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Blue Planet Network is a global network of experienced water groups, funders and grassroots communities working to bring sustainable safe drinking water to people in rural communities around the world. Beyond health, accessing clean drinking water is the critical first step for communities to rise out of poverty, to gain education, and to ensure economic and political stability. To date, our network of members has enabled more than 1,500,000 people with clean drinking water and improved sanitation. However, we CANNOT stop there. Our goal is to enable safe drinking water for 200,000,000 people in the next 20 years and we need your help.
Aug 1, 2014

Clean Drinking Water for California Students

As drought tightens its grip on California, national attention is being focused on water issues for the state. Amidst this shortage of water, we must always keep in mind that a sustainable source of safe water is the bedrock of opportunity for a society.

The Need:

Over 25 schools in 2013 throughout California, as documented by the California Department of Public Health, have arsenic contamination in their water, while another 16 schools have high levels of nitrate, a harmful by-product of farming.

  • Because of these contaminates, a child may suffer from skin rashes, diarrheal illnesses, pesticide poisoning, circulatory problems, or cancer. 
  • These cases lead to long-term absenteeism from school, increased health-related costs and financial stress on the family. 
  • Additionally, research demonstrates that when students have access to clean water to drink in school, their health and wellbeing is significantly improved, such as the decrease in obesity or dehydration.
    • As documented in a report by California Food Policy Advocates on Improving Water Consumption in Schools, “...the consumption of fluids during meals is a necessary strategy to maintain proper hydration for children.” Dehydration is associated with impaired cognitive function and can adversely affect memory, reasoning, hand-eye coordination, concentration and alertness. 

In total, approximately 75-80 schools in California have harmful contaminates in their water. Cash-strapped schools are struggling to provide students with clean water. State Assemblyman Luis Alejo (30th California Assembly District) recently acknowledged, “Access to clean drinking water in our rural school districts is clearly a problem in California.” 

The Solution:

To mitigate the water challenge facing California, especially in low-income communities who suffer disproportionally, Blue Planet Network is coming forward. "Clean Drinking Water for California Students" is a program designed by Blue Planet Network that brings together a consortium of technical advisors, community advocacy organizations and expert water system implementers based on their track record and commitment to collaborate. 

Program Goals:

  • To combine cost-efficient water filtration systems with a community engagement program to reach 3,000 people at a minimum of 5 underserved schools. 
  • Provide school-based water system training to a minimum of 25 school administrators (5 per school) to ensure proper maintenance, financing and long- term sustainability.

To ensure the success of this program several evaluation methods will be put into place:

  • Survey before and after program implementation the incidence of contaminated drinking water in schools. 
  • Survey a sample of the school administration and student population before and after the program to measure the health and obesity levels of students. 
  • Track the attendance of students, administrators and community members in water-related presentations and awareness campaigns in school and in the local community. 
  • Interview a sample of community members, students and administration before and after the program to understand the “real life” impact of safe drinking water in the schools and on the communities.
  • Conduct a final impact study to document the overall health of students and their increased activity and academic performance level. 

Our program will help children stay healthy now, while long-term initiatives tackle the greater agricultural and political causes of California’s water crisis.  The program will be entered onto Blue Planet Network's technology platform to be tracked, shared and monitored through the lifecycle of the project. 

With a reliable source of clean water, schools can provide their students with a healthy future and families can focus on bettering their lives. Thank you so much for joining this important cause here on Global Giving! 

To find our more about this program you may email

Jul 10, 2014

Progress in Honduras made with Blue Planet Network

We have a few updates for you! 
Firstly, thank you again for supporting Blue Planet Network’s member, Pure Water for the World, and the crucial water systems for schools across Trojes, Honduras. The implementation of the project began in May 2014 and is projected to be completed in late September 2014. While our fundraising term for this project on our GlobalGiving page is coming to a close, we welcome you to follow Pure Water for the World online here and to visit their projects tracked on Blue Planet Network here. Pure Water for the World will continue their due diligence and update their projects via Blue Planet Network’s award-winning monitoring and knowledge sharing programs as described here.
We welcome you to support other Blue Planet Network member projects on GlobalGiving here. We hold funding rounds for our peer approved member projects of which your funds will support.
Once again, your donation made through GlobalGiving is supporting the construction of bio-sand filters for drinking water and latrines, deworming medicine, and hygiene education for schools across the Trojes region.
Schools will become a safe haven. Children will attend school more regularly and the attendance of young girls will increase. Overall, children and families will spend less time sick or in the hospital and away from their school and community. Children will learn hygiene skills that they can practice long-term and continually share with their families. Put simply - children will move from merely surviving to thriving in their community.
As we say at Blue Planet Network - Water is Life. Pass it on.


Apr 18, 2014

Stories of Blue Planet Network - See our new videos!

Meera Hira-Smith of Project Well
Meera Hira-Smith of Project Well

What's the common thread among these interviews? 

Sabore Ole Oyie, Dr. Meera Hira-Smith, John Nguyen, Dave Meader, Rudi Dundas, Jin Zidell and Lisa Nash recognize that it's unconscionable to allow 768 million people without safe drinking water to fend for themselves. As a result, each of these individuals have chosen to become part of the solution. Our members profiled above work in different regions and specialize in sustainable techniques of project implementation, but they all come to Blue Planet Network with the shared values and commitment to being a part of something bigger.

Blue Planet Network helps connect over 100 water implementers, funders, and grassroots communities through our innovative online platform and award-winning programsWe allow our members to track and manage their projects online and help them to continually monitor and analyze project milestones for long-term success. We work hard to meet the demands of our members so they can design longer-lasting, evidence-based programs and serve even more people in needTogether, with your support, we will continue to provide the online tools and programs that drive sustainable water and sanitation projects and bring disadvantaged people out of survival mode and into the world of opportunity.

Please read about all of our members and their project data being tracked and shared on Blue Planet Network.

Thank you so much for choosing to support Blue Planet Network and our member water projects here on GlobalGiving.


Sabore Ole Oyie of Sabore
Sabore Ole Oyie of Sabore's Well
John Nguyen of East Meets West
John Nguyen of East Meets West
Rudi Dundas of Drop by Drop
Rudi Dundas of Drop by Drop
Dave Meader of SV2
Dave Meader of SV2


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