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The mission of Meals on Wheels People is to enrich the lives of seniors and help them maintain their independence by making nutritious food, social contacts and other resources easily accessible. To the extent possible we will also serve disabled, institutionalized and nutritionally at-risk populations. We accomplish this through an organization that is community based, emphasizes volunteer involvement and is financially sound. Our vision is that no senior will go hungry or experience social isolation.
Jan 8, 2013

More Seniors Depend on Us for Weekend Meals

Thank you for supporting our work and sharing our vision that "no senior go hungry or experience social isolation."

In the past six months, an average of 1,200 Portland-area seniors have received weekend meals. Typically, these seniors are "aging in place" and depend on Meals on Wheels People to provide them with a daily meal and friendly check-in. When a senior is unable to obtain, store or prepare food, we become a literal lifeline. The seniors receive a healthy meal, and the volunteer who delivers it is often the only person they'll see each weekend day.

"Thank you for the meals, they are tasty and they help me keep up my strength. The volunteers who bring the meals are so friendly, and they bring in my mail and feed my cat for me. I don't know what I would do without you all," said a genteman who lives in a one-room apartment near downtown Portland.

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Sep 7, 2012

Weekend Meals a Lifeline for Seniors

A meal and a smile go a long way.
A meal and a smile go a long way.

The Meals on Wheels People/Loaves & Fishes serve 5,000 hot, noontime meals to seniors in the greater Portland metro area. 15-20 percent of the seniors who receive weekday Meals-On-Wheels are eating only one meal a day – the meal we provide for them. These seniors would go hungry on the weekends if not for the Weekend Meals Program. The Weekend Meals Program reaches out to homebound, at-risk seniors to help improve their eating patterns as well as their physical and mental well-being.

The Weekend Meals Program:

  • Alleviates hunger and malnutrition in some of our most vulnerable seniors
  • Directly targets lonely, homebound seniors who are most at risk for malnutrition
  • Promotes independent living for seniors, allowing them to “age in place”
  • Provides social interaction for isolated seniors - for many, the volunteer who delivers their meal is the only person they'll see that day 

The social benefit of this program is profound; knowing that someone who cares will be bringing a hot meal and checking in on them is a lifeline for these seniors. The financial benefit to the community is also important. Fifty percent of chronic health conditions in the elderly can be improved with proper nutrition. The cost of providing Weekend Meals to a senior for a whole year is roughly equal to the cost of just two days of nursing home care. Providing hot, daily meals allows seniors to remain independent and living in their own homes.

It takes just $3.68 to provide a meal for a senior. A gift of $30 would provide a senior with weekend meals for an entire month. The seniors who receive Weekend Meals deeply appreciate the generosity of GlobalGiving donors, and the Meals on Wheels People/Loaves & Fishes Centers thank you for helping us achieve our vision that no senior will go hungry or experience social isolation.


Feb 6, 2012

Elm Court Weekend Meals: Help Feed Hungry Seniors

A Typical Client
A Typical Client

The Weekend Meal Program is an ongoing project for Loaves & Fishes Centers, the Meals-on-Wheels People. It operates out of our Elm Court Center in downtown Portland, Ore., and serves the lowest income and most isolated seniors in our service area. Without the hot meals we provide on Saturdays and Sundays, these seniors would have no access to food on the weekends. Many of them live in older, studio apartments with no access to cooking facilities.

Our weekend meal program has seen a marked increase in the number of seniors requesting meals. While the need for Meals-On-Wheels is motivated primarily by a physical need (unable to shop or cook), the need for meals in our centers is primarily driven by economic need. We have also seen a dramatic increase in the number of younger seniors (age 60 to 69) during the past six months. This reflects a national trend of recent retirees who are seeking ways to stretch their food dollar. The seniors who receive Weekend Meals deeply appreciate the generosity of GlobalGiving donors, and Loaves & Fishes thanks you for helping us reach our vision that no senior will go hungry or experience social isolation.


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