The Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project

The Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project is working on behalf of HIV/AIDS orphans in rural Uganda to end systemic deprivation, poverty and hunger through a holistic approach to community development, education, and healthcare.
May 7, 2014

YOU are a Community Builder!


YOU are empowering YOUR grandmothers!

YOUR Granny Groups were developed to give the women YOU are serving through the Nyaka Grandmother Project a voice.

The Granny Groups vote to decide how micro-finance funds should be distributed. They decide as a group which grandmothers are most in need of a new home, kitchen, or pit latrine. Trainings are conducted by elected leaders.

The goal of the Grandmother Project is never to tell YOUR grandmothers what they need. They tell the project what they need and everyone works on solutions together to make positive changes in the community. 

Meet Oliva. She is one of the women YOU are empowering through your support. At the age of 64, her fellow granny group members chose her to be the Sub County Coordinator. She is a very busy woman, overseeing and training four different Granny Groups in her area.

Because of YOU, Oliva has the training and know how to teach her fellow Granny Group members new vocational skills, how to develop businesses, nutrition and health information, and many other important skills.

By raising up leaders from within the community and nurturing their leadership skills, YOU are ensuring that the positive changes YOU are making possible will last. 

YOU are a community builder! 


Want to see more women become community leaders like Oliva?

YOU can support your grandmothers by making your donation this Today at 9:00am (EST)

Global Giving will match your gift by 30%!

If we get the most donors, YOUR grandmothers will get $1,000!


Oliva training one of her 4 Granny Groups
Oliva training one of her 4 Granny Groups


May 7, 2014

We are amazed by YOU!

Kutamba Students Eating Lunch
Kutamba Students Eating Lunch

YOU are amazing.

There are 656 children who are in school because of YOU!

They get two hot meals at school because of YOU!

They have clothes on their backs and shoes on their feet because of YOU

And they can see a doctor when they are sick because of YOU!

Someday they will be doctors, pilots, business owners, engineers, and community leaders. They will make the world a better place. It is going to happen because YOU are helping them.

We hope YOU know how much YOUR children love YOU!

Thank YOU!


Let's get more children in school!

The Bonus Day starts TODAY at 9:00am EST (lasts until 11:59pm EST or funds run out).

Your donation will be matched 30%!

Even a small donation helps! The project with the MOST donations gets a $1,000 BonusThat's enough to send four children to school for a whole year! 

Nyaka Students in their Classroom
Nyaka Students in their Classroom


Apr 29, 2014


Nyaka Secondary School with New Roof
Nyaka Secondary School with New Roof

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Do you hear that? It's the beautiful sound of a school bell in the morning.

It represents the start of learning, the priming of a future!

YOU make sure that YOUR students can have quality primary education through the Nyaka and Kutamba primary schools! And YOU have supported the students through their secondary and vocational school education at secondary schools across the region. 

But now those endeavors and dreams don't have to be met by leaving home. In just a few, short months, YOUR Secondary students will be able to attend the NEW Nyaka Secondary and Vocational School that YOU are building!

That means that YOUR students can stay at home with their grandmothers and stay close to the support system that will ensure they stay healthy and learn a lot so they can go to University! 

Listen for the sound of that school-bell, the chatter of students in the halls, the sound of pencils scratching against paper…and smile!

Smile because YOU deserve to. YOU are a hero. YOU’VE done it! YOU have saved their futures.

YOU have made this secondary school possible.

There are dreams and then there are realities. It takes someone really special to make those the same thing. YOU are really special. We couldn’t do this without YOU.

So, thank YOU


Global Giving and Microsoft had a Bonus Day on April 16th.

YOU raised $3,068 for your Nyaka students. 

Didn't get a chance to make a donation during the last Bonus Day? 

No worries! You have another chance to give next Wednesday (May 7th) at 9:00am (EST)!

Your gift will be matched 30%!

Nyaka Students Learning
Nyaka Students Learning


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