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International Action collaborates with partner groups and local communities in Haiti to build up local capacities in water resource management; raise the public's awareness of water-related health issues; advocate for water-related policies and development priorities that ensure equitable and affordable access to clean water for all; and support community-based water purification and distribution projects. We have also been involved with rural water projects in Honduras and China.
Nov 1, 2012

Cite Soleil Schools in need after Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy has swept through Cuba, Jamaica, and Haiti. Government officials have confirmed that 54 Haitian lives have been claimed by the storm, nearly twice the deathtoll of Tropical Storm Isaac, which hit Haiti less than two months ago.

As of October 30, 2012, President Martelly and Prime Minister Lamothe declared a State of emergency throughout Haiti because of the 54 deaths and the many problems the country now faces after the storm.

14,000 families have been left homeless, cholera is on the rise, and thousands of acres of crops have been destroyed resulting in a food shortage and price hike. 

Haiti's south was not the only region affected by the storm. In Port-au-Prince, thousands of school children in Cite Soleil are now without clean water because of the flooding caused by both Sandy and Isaac. The health of the children in Cite Soleil has been one of our main focuses over the past two years.

Because of the damage in Cite Soleil, we are going to truck water to the Cite Soleil schools so the children have clean water and can continue to learn. Diarrhea caused by waterborne diseases is the main reason children miss school in Haiti. The last thing these kids need is to miss a significant amount of school, as it will abate their abilty to find a good job as adults.   

Oct 31, 2012

3500 Haitian Children Protected from Worms

Nadine and Yosan
Nadine and Yosan

3,500 children in the communities of Ranquitte, Kenscoff, Leogane, Cavillion, and Coix-des-Bouquet are now protected from intestinal worms. It only took one month for all of these children to be reached with albendazole, a de-worming medication.

Many of these children had been struggling to stay in school because of the intense stomach cramps and chronic diarrhea that intestinal worms cause. One of the main reasons children miss school in Haiti is diarrhea caused by waterborne disease and intestinal worms. When children have diarrhea, their parents keep them home from school.

Innovations for Poverty Action released a study showing that school-based de-worming programs can generate an extra year of education for only $3.50 per student.  

Albendazole has enabled Abraham, the oldest child in the picture below, and his two siblings to fight off intestinal worms and return to school. They live in Ranquitte, a modest town in Northern Haiti. The people in this town have been dealing with water and sanitations issues for a long time. 

Nearly half of the children in Ranquitte had intestinal worms. Abraham had to stay home to help his parents watch his younger siblings because they had severe diarrhea caused by the intestinal worms. All three children were missing a significant amount of school.

Some friends of International Action, a group of nurses from Michigan, informed of us of these conditions. Brenda and her team of nurses were planning to visit Ranquitte in late September to provide the community with free access to healthcare. But they did not have any albendazole. International Action quickly provided the nurses with 1,000 albendazole pills.

900 children received doses in 2 days.

The benefits were seen and felt immediately. Children stopped having diarrhea and stomach aches. After four days, Abraham and his brother and sister were able to return to school. They have not missed a day of school since they received albendazole.

Many of the 3,500 Haitian children have a story like Abraham’s. This has been made possible by the albendazole that we have been able to provide them with your help.

Jodiel, Abraham, and Abigail are safe from worms
Jodiel, Abraham, and Abigail are safe from worms
Aug 29, 2012

Thousands in need of clean water after Storm Isaac

International Action is trucking water all day long to bring clean, safe water to Haitians displaced by the storm. Your support is essential as we need $1,000 a week for three weeks to continue our water trucking efforts.

Tropical Storm Isaac hit the coast of Haiti on Saturday, August 25. The effects were felt immediately. The water rose up to people’s waists, knocked down walls and poles, and damaged hundreds of houses. 24 Haitians have died as direct result of the storm and thousands of people were forced to flee their homes and tents; roughly 400,000 Haitians are still living in the tents they were given after the earthquake.

The raised water levels have contaminated many wells throughout Haiti, which if not dealt with properly, could lead to another waterborne disease epidemic.

International Action will be trucking water every day until these people are back in their homes and the contaminated wells have been fixed. Thank you again for your support in this time of great need.

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