we live and work.
Feb 25, 2011

Project update #1

Dear LIN Friends,

Thank you for your recent grant to the LIN Center for Community Development.  We recently posted our annual report for 2010, with details on all programs and activities.  Below is a brief overview of our support services to Skilled Volunteers in 2010:

  • Organized a nationwide Volunteer Stories competition (100 narratives and over 230 photos received);
  • Hosted 7 workshops/events for Volunteers and prospective volunteers;
  • Matched 6 Skilled Volunteers with 5 NPO Partners;
  • Recruited 48 Skilled Volunteers to offer technical support to our NPO Partners (as speakers for NPO capacity building events, facilitators and/or trainers);
  • Recruited 46 Volunteers to support LIN's programs & operations;
  • Supported the establishment of the HCMC Volunteer Network (HVN) - LIN was elected as coordinator for the network. 7 meetings were held in 2010 to identify ways to collaborate, to train volunteers and to identify meaningful volunteer opportunities;
  • Collaborated with 12 not-for-profit volunteer host organizations to celebrate and promote volunteerism on International Volunteer Day - 400 participants attending; and
  • Published 10 newsletters for Volunteers (increased subscriptions from 150 to 600)

The report also lays out our workplan for skilled volunteer services in 2011, including:

  • ­Match at least 20 Skilled Volunteers with one or more NPO Partner;
  • ­Identify and recruit 30 to 50 Skilled Volunteers to lead a capacity building event for NPO staff;
  • Disseminate a collection of winning Volunteer Stories to raise awareness about the important work that is being done by Vietnam-based volunteers;
  • ­Collaborate with the mass media and corporate sponsors to host a bigger, better version of our Volunteer Stories Competition in 2011;
  • ­Support and strengthen the newly established HCMC Volunteer Network. Develop a referral network for individuals that are looking for volunteer positions in HCMC;
  • ­Promote Skilled Volunteerism on the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of International Volunteer Day (5 December 2011);
  • Research: Corporate Volunteer Programs in HCMC (examples and outcomes of skilled volunteer programs at companies);
  • Research: Online survey to assess the training needs of skilled volunteers in HCMC;
  • Recruit volunteers to provide logistical support for LIN programs and events; and/or
  • ­Publish a monthly newsletter to keep volunteers informed of opportunities and best practices.

Thanks again for your generous contribution to the LIN Center's Skilled Volunteer Matching program! We look forward to applying your contributions to our projects in 2011.

Dana, on behalf of the LIN Team

P.S. For those of you that provided your email addresses, we've added your names to our email list service so that you can receive copies of our monthly newsletter, reporting on activities and outcomes of the LIN Center. Please note that if you wish to unsubscribe to our mailing list, you will be able to do so, at any point in time (and your email will be forever deleted from our newsletter mailing list).


Feb 22, 2011

An overdue project update from LIN!

Dear LIN Friends,

Thanks to your support in 2010, the LIN Center for Community Development was able to grow our NPO capacity building program, providing more services to an increasing number of NPO staff and organizations who are working to strengthen the community in which we work.

Below is a brief overview of our support service sto NPOs in 2010:

  • 27 grants (valued at over VND 362 million/ USD $18,596)
  • Facilitated 4 grants by other donors (valued at VND 394 million/ USD $20,205)
  • Established new partnerships with 27 NPOs (56 NPO Partners by end Dec 2010, 58 partners by end January 2011)
  • Organized 11 Workshops for 142 NPOs and 318 participants
  • Disseminated 12 newsletters – VN & EN (increased subscriptions from 660 to 1300)
  • Co-hosted networking and information sharing events for the NPO community

A detailed record of our 2010 programs and activities is detailed in LIN's 2010 Annual Report, which is attached to this message (and also available for anyone to download from our website).

