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The Afghan Institute of Learning (AIL) works to empower all Afghans who are needy, especially women and children, providing them the knowledge and skills to care for themselves. AIL is expanding access to quality education and healthcare through community based programming, enabling communities to develop the capacity of their people. The goal is to create a foundation of quality education and health systems throughout Afghanistan which meet the needs of local people now and in the future. AIL was founded by an Afghan woman and is run by women, reaching thousands each year through health facilities, educational centers and training programs.
Aug 7, 2008

Snapshot (2008) of the Leadership/Human Rights Project

Between January and July 2008, the Afghan Institute of Learning (AIL) has held 8 Leadership workshops for 282 Afghan men and women in Herat and Kabul, Afghanistan and Peshawar, Pakistan. From these Leadership workshops, AIL has also developed Capacity Building workshops. From January to July 2008 AIL has held 4 Capacity Building Workshops for 69 Afghan men and women.

A participant of the leadership workshop said, “There is a lot of violence in our society, and this workshop gave me many skills that I can use to help my people, especially women, to save them from violence and self immolation.”

Another participant of the leadership workshop said, “I learned during the workshop that everybody has some qualities of a leader but we need to empower our selves. The leadership of Professor Sakena Yacoobi really gave us more energy to take steps to work hard for our people. I have a good economic situation and I decided to start a baby center to help those women who work outside their home. I hope I can do this, and because of the energy I got from this workshop, I believe that I can do it.”

A participant in a Capacity Building workshop held in Herat said, “I have attended many workshops given by different organizations, but the quality of instruction I received here was wonderful. This is because AIL finds out what the people need and designs good workshops.”

Aug 7, 2008

Snapshot (2008) of the Boys Education Project

Between January and July 2008, Creating Hope International’s partner, the Afghan Institute of Learning (AIL), has held classes for 3,296 Afghan boys in educational learning centers and schools in Herat, Kabul and Parwan, Afghanistan and Peshawar, Pakistan.

A male student from AIL’s Mir Bacha Kot Center said, “I am a student of an AIL English course. Because of the fighting in the country, we left our country and I didn’t have the opportunity to continue my education. Since the AIL center was established in our village I got admission and have learned how to read and write. I am so happy now and appreciate that AIL reaches out to the rural areas and provides educational opportunity for all levels.”

Aug 7, 2008

Snapshot (2008) of the Computer Training Project

Creating Hope Interational’s partner, the Afghan Institute of Learning (AIL), currently holds computer classes in Herat and Kabul, Afghanistan, as well as at AIL’s Gowhar Shad University in Peshawar, Pakistan. From January to June 2008, in Herat and Kabul, there were six computer centers hosting 10 classes. Each class had between 5 and 23 students. During the same time, Gowhar Shad University had 110 students in its three-year Bachelor of Computer Science program and 68 students in its four-year, Bachelor of Business Administration program. Thus far, 65 students have graduated from the Bachelor of Computer Science program.

In addition to AIL’s regular computer courses; it also has held special computer workshops at the request of the government or other Non-Governmental Organizations. From January to June 2008, AIL hosted a total of four computer workshops for 62 participants. Participants met for 1.5 hours each day over a span of 3 and half months. Topics covered in the workshops included:

• Basic computer skills • Using Windows XP • Using Microsoft Word • Using Microsoft Excel • What is a virus, and how to use anti-virus software • How to use a printer, scanner and digital camera

Participants from the computer workshops said the following about the benefits of the intensive computer training program in Herat:

“I learned so much about the computer and MS-Word program. I work for the Ministry of Education in Herat city and before I came to AIL for computer training, I wrote the monthly report of our organization without the computer, but now I am so happy, because I can use the computer and MS-Word for typing reports and letters.”

“I can work with the computer now and also I can perform all of my office work on the computer, like typing the letters and reports with MS-Word program, calculating with MS-Excel program and more. This was a golden chance for me that I got such high quality instruction and learned this skill for free. I really thank AIL for helping government workers to build their capacity.”

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