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Educate the Children works with women and children in Nepal to improve health, welfare, and self-sufficiency by building skills that families can pass down to later generations. Focusing on the poorest of the poor by working strategically through women's groups, schools, and agriculture groups, Educate the Children develops a comprehensive community presence, gaining an extraordinary level of local participation and trust.
May 27, 2014

Spring 2014 update: Better Schools in Rural Nepal

Girl in grade 2 at Manedanda PS
Girl in grade 2 at Manedanda PS
Month by month, the schools with which Educate the Children is currently working in Dolakha District, Nepal are becoming better and more appealing places for children to spend their days learning and playing!

Since the beginning of March, ETC has completed important school improvement work at 18 schools in this rural area. The work has included providing furniture and making infrastructure improvements - painting, wall plastering, window grille installation, drinking water pipe installation, and school grounds improvements.

For each school, parents, teachers, and community members have been actively involved in the work. This "community contribution" is a keystone of ETC's success: By enlisting the active support of the local residents, we know that the work we do is both welcome and useful! Community contributions for these school improvement activities have included provision and transportation to the schools of the wood and other materials; labor to install slides, window grilles, and water pipes; and painting/plastering labor.

Below is a list of what we have accomplished at each school. (Please note that PS stands for Primary School, LSS stands for Lower Secondary School, and HSS stands for Higher Secondary School.)

  1. Kshamawati HSS: 15 sets desks/benches
  2. Manedanda PS: 15 sets desks/benches, 1 playground slide
  3. Bhumeshori PS: Painting, 1 cupboard
  4. Sundrawati LSS: Painting, 1 playground slide
  5. Lamanagi LSS: 1 cupboard, 1 slide
  6. Mahadevsthan PS: 1 cupboard
  7. Bosimpa PS: 1 cupboard
  8. Saraswoti Vidya Mandir PS:  Plastering in 3 rooms
  9. Saraswati Biddyamandir PS:   1 cupboard
  10. Suryadaya LSS: 1 cupboard
  11. Majuwa PS: 1 cupboard
  12. Kalinag HSS: 1 slide
  13. Devisthan LSS: 1 slide
  14. Janata LSS: 1 slide
  15. Saraswoti PS: Grounds improvements/maintenance and construction of supporting wall, 1 cupboard
  16. Devisthan PS: Painting, installation of drinking water pipes, 1 cupboard
  17. Jagaran Bhimeshwor PS: 10 sets desks/bench, installation of window grilles,1 cupboard, 1 slide
  18. Guranse PS: 1 slide

ETC is still working to secure the community contribution commitments from parents and teachers at four or five schools, so that the remainder of the planned work can be accomplished. We will be delighted to share that progress with you in a future report. Until then, please know how grateful we are for your support in making all of this possible!

Grade 1 children at Manedanda PS
Grade 1 children at Manedanda PS
Sundrawati LSS
Sundrawati LSS
Slide installed and in high demand!
Slide installed and in high demand!
Painting and window treatments
Painting and window treatments


Mar 11, 2014

Final project report: Sustainable Agriculture

Mankumari Thami, successful farmer!
Mankumari Thami, successful farmer!

On behalf of ETC staff and program participants, THANK YOU for supporting our Sustainable Agriculture in Nepal project! We have reached our goal of raising $7,000 to support training and resources for farmers in the Dolakha District of east central Nepal. 

Below are but a few of the accomplishments from the past several months:

  • All members of ETC women's groups (more than 840 women!) are maintaining kitchen gardens, and some are maintaining larger-scale farming operations, to feed their families better and earn more money - which in turn allows parents to send all of their children to school, instead of needing to keep some of them home due to inability to pay for books, uniforms, and fees.
  • ETC hosted a plant clinic in conjunction with the District Agriculture Development Office (regional government entity). Participants in this event included 159 farmers, who learned about soil health maintenance and pest control. The farmers brought samples of 514 pest-damaged plants (364 vegetable and spice plants, 107 fruit plants/trees, and 43 cereal crops), which were inspected by trained agricultural specialists, and effective, eco-friendly plant protection measures were discussed.
  • A total of 50 women farmers participated in two training events to learn about, and receive resources to build/improve, goat housing. Goats are very popular livestock animals in Nepal: during the past few years, ETC women's group members have taken out 201 loans from their peer-managed microcredit funds to start or expand goat-farming enterprises.
  • ETC staff distributed high-quality vegetable seeds to all women's group members and the three Agriculture in Schools clubs (total membership: 60 students, ages 10-14).

All in all, we have achieved our stated goal of enabling women farmers to produce greater quantities of nutritious food for themselves and for literally thousands of their family members and neighbors. Some women, like Mankumari Thami (see attached photo), do exceptionally well: During our last program year, she raised nearly $800 worth of crops. Compare that with the national average household income, which is about $500 annually and is generally much lower than that in rural areas, and you can see that she has been very successful indeed.

Again, we thank you very much for your support, which has made all of this possible. Please click here or on the link below to visit our other GlobalGiving project!

ETC staff member visiting a farmer in her garden
ETC staff member visiting a farmer in her garden
Plant clinic for pest control assessment
Plant clinic for pest control assessment


Feb 28, 2014

Better Schools in Rural Nepal: March 2014 Update

An example of a plastered and painted building
An example of a plastered and painted building

Students and their teachers in the rural Dolakha District of east central Nepal are enjoying great improvements to their schools, thanks to ETC and YOUR support!

For many years, ETC has been committed to improving the quality of education in Nepal. This means not only ensuring that children from impoverished families can attend school, and that teachers are well trained; it also means that classrooms and school buildings are safe, attractive places to learn.

During the past several months, we have completed the following work:

  • Toilet construction at Kalinag Higher Secondary School and Majhuwa Primary School. In addition to being important for public health, toilets give menstruating girls a place to change their sanitary cloths in private. If they do not have access to toilets at school, they often stay home for one week out of every four, and are at increased risk of dropping out altogether.
  • Painting and installing window grills at Janata Lower Secondary School and Mahadevsthan Primary School.
  • Furniture (desks, benches, round tables) provided to Tamrakoshika Lower Secondary School and Sitka Secondary School.
  • Roof maintenance at Guranse Primary School.
  • Two classrooms plastered at Lamanagi Lower Secondary School.
  • Steel cupboards for storage provided to ten schools.

Current and immediately upcoming activities include:

  • Eight school playgrounds will have new slides installed.
  • A number of schools are working with ETC to arrange for the "community contributions" (in-kind donations of labor and materials) that help make all of this work possible. For example, parents and school personnel frequently work together to install the playground equipment, or to procure the stones that are used as components of the foundation for new toilet facilities. ETC has a strong track record of obtaining these community contributions, which help ensure that the work is fully supported locally and that it is what the residents need and want to have accomplished.

Community members and school personnel have expressed great satisfaction with the work that has already been accomplished. In the coming months, we look forward to improving the educational environment for hundreds more students and teachers in rural Nepal!

Small round tables for very young children
Small round tables for very young children


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