Afghan Institute of Learning

AIL's mission is to empower all Afghans who are needy and oppressed, especially women and children, so that they can support and take care of themselves. AIL, an organization founded and run by Afghan women, expands access to quality education and healthcare and encourages community participation in all programs. AIL's goal is to lay a foundation for quality education and health systems in Afghanistan that will meet the needs of women and children today and for generations to come.
Mar 2, 2009

Update on AIL Computer Program

During 2008 288 Afghans took computer courses in AIL centers and schools. At AIL’s Gawhar Shad University, in 2008, there were 116 students studying in the university’s three year computer science college.

Mar 2, 2009

Update on Food Aid Program

Last winter in Afghanistan, international aid organizations were not prepared for the number of Afghans that would be in need of food assistance because of the harsh winter to keep them from starving, so the Afghan Institute of Learning helped to fill this need. So far this winter has not been as harsh and it seems that international aid organizations have been much better prepared for winter and fewer people have been without any food at all. Currently, AIL staff is working to identify Afghans that are in desperate need of food supplies, and will begin delivering food to people in need during March and April.

Mar 2, 2009

Update on AIL, and a Story to Share

In 2008 the Afghan Institute of Learning supported 46 learning centers in Herat, Mazar, Bamiyan and Kabul, Afghanistan and in Peshawar, Pakistan. These centers served a total of 23,750 Afghan women, men and children in classes ranging from pre-school to university students. These centers have had a huge impact on the lives of the students since the students have no other alternatives for receiving a quality education.

During 2008, one of AIL's WLC's reached a milestone-- its first class of girls studying in the 9th grade. This is a truly remarkable story as this group of initially illiterate girls from a very traditional, rural, conservative area in Afghanistan began studying with AIL 7 years ago and have continued their studies until now.. Here is one of the girl's stories: "I am from a poor and narrow-minded family that does not allow their daughters to go outside the home to study. My father has always told me that he did not have enough money to pay the fees to send me to school; he barely had enough money to feed me and pay our rent. Besides, he said, if he allowed me to go to school my relatives and neighbors would say that he was not zealous enough since no one allows their daughters to go to school. One day my neighbor told me that there was a center that teaches women and girls and that you can learn a great deal from this school without paying any fees. At first I was really excited until I realized that I was 13 and might have sit in a lower class with younger students. When I was finally allowed to go to the center, I saw that many older women and girls were attending the school. Now I am happy because I can read, and write. I pray 5 times a day to those who open centers like this for women and older girls."

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