DESIRE Society

The mission of DESIRE Society is to improve the lives of people struggling with the impact of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, especially children and women. We provide cost-effective relief services, medical and social support, education and advocacy to help these victims achieve their full life potential.
Aug 25, 2014

report as on august 2014


We are in phase of transition when our children are enrolling in college. Out of 66 HIV infected / affected children , six of them have this transition from schooling to college level.After paasing out from 10 th standard they are admitted into different stream of subjects.

Further , we would like to share story of a newly admitted child and his condition of healthy stay within Hyderabad Care Home:


Name : M.Sandeep
Father's name : Late Mr Sanjeev
Mother's name : Vijaya
D.O.B. : 16-07-2005
ART No. : Pre-ART
Identification marks :A mole on the stomach ; A mole on the fore arm of left hand
Address : Didigi (V),
Zaheerabad (M), Medak (D) , Hyderabad
HIV : Positive
Summary: Sandeep was born to Mr.Sanjeev and Mrs.Vijaya. They belong to poor family &his father was a truck driver. His father has expired in 2011 by a road accident. After his death his mother came to know that he is a victim of HIV positive. Then she went to hospital for HIV test. Doctor declared that she was also a victim of HIV.Then she took her two children to hospital for the HIV test, then doctors declared that both children having HIV. She was unable to feed the children.
Sandeep's mother came to know about the DESIRE society and she brought her son to our care home. Now Sandeep is very happy and healthy His mother used to visit our care home to know the status of the child.
He will join in 3rd class in Bollaram Public School. Now he is in our DESIRE home school gearing up for schooling outside DESIRE campus.

May 19, 2014

progress report may 2014

Baby Bujjamma
Baby Bujjamma



Baby Bhujjamma                       

Bhujjama  [16 yrs old HIV infected girl] has a opportunity to succeed with jubilant colors out of high school this year. The schooling basic need for this girl has platform of government [telegu medium studies] schools.

She has achieved good grades in spite of un-ability of any extra coaching for her. She has set an example for rest of children to have confidence of achieving these standards via intervention of GLOBAL GIVING support.She will be pursuing higher studies at present.With continuity of GLOBAL GIVING mediations , we will be arranging for rest of children at care home to proceed with private english medium education.

The HIV status  has put them across with health-wise difficulties  at times. But qualitative life pattern at DESIRE Society care home Hyderabad with help of GLOBAL GIVING support makes journey smooth for them. Hope this association fills in bright colors via giving them opportunity to lead a dignified life.


Feb 17, 2014

progress report Feb 2014



Background :

Baby Lakshmi hails from a small village where she used to live in a little hut along with her elder brother and sister. These siblings lost their parents due to AIDS and unfortunately baby Lakshmi was also infected with HIV during her birth. Though the elder siblings are non-reactive with HIV but they are helpless to extend their support to this little girl due to poverty and stigma associated with HIV/AIDS. Later Lakshmi’s sister got married and left this baby with her brother. Now Lakshmi’s brother too is in the process of finding an alliance to get married. He left Lakshmi with their paternal grand-mother who believed is only the guardian to this baby. The reason behind leaving this girl at grandma’s place because her brother may not get an alliance in their community if he stays with her sister who is infected with HIV. But surroundings at grandma’s place had cursed baby and thus had lead baby in to more pathetic living circumstances. Her grand ma used to torture the baby saying, “Your mother had contracted with HIV in the community and then she had passed the virus to my son thus caused to their death” and they left you with me as a life time sad memory.  I don’t want you staying with me…..go away….and live yourself. Theses unsupported circumstances left the baby with uncertain on her further survival. But when Lakshmi came to receive her monthly regular supplementary nutrition kit distributed by DESIRE Society, the organization had come to know her painful living situation and then DESIRE Society offered admission to this baby as an orphan at Institutional Care Home run by DESIRE. Hence the baby has got an opportunity of sharing her feelings, emotions and joys with her 65 more such inmates in Institutional Care Home at Hyderabad.


What DESIRE Society did for baby Lakshmi:

Since the girl was admitted on 19th June 2013, DESIRE Society has been rendering its best for the quality and extended life span for this baby. When Lakshmi was admitted she was malnourished, badly required medical attention as she was neglected by her family members. Her CD4 count was 200cells/micro L which was supposed to be at least 500. She was offered proper counseling, treatment and medicines for opportunistic infections (OIs) by our medical team. She is also able to receive round the clock health care and monitoring. Lakshmi was put on ART (Antiretroviral Treatment, a lifesaving drug) as her CD4 count was low. She is also required a balanced diet as ART has got more side effects. Exactly here DESIRE Society has put more attention on planned nutritional diet which truly helped this baby to continue drug adherence, thus lead baby to gain physical weight and height improvement. After these continuous efforts have put by DESIRE, now Lakshmi’s health condition is getting stable and heading progress. Now her CD4 count is raised to 759cells/micro L.  Improved health condition has blessed this baby to resume her education. Now she is in 5th standard while attending a private school close by DESIRE care home. “I want to become a doctor when I grow up and wish to serve my village people” are the words of this innocent Lakshmi.


We at DESIRE Society hope baby Lakshmi should live long and may her dreams come true like a normal girl child.


Lakshmi is one among thousands of such children suffering with HIV/AIDS in India. DESIRE Society was born to support such children through providing comprehensive care with social security by reaching up to 800 children since 2005. The organization shall continue its sincere services to make lives of these children happy till they live.


Sincerely hoping helping hand of GLOBAL GIVING  support for this noble cause continues....

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