Mission of VOICE Trust is to increase conviction for the economically - socially - educationally disadvantaged children, women/men farmers, employed youth, Disabled Persons and other Weaker Sections that nature centric ways in life empowers and to join in ecological biodiversity enhancement, protection of environmental resources and empowerments in education, employment and sustainability spheres.
Oct 10, 2013

July-Sept 2013 Progress Report for Project # 6265

Banner for project number 6265
Banner for project number 6265

 July-September 2013 Progress Report for Project # 6265

“Biodiverse Agri Training in 1500 Youth every Year ’’

  (Implemented by VOICE Trust, Trichy, State of Tamil Nadu, India

in collaboration with Global Giving, Washington D.C., USA.

through donation from Friends of Earth in India, USA, Europe.)


Background for Project # 6265


World operates under birth – death cycle. While children depend on family for food, clothing, education. Elders manage to survive through help from relatives, pension schemes, insurance coverage.  Period of youth is full of energy and contributions to family and society are achieved through economic activities.


While there is a boom for youth in Information Technology, Engineering, Medicals, Tourism and Clerical Jobs, youth involvement in agriculture is coming down drastically.  This is a dangerous situation, because, agriculture is needed for all whether young or old, rich or poor, employed or unemployed.  For agriculture produces food, protects environment and empowers life in many aspects.


VOICE Trust decided to give trainings in agriculture for youth and appealed for help in September 2010 Open Challenge promoted by Global Giving.  Basic supports came from 69 Donors and Biodiverse Agri Trainings are started from October 2010.


Activities So far


200 Youth by November 2010, 665 youth by February 2011, 93 Youth in March 2011, 647 Youth in August 2011, 742 Youth from March 2012, Follow-up Encounters with 750 Youth during April-Setembers 2012 (Case Study of Ms Mekala and Ms. Bhuvaneswari, with 750 Youth during October – December 2012, with 10 Youth during January-March 2013 and Campaign to Stop Sale of Farm Fields and to start Bio-Farming during April – June 2013.


True, coverage of over 1500 Youth every year is well maintained from October 2010 to September 2013. (totally 5152 Youth covered in 3 years),  But, more than coverage, VOICE Trust is concentrating upon Confidence of Youth to consider agriculture as a viable activity not only for economic gains but also for environmental protection and other integrated empowerments for qualitative life.  First of all attractive elements in agriculture are exposed to youth.  Secondly, supports from others in family as well as in society are organized for sustainability through agricultural activities.


 Special Activities during July – September 2013.


i)  9 women in their Final year of Agricultural Graduate Degree Course from Roever Agri College, Perambalur, stayed in VOICE Trust from 1 to 14 September 2013. (Photos attached) and learnt about nature centric agriculture. They have assured to spread to various farmers in their villages


ii) People in 350 villages of Trichy District are exposed to Agroforestry in Farm Fields.  Out of 3,50,000 Tree Seedlings to be planted in agri lands. So far 1,26,000 tree seedlings have been planted with help of  700 Youth exposed to Bio-diverse Agri Trainings. Rest will be done after rains in October-November.


What Next from October 2013


  • Project # 6265 has started 4th year on October 1, 2013.
  • Financial constrains forced us to think of closing down.
  • But, many Friends asked us to continue this important activity.
  • So, efforts will be made to cover 848 more to complete 6000 Youth for 4 years.
  • Follow-up Encounters will also be continued in the following domains.


  • Stop sale of Agri lands and Start Biodiverse Agriculture campaigns.
  • 750 Youth will be enabled to prepare Organic Manures.
  • 750 Youth will be enabled to prepare Botanical Pest Repellents.
  • 1500 Youth will be guided to do Return on Investments calculations with Farmers.
  • 300 Villages will be activated in Eco-Farming through Biodiverse Agriculture.


Your Support is the Basis for Continuity of Project # 6265


  •           69 of you helped us to start the project in 2010.
  •           2 of you continued help in 2011 and 2012.
  •           Many of you can extend help from October 2013

Your help of $ 50 and above is enough to continue Project # 6265


Your help of €50 and above is enough to continue Project # 6265


Your help of £50 and above is enough to continue Project # 6265

As the first Prime Minister of India spoke at the Victory speech of Independence in 1947 that “Everything else can wait but not agriculture”, all of us have to support agriculture. Collaboration under Project # 6265 is a fine opportunity to encourage Youth to involve in Bio-diverse Agriculture for poison-free food production, pollution-free environment and economic sustainability. Hence VOICE Trust appeals to you for your support and solidarity.

Your immediate help is very much needed. Hence, please donate now.

With Best Wishes,

Yours Sincerely,


(Mrs. A. Jecintha)

Managing Trustee, VOICE Trust.


