Grace Peter Charitable Trust

To bring about socio-economic-justice changes in the lives of underprivileged people of Rural India. To promote underprivileged Children education and health care, Women & Girls health care and rights, and Human rights. To care, guide and support the physically handicapped, and HIV / AIDS infected people. To create Environmental and Climate change awareness
May 24, 2012

Fund utilized for HIV/AIDS Positive Children

P. Thrisha
P. Thrisha

                                    Fund utilized for HIV/AIDS Positive Children



Place of Nutrition food

Distribution to target children                          :    Grace Peter Charitable Trust

                                                                         Administrative Office, Madurai,



Date Of Distribution                                       :    Every first Sunday of the month



Number of Beneficiaries for the month of

May 2012                                                    :    25 Target children



Numbers of Benefits have distributed

to target Children                                         :    1. Nutrition flour

                                                                      2. Rice pack

                                                                      3. Vitamins and Minerals Tonic

                                                                      4. Try Dates fruits

                                                                      5. Cashew Nuts

                                                                      6. Dhal

                                                                      7. Rs. 500/- Cash for daily

                                                                          Purchase vegetables & Fruits

                                                                      8, Guidance & Counseling


Case Study of a Target Child M.Gowthamkumar     


Family Background 

     M.Gowthamkumar is a brilliant boy. His father died due to HIV/AIDS infection. His mother is living with HIV/AIDS positive women. His mother is the only bread winner of the family with meager income. Now Gowthamkumar is happy to go to school and his health and study is improved. He says that he is well.

Conclusion of the Report:

      Grace Peter Charitable Trust has distributed the nourishment and guidance & counseling to the target children in every first Sunday of the month.

      After taking the Nutrition food as provided by Grace Peter Charitable Trust to these children’s health are improved and enthusiastic. Now he is studying well. His CD4 count also improved when compared to the previous.

P. Kalidas
P. Kalidas
Feb 21, 2012

Case Study of a Beneficiary

                               Case Study of a Beneficiary

Case Study




Name of the Child       :   P. Kalidass

Age                               :  11 years old

Address                        :   Melavellur

                                                     Silaiman (Via)

                                                     Thiruppuvanam (Post)

                                                      Sivagangai (Dt)

                                                      Tamil Nadu, India.


          P.Kalidass is a HIV/AIDS infected child. His age is 11 years old but his growth is terribly affected due the HIV/AIDS infected and not able to take rich nutrition food. His father died due HIV/AIDS infection. His mother is also living with HIV/AIDS positive.

         The HIV/AIDS test showed that his CD4 is very low. He is not able to take nutrition rich food due to poverty and dysfunctional of his family. Grace Peter Charitable Trust is helping through this project. Now he is taking vitamins, minerals and protein rich nutrition food and he is very happy to go to school regularly.

Feb 20, 2012

Distribution of nourishment to Target Children

Project Id and Title:


# 9157 - Nourishment for HIV/AIDS Infected Indian Children



Financial Assistance Through:

GlobalGiving – On Line Donation

 Grace Peter Charitable Trust has arranged a function to distribute Nutritious food to HIV/AIDS infected children on 13-02-2012 in Grace Peter Charitable Trust office Madurai as a public function.

As you aware that the Grace Peter Charitable Trust has embarked on an ambitious program to help HIV/AIDS infected children through our project since 13-02-2012.

 Through this project we are providing nutritional support, health monitoring and counseling for these vulnerable children.

This project not only improved the children’s health but also their learning skills. Now the target children are happy and going to school regularly.

Nutritious food packages

  1. 1.    Rice
  2. 2.    Nutrition flour
  3. 3.    Dhal
  4. 4.     Dry Date fruits  
  5. 5.    Cashew nut
  6. 6.    bottle Vitamins and minerals Tonics
  7. 7.      Cash per month for purchasing vegetables, eggs and fruits(This items have to purchase daily)