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International Action collaborates with partner groups and local communities in Haiti to build up local capacities in water resource management; raise the public's awareness of water-related health issues; advocate for water-related policies and development priorities that ensure equitable and affordable access to clean water for all; and support community-based water purification and distribution projects. We have also been involved with rural water projects in Honduras and China.
Jul 18, 2012

2 clinics in West Haiti to begin de-worming

We continue to push towards a Haiti free of intestinal worms. In the upcoming weeks we will be donating albendazole pills to two international organizations and one local group. One dose of albendazole protects children and adults from intestinal worm infections for 6 months.  Intestinal worms like Ascaris lumbricoides and Trichuris trichiura cause diarrhea and severe abdominal pain. In children, these symptoms are more than just a physical danger. Diarrhea is the main reason children miss school. If kids don't go to school they do not receive the necessary education to be successful later in life.   

We are distributing albendazole tablets to a clinic in Ranquitte, Haiti. This clinic does all it can to not only treat, but prevent diseases, infections and parasites. They even work with the local schools to immunize students. We also will be donating 3,000 albendazole pills to Wings over Haiti, a group that focuses on providing children with language skills both in Kreyole and in French. The staff of Wings for Haiti realized how important it is for students to be rid of intestinal worms. Furthermore, we have received requests from the Haiti Health Initiative. They need albendazole pills to treat children in Tombe Gateau before they go back to school. 

Health is such an essential aspect of life. With a healthy population, disasters such as the cholera epidemic are less likely to occur.

If you have any connections to a Haitian community that is struggling with intestinal worms or lacking clean water, please let us know.

          Thank you very much for your support,

           The International Action Team 

Jul 13, 2012

282 families in West Haiti will have clean water

These sisters in Grand Savanne need clean water
These sisters in Grand Savanne need clean water

We estimate that at 110 community sites and 160 school sites, our chlorinators help protect over 760,000 Haitians from waterborne diseases. However, there are many Haitian communities that still need clean water.

One area of Haiti that we are working to bring clean water to is the city of Leogane. We have installed chlorinators on several community water stations in Leogane, but there are many surrounding communities that we have not been able to reach. Grand Savanne is one of these communities. We need $2,000 to bring clean water to Grand Savanne.

With your help, we can reach this goal!   

Our hope is to begin installing chlorinators in Grand Savanne by late September. Along with community leaders and local organizations, we will be working with Sustain Haiti, another U.S.-based non-profit. In April of 2012, Sustain Haiti was contacted by the community leaders in Grand Savanne. Sustain Haiti was asked by the leaders of Grand Savanne to hold agriculture, health, and business classes – there are now 2-3 free classes per week in Grand Savanne.

Despite being well-led and organized, the residents of Grand Savanne are without clean water. On behalf of Grand Savanne, Sustain Haiti has asked us to help this community make clean water a reality.

There are two community organizations in Grand Savanne, one for women and one for the general population. These two groups have previously mobilized their community, independent of any outside NGOs, to bring electricity to their church, which serves as a school and a community center. Pastor Emmanuel, the president of the general population organization, and Bijoux Kamitachka, the president of the Grand Savanne Organization for Women, have both expressed their complete support in bringing chlorinators to their community.

282 families (approximately 2,200 people) reside in Grand Savanne. Once the chlorinators are installed, it will only cost $32 a month (the cost of chlorine) for the community to provide clean water to all 282 families. An amazingly low cost to provide something that is so important: clean water. 

For $2,000 we can install the entire Grand Savanne chlorinator system. With $2,000 dollars the 2,200 residents of Grand Savanne will have clean water for years.

Thank you for your ongoing support, it enables us to help thousands of Haitian families with access to clean, safe water. 


Warm regards,

The International Action Team

Jul 13, 2012

11 More Schools to Have Clean Water

In the month of July, International Action's Southeast team is going to bring 11 more schools clean water. These 11 schools are located in the cities of Jacmel and Bainet. All 11 schools have agreed to let local residents access their clean, safe water after school hours.

We continue to help young girls in Haiti by improving the quality of their educational institutes. One of the schools that we will be working with in July is an all girls school with over 1,200 students.

Please follow our page here at Global Giving and on our website,, to stay abreast of our progress in the Southeast of Haiti. Thank you for all the support.


Best regards,

The International Action Team


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