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International Action collaborates with partner groups and local communities in Haiti to build up local capacities in water resource management; raise the public's awareness of water-related health issues; advocate for water-related policies and development priorities that ensure equitable and affordable access to clean water for all; and support community-based water purification and distribution projects. We have also been involved with rural water projects in Honduras and China.
Jul 1, 2014

Partnering with other NGOs to De-Worming more Kids

Kids receiving de-worming pills
Kids receiving de-worming pills

In the last couple of months we have made great progress in advancing our mission to de-worm Haiti. Much of Haiti’s population is infected with intestinal worms that can take almost 20% of a person’s daily nutritional intake. This is especially damaging to children who then suffer from malnutrition and even risk death, despite already struggling to be fed. We have long known that ridding Haiti’s people of intestinal worms is crucial in rebuilding the country. This is why we have advocated for better sanitation and worked to bring clean water to hundreds of communities. In addition to this, we are tackling this problem more heads on with the use of albendazole pills. Albendazole pills can kill intestinal worms in children and adults and are considered some of the most cost-effective ways to combat poverty and promoting health worldwide. The World Bank recommends giving de-worming pills to children in high-risk areas.

We have provided many communities with albendazole pills. Since this year we have been working with Mission Starfish to supply them with the necessary medicine. One nurse wrote a letter thanking us for our help. She had gone to many pharmacies around her town and it was not until she found International Action that she was able to receive the much needed de-worming pills for her children at the medical clinic. More recently, we partnered up with G.O.A.L.S. Haiti who work to rebuild Haiti through soccer. In March we helped them de-worm more than 400 kids in Haiti. Later in May we were able to provide them the albendazole pills for 115 children in Leogane, Haiti. Finally, this past month we helped 322 people, with more being dewormed soon.

It is our goal to help the people of Haiti in this simple and affordable way that makes such a significant difference. Just $50 will purchase 2,500 de-worming pills, which will protect 1,250 children from intestinal worms for one entire year. This initiative increases school attendance by reducing the prevalence of diarrheal disease in children

Jun 16, 2014

Cholera Intervention from the Field

Girl carrying bucket
Girl carrying bucket

Following the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, there have been nearly 700,000 reported cases of cholera and over 8,000 deaths, with an estimated 1,000 more each year until water sanitation has improved. International Action’s immediate response entailed tackling the problem at the source of the outbreak, the Artibonite departement in northern Haiti. We first met with Haitian water department officials and partners to strategize a coordinated solution to the spreading epidemic. This potentially fatal waterborne disease can easily be prevented and treated with proper sanitation and access to clean water. We have dedicated ourselves to supplying and installing multiple chlorinators and water tanks throughout Artibonite and distributing chlorine tablets to organizations addressing the public health crisis.

Recently, we established a new site in Fabias that was featured on CNN International. Located in Artibonite, a rural area outside of Port-au-Prince, Fabias is isolated with very limited water resources. Up until now they have had only one well with a hand-pump. Many provincial villages do not receive as much aid as the cities, so it was especially important for us to reach this region. Our Associate Director was able to witness the delivery and installation of the first water tank in the community by the Presbytérale School of St. Francis of Assisi, with two other tanks having been installed since then. The people of Fabias were very welcoming and were instrumental in the accomplishment of this project.

International Action is looking to continue these efforts in other provincial areas and we already have plans to install a new clean water system with a tank, chlorinator and pump in the rural areas of Chapelle Saint Joseph and Poste Pierrot.

We rely on the help of generous donors, so please support our cause by making a small contribution.

Apr 28, 2014

Education and Clean Water the Key to Prosper Haiti

Water Tank at school in Jacmel
Water Tank at school in Jacmel

One child out of every eight dies before the age of five of preventable diseases, such as diarrhea, typhoid, and malaria – the highest mortality rate among children in the Western Hemisphere. To make matters worse, most schools in Haiti have no access to clean water. Lack of hygiene and sanitation has become a major problem for Haitian students. They fall ill regularly and are unable to attend classes or fail to perform well.

International Action has made it its goal to stop this and keep children in school by providing clean water and allowing them to receive the education they deserve to build a prospering Haiti for the future. In the past, we have provided and installed water tanks in some of Haiti’s most impoverished and densely populated communities in the slum Cité Soleil. Out of over 194 schools that we have protected in the past, in 2011, we collaborated with the Clinton Global Initiative Haiti Action Network member Architecture for Humanity to install the first clean water system for the Southeast water project at École La Dignité, a primary school in the town of Cayes-Jacmel. With our installation, the students now have safe, treated water to drink during the school day. They can also bring water from the tank home with them to protect their families and to quench their thirst at night. École La Dignité is headed by Mrs. Vivianne Vieux who says that the 2,000-gallon water tank means that her 227 students no longer will have to worry about waterborne illnesses.

Please help support education in Haiti with clean, safe water by making a donation.

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