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Mar 11, 2011

Edna's School Report and Work Experience

Edna's work experience comments:

  My work experience week was very tiresome but also very exciting at the same time. I worked at the Ministry of Finance in the office of the Treasury department with the budge ant financial accountability adviser, who is also my mentor, Mrs Kay Blackburn.

   The people I worked with during my week at the Ministry of Finance dealt much with economics and I learnt how the national planning is done and present in our country, Zambia. I am happy to say that I learnt a lot from my mentor who is my employer at the Ministry of Finance. I was taught how to use many things. Things like photocopiers, printers and computers and every day I used these equipments when doing my work experience. I was also given breaks to do whatever I wanted to do on the computers and it was this time that I took advantage of the computer and researched on my History topics from school. I also made a yahoo account so that I can get in touch with my friends and my sponsors. I was happy to receive an email from Miss Elisabeth Denniston.

   I really learnt a lot from my work experience week and I thank the people I worked with for their kindness, hospitality and support that they showed me at the Ministry of Finance. I would like to go back and do the real principles of accounts at the Ministry if I will be given another educating opportunity like this. I would also like to see and work with Miss Chilufya, my employers assistant who was always with me and I was very free to ask Chilufya where I was not clear during my work experience week.

   I met people who inspired me with the way they did their work and some of them talked to me about their lives and what brought them to the Ministry of Finance. Talking to people who are not my age made me feel matured and encouraged me to do what others did at the Ministry in terms of working and courtesy.

   I really learnt a lot and thank you Kucetekela Foundation for grating me this memorable opportunity to take part in the working environment and experience different things before I complete my secondary school.

 Thank you very much Kucetekela Foundation.

Dec 22, 2010

Edna Lungu's December 2010 Profile

Student Profile


Name:                     Edna Lungu 

Gender:                   Female 

Date of birth:            23rd February 1994

Place of birth:           Lusaka


Mother’s name:         Charity M. Lungu

Profession:                 Housewife

Father’s name:          Salim Lungu

Profession:                 Unemployed


Primary School:         Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe 

Secondary School:    Leopards Hill Secondary School

 2011 Level:                Grade 11

  Family background:

 Edna comes from a household with both parents. She is the oldest of the four children.  Her younger siblings are Salim who is 14, Trever, 10, Christian, 4, and Irene, an infant.  The father was a spray painter at Southern Cross Motors, but he has since been laid off. The family has since moved in with Edna’s grandparents while Mr. Lungu looks for work. Despite these difficulties, the scholarship has helped the parents afford to send their other children to school.  Through Edna’s example, her brothers and sisters are working hard to succeed. 

 Edna’s mother remarked that Edna’s manners and confidence have markedly improved during her two years at Leopards Hill.  During the holidays, she helps out around the house, cooking n’shima and relishes for her entire family


Edna’s educational background:


Primary