As the resident English language PR person for the LIN Center, I must apologize for the delay in sending you more recent project updates. I fell ill late in the Summer and Fall months and was remiss in some of my duties.  For those of you that provided your email addresses, you've hopefully all still managed to receive copies of our monthly newsletter, reporting on activities and outcomes of the LIN Center. (If not, they are all still available for download from our website - see link below.)

Thanks again for your generous contribution to the LIN Center's NPO Capacity Building programs last year!  We could not have organized all of the above programs and services without that support.

Dana, on behalf of the LIN Team


Jul 21, 2010

GlobalGiving funds transferred to LIN!

Dear LIN Supporters,

Yesterday was a happy day and I wanted to share some good news and also a few updates regarding our project:

* On 5 June, GlobalGiving transferred all of the funds you helped us raise to our bank account in Vietnam. That included the total amount raised during the challenge - USD $16,033.15, plus a USD $3,000 cash prize from GlobalGiving (for taking 3rd place in their Open Challenge).

* During the competition, a new law was passed in Vietnam, requiring that all foreign aid coming into Vietnam - whether for charitable or community development purposes - be approved, in advance by the government. LIN worked with the folks at GlobalGiving to obtain the necessary documents, we translated them into Vietnamese and submitted a complete application in mid-June. Yesterday, 19 July, LIN received the official decision from the Government permitting us to receive these funds (refer to the attached letter - sorry that it's only in Vietnamese), which means that we can now use your funds!!!

* Despite the inability to access the GlobalGiving funds over the past month, LIN continued with our scheduled capacity building programs and activities:

- On June 4th, we organized a workshop on "Trends and Best Practices in NPO Fundraising" for over 70 representatives of not-for-profit organizations (it was our most well attended workshop and we got some of the best feedback we've received to date - refer to the attached workshop report). - On Saturday, 10 July, we organized a roundtable meeting with 20 NPO representatives on "Roles and Responsibilities of a Not-for-Profit Board of Directors". The focus was on the basics: what are the inherent roles and responsibilities of a member of a Board, what is the difference between different types of Boards (Governance, Advisory, Trustees, Management) and what is the current situation in Vietnam. Among Vietnamese NPOs, there are less than a handful of organizations that have operating governing boards. Most NPOs only use managing or advisory boards. This is something that we think may change with rising attention to good governance practices... - Currently, we are in the midst of reviewing grant applications from NPO partners. This will be LIN's second grant allocation for 2010. This time around we introduced a new element to the grant review process. After the members of the allocation committee reviews and individually evaluates each application, they will come together for a meeting to raise any questions or concerns about each application. After that, they will have an opportunity to meet with one or two representatives from each of the NPOs to ask questions. The grantees will be announced in early August... - For the month of August, LIN has scheduled a workshop on "Measuring Your Organization's Performance" (5 August) and a roundtable on "Conducting Effective Meetings" (7 August). We are fortunate to collaborate with an NGO consultant from the US, with over 30 years experience, on these two trainings programs.

As you know, we set a goal for ourselves to raise USD $11,384 to help empower nonprofits in Vietnam throughout 2010. Since you helped us to raise much more than that, we talked to our team and spoke with a few donors about how we could make the best use of the additional funds. One donor, who made a contribution of over USD $5,000 to LIN during the GlobalGiving Open Challenge, agreed to apply USD $3,000 of his donation to support a competition that LIN just launched called, "We Want Your Volunteer Stories!" (Please visit our website for details about this competition. You can copy and paste this shortcut:

On 1 August, LIN will celebrate its first birthday (we launched in Ho Chi Minh City on 1 August 2009). Two of our board members have generously offered to organize a small party in HCMC to celebrate this important milestone. If you will be in HCMC on 29 July and would like to attend, please send us an email at: and we will send you the invitation. Either way, I'd like to take this opportunity to "thank you!" from the bottom of our hearts, for your support to LIN during our first year. Thank you so much for making all of this possible.

If you would like to receive our monthly newsletters (English or Vietnamese), please send an email to: and/or you can sign up via our Facebook page:


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