Mrs. A. Jecintha, addressing in September 2013
Mrs. A. Jecintha, addressing in September 2013
Mr.N.Krishnasamy, Ex - Director, CIPM lecturing
Mr.N.Krishnasamy, Ex - Director, CIPM lecturing
A.Gregory, explains Proj# 6265 in August 2013.
A.Gregory, explains Proj# 6265 in August 2013.
Agroforestry explained to farmers in July 2013.
Agroforestry explained to farmers in July 2013.
Jul 12, 2013

Project # 6265 April - June 2013 Report

Mrs. A. Jecintha guiding youth
Mrs. A. Jecintha guiding youth


Agriculture is still in crisis, because, farmers are attracted to sell agri lands. Neighboring lands of VOICE Trust’s Managing Trustee are already made into housing plots.

Viability of agriculture as successful economic activity is doubted by many farmers, because, the cost of production has increased but return on investment is decreasing year after year.

Biodiverse Agriculture helps the farmers not only to get higher incomes but also improves soil fertility and enhances nature centric pest control systems.

Special Activities during April –June 2013:



v  Campaigns to protect agriculture were continued during April – June 2013 with above focus.

v  Multiple cropping and Mixed Cropping Systems were explained to farming groups. (See photos)

v   Hand Book on Bio- Farming discussed in a meeting with Farmers Reps on June 22 .(See photos)


Thanks to GLOBALGIVING and Friends of Earth from India, USA, Europe and world over.


Thank you for helping VOICE Trust to start “ SAVE AGRICULTURE” Campaign from October 2010. Your helps have been fully utilized by 2012.


What to do from 2013?


Come what may, VOICE Trust is determined to continue SAVE AGRICULTURE activities.

But, we alone cannot do this. Your help is needed very urgently. We will revise budgets from July 2013.

What do you think about continuity of helps for Project # 6265. Can you suggest ways to get regular Funding Supports? Can you also introduce new Friends for supporting Project #6265

VOICE Trust appeals to you to send your donations to Global Giving for Project # 6265.


Quantum of your help can be from $ 50 or € 50 or £ 50


(Mrs. A. Jecintha ) Managing Trustee, VOICE Trust.

Mrs. R. Kavitha with youth in Farm Fields
Mrs. R. Kavitha with youth in Farm Fields
Youth getting practical training in Farm Field
Youth getting practical training in Farm Field
VOICE  Team discuss about handbook
VOICE Team discuss about handbook
Apr 22, 2013

Biodiverse Agri Trainings to Youth (Proj #6265)

Managing Trustee addressing people
Managing Trustee addressing people



January – March 2013 Report for Biodiverse Agri Trainings to Youth(Proj #6265)

implemented by VOICE Trust, India in collaboration with GlobalGiving, USA

through supports from Friends of Earth in USA, India, Europe.




Agriculture is the backbone for all in society.


Such an important Agriculture is getting severe beatings on account of global warming and climate change, besides, less and less economic viability.


But, Agriculture has to go on for healthy food, good environment and better economic viability. It is very important that Youth take interest to continue Agriculture.


So, Mrs. A. Jecintha spoke to village leaders on February 16, 2013 and appealed to send their young sons and daughters for Biodiverse Agri Trainings to continue Agriculture.


The Album with 10 photos relates to Biodiverse Agri tips given to Youth. Seasonality Analysis exercise (Refer photo #4) attracted the Youth. VOICE Team told them to go in for short duration crops (pulses, millets, Vegetables) to adjust to availability of water, so that Agriculture can continue to feed humans and the livestock and also to fetch money for meeting other life needs.


Continuity from April 2013


10 Youth staying in Siruganur village have shown interest to visit Model Farm of VOICE Trust where 9 models of Organic Manures and Bio Pest Controls are kept. Through them the spread effect is expected during May and June 2013.


Finance of Project #6265 closed on 31 March 2013


Rs.1,60,525/- (Indian Rupees one lakh sixty thousands five hundred and twenty five) received from Global Giving in January 2011, has been spent during 2011 and 2012. Only Rs.3525/- was left as of January 2013. Even this amount was spent on 31 March 2013. Thus, it is nil balance as of April 1, 2013.


To continue or not to continue Project #6265


Only if you, Friends of Earth in USA, India and Europe come forward to support this project, VOICE Trust will continue this Biodiverse Agriculture Project. If not, VOICE Trust will be forced to close activities by June 2013.


Hence, a Special Appeal is made to you to kindly contribute for Project #6265. Your donations of US $ 10, 20, 50,100 or Euro 10,20,50,100 will ensure continuity of Project #6265. Hence, kindly extend your help and cooperation.

Youth invited Agri Classes
Youth invited Agri Classes
3Women invited-Agri participation
3Women invited-Agri participation
4Seasonality analysis
4Seasonality analysis
5Biodiverse agri planning
5Biodiverse agri planning
6Measuring seed planting
6Measuring seed planting
8Agri practicals
8Agri practicals
10Passers youth phamplets reading
10Passers youth phamplets reading
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