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AIL's mission is to empower all Afghans who are needy and oppressed, especially women and children, so that they can support and take care of themselves. AIL, an organization founded and run by Afghan women, expands access to quality education and healthcare and encourages community participation in all programs. AIL's goal is to lay a foundation for quality education and health systems in Afghanistan that will meet the needs of women and children today and for generations to come.
Sep 11, 2014

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AIL Health Clinic
AIL Health Clinic

The Safer World Fund has selected our project to support through a 50% match on all donations made while funds last! Your donation of $10 becomes $15, or $50 becomes $75.

Since you have supported our project in the past, you know that the Afghan Institute of Learning (AIL) programs seeks to help Afghans reach their full potential. Recently, Dr. Sakena Yacoobi, founder and CEO of AIL, said that she believes that in order for people to reach their full potential they need to be educated, healthy, safe and have a stable economy. When people do not feel safe, they cannot leave their houses. This means they cannot get an education or work, and when this happens, the whole economy suffers. Also, when a person is malnourished, they cannot learn or work. 

AIL is helping to address all four of these issues through it’s programs. AIL offers Afghans a safe place to come and learn by working closely with the communities where its programs exist. These programs offer education, including health education and resources on how to live a healthy life, which lead to people having the skills they need to be employed. People who are employed contribute to the economy and the security of a community. AIL’s holistic programs address all of the needs of those that they work with in a culturally sensitive manner, and in the end the communities are better educated, healthier, more economically stable and ultimately safer.

We thank you for your past contributions to our efforts to provide healthcare to Afghan women. As the situation continues to change in Afghanistan, your support has become even more important. We hope that you will rise to the challenge and help us take advantage of this matching opportunity!

Sep 9, 2014

Boys encouraged to exercise

AIL is dedicated to seeing all people thrive especially the youth of Afghanistan. Boys are encouraged to study and develop academic skills as well as social skills. In addition, exercise of the body for its own sake is important, as well as the benefits it provides to support mental pursuits.

Here is a story from one AIL center:

“The Youth Council at the center made a cup for football competitions. In the tournament, 4 teams competed and the winning team received the cup and a prize made by the center manager. The matches encouraged all students to do some exercise in the clubs and at homes. AIL’s approach has always been to treat the whole person and physical exercise is especially important for the young.  AIL encourages youth to do exercises because it expands their talents and helps them be more active and alert in daily activities and lessons. For example, one of the students said, “I like football. I am in a football team at the AIL center. I exercise every other day. I like it because it makes me fresh and healthy. I recommend everyone in my family and my friends to exercise”.

Healthy body, healthy mind! Exercise helps boys be ready and able to study and believe in their capacity to succeed.

Sep 9, 2014

Interviewing AIL students

What is it really like being an AIL student? How does it transform lives? We wanted to hear students’ opinions and thought you would too, so we sent out an interviewer to gather some stories. Here are two perspectives:

My name is Zahra and I am a computer class student in AIL.

Question: How old are you?

Answer: I am  14 years old.

Question:  How long have you been taking the computer class at AIL and what do you think about it?

Answer: I have been attending the class for about 6 months. Everything that we need is prepared.  The teacher is kind and comes to class with a happy face.  She teaches all the computing skills to us. The students love the class and are interested to learn.  I think the class is successfully run. It has positive impact on the life of each student. AIL rescues children like me from a dark future by having these classes.  We are all happy about the class. 

Question: How has computer class changed your life?

Answer:  The class has brought great changes in my own life. I can feel the changes. I learned about the computer’s benefits and I told my family about them. I am able to solve most of my problems with my computer.  I solve the mathematical problems and earn much success. Also I am connected to the outside world by the internet. It has impacted my social communication in society as now I know many more people.  I promised to teach all these things that I learned to my friends. 


My name is Sarah and I am eighteen years old.

Question: Would you please tell us something about your past?

Answer: I was born into a poor family, where we were living in poverty and I was deprived of getting an education. Now I am enrolled in sewing class where I am being trained, while other girls of my age are going to school and they are in 12th grade. Since I have been suffering from joblessness and illiteracy, I asked my father to let me participate in this sewing class to improve myself so I can become a vital member of the family and for my children in the future.

Question: What do you think of your course?

Answer: There are a lot of great things being done in this AIL learning center and our teacher is really successful at executing the entire program practically. He makes us to do the assignments so that we expand our mental and physical abilities.

Question: What kinds of changes can you observe since you have been coming to this course?

Answer: I have learned a great deal of things since the first day I came to this center for instance: cutting clothes, making blouses and other clothes and many other things which are related to this. I am seeing some positive changes in myself. I want to thank the AIL center for providing us with such great classes where we can improve the level of our knowledge and become a positive member of the society.

Thank you for your support of this project.

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