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Apr 11, 2014

Educare Arizona - Spring Update 2014

Educare Arizona - Spring!
Educare Arizona - Spring!

Educare Arizona entered its third full school year this past autumn, with 183 students - 16 (thriving) infants, 48 toddlers, and 119 preschool children.  With the generous support of donors like you, we've added a Math & Science Big Building Area in the Birth to Five Courtyard.  The area is used daily, for the kind of integrated science and learning that high-quality early learning offers — through creative free play and structured lessons, the blocks, arches, wheelbarrows, and chutes provide opportunities for our students to explore the ups and downs and ins and outs of their physical world.  The items purchased for the permanent installation are beautifully crafted, adding natural elements to the outdoor space that is such a focus of the school.

Inside and out, Educare Arizona has continued to develop and respond to community needs.  Last month, we welcomed new CEO John Scola to Educare Arizona, and are excited that he shares our passion for early childhood’s role in community building — a passion that has significant legs to stand on. A major national commission sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation recently announced their recommendations for building a healthier America — and investing more in high-quality early childhood is their first priority. What's more, the commission spotlighted the great work Educare is doing on this front: multiple references to Educare in the Commission's executive summary and full report can be found in the right-hand column of the page linked here:  In addition, a quick, 2-minute video the Commission produced features Educare Washington DC:  Educare’s national leadership on early childhood education has also lead to the Educare Learning Network (ELN) being asked to contribute our learning on the impact of expanding Early Head Start to promote improvement of community healthcare to meet the needs of vulnerable children (and the communities in which they live).  ELN’s sedulous attention to data collection, analysis and implementation has also lead Head Start and the Department of Health and Human Services to reach out to ELN to host workshops on data utilization, to contribute to improvement of practice nationally.
All of this is a testament to all of the good work being done, at Educare Arizona, and, together, throughout the coast-to-coast network of Educare schools, and it couldn’t happen without supporters like you - thank you!


Oct 22, 2013

Educare Arizona - Autumn Update 2013

Snack time!
Snack time!

"Educare Arizona is an opportunity to really grow our children into healthy, strong, confident, intelligent students that can then go on and thrive and follow their dreams and therefore improve our workforce, our economy and our communities." - Steve Nash, President, the Steve Nash Foundation, Two-Time NBA MVP

Steve sums it up well!  Since opening its doors in 2011, Educare Arizona has been a growing voice in the early childhood education discussion: more than a high-quality preschool for 191 children in Arizona, Educare Arizona provides critical teacher training, policy advocacy, and expertise in a field recognized for its vital role in community and economic growth.

Among the latest developments at Educare Arizona:

  • the 2013-2014 Child Development Associate (CDA) Credentialing program for parents began in September with 35 participants.  Upon completion of this 35-week 20-hour a week program, participants will receive an infant/toddler credential or preschool credential.  This is a great job creating opportunity, allowing our Head Start and Early Head Start families access to vocational training in early ed, and possible job placement right at Educare -- a win-win for Educare, and the community.
  • We have begun planning for the upcoming 2013/2014 Art Festival that will occur in February.  The goal is to expand the art media opportunities for families and children to investigate, explore and enjoy together.
  • Our 2013-2014 Raising a Reader program will begin in November.  This month, Educare Arizona will host our first parent training associated with this program, in which book bags are sent home weekly with the children, giving families the opportunity to be exposed to over 100 books together during the school year.  Our families will receive training and information on promoting family literacy habits, language and literacy skills and a love of reading.

Come in for a tour of Educare Arizona, and you'll be immediately struck by the beautiful learning environment - some photos of our building are included here, but Educare Arizona is more than its wrapper.  It's the voices of kids as they come into their own, nurtured by highest-quality programs, guidance, and instruction; it's the sight of their creativity - whether in song, paint or play; it's the growing engagement of parents as they get the resources they need to foster learning and development with their kids; it's a catalyst for change.  Educare Arizona is changing the way we perceive of the first five years of life and learning.

We so appreciate your support, and hope you'll continue to grow health in kids with us -- you'll be glad you did!

Parent engagement at Educare Arizona
Parent engagement at Educare Arizona
Educare Arizona lights up the future
Educare Arizona lights up the future
Educare Arizona - Entering Excellence
Educare Arizona - Entering Excellence


Jul 24, 2013

Educare Arizona - Summer Update 2013

Hot off the heels of the Steve Nash Foundation Showdown NYC, a benefit for Educare Arizona, we're gearing up for a hot time in Phoenix, showing interested folks from around the country what this model of excellence looks like, how it operates, and what it could mean to other communities in the U.S.

And what's the latest at Educare Arizona?

This past school year, the classrooms, Balsz Educare Arizona Center for Health, hallways, and courtyard have been utilized to their fullest with our exceptional programmatic leadership maximizing resources to ensure best practices and outstanding outcomes. Some updates:

  • Evaluation Activities - All Educare toddler and preschool classrooms scored a 6-7 score on the ITERS (Infant/Toddler Environment Rating Scale) and ECERS (Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale) evaluations (the tools used to rate environmental quality, with 7 being the highest possible score).
  • Literacy and Economic Planning Assistance - Educare Arizona families participated in literacy training, as well as financial literacy training this spring, in high-energy, productive sessions. Additionally, the computers in the Educare Arizona Parent Resource Room are now portals to Workforce Development web resources that help our families locate, apply for and secure employment.
  • Family Engagement - Family engagement activities resulted in over 817 hours of parent volunteer time at Educare Arizona. 
  • Physical Health and Well-Being - 100% of children at Educare Arizona are fully immunized, and over 97% have had a well-child examination and a preventative dental exam - Educare Arizona’s children are physically healthy and ready to learn!
  • Site Installation - Per our last report, a beautiful new photography exhibit was installed this spring - Faces of Educare brings to our hallways, teacher, and training spaces some of the students and families of Educare Arizona.  Capturing them in all stages of learning and exploration, the photos exhibit the connection between children, environment, and our community. The installation was made possible by a grant from Kathy and Steve Pidgeon, in memory of their sister, Mary Malone.
  • ELN Meeting - In March, Educare Arizona hosted more than 200 guests from around the Educare Learning Network, with all 18 schools coming together to share local and national best practices during an energized, thoughtful and very productive 3 day meeting.
  • Art Matters - Educare Arizona’s children and families celebrated the inaugural From Hearts and Hands of Children art festival in mid-February, held in the Educare Arizona courtyard. On display were paintings and three-dimensional creations from our budding artists, who also performed a (highly) original play based on Eric Carle’s Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? complete with masks they made and some great sound effects.
  • BEACH time - Educare Arizona’s BEACH health center, a partnership with NOAH, provided over 17,000 primary medical, dental, wellness, prenatal, and mental health visits during its first full year of operations, meeting the needs of over 1,500 individual patients.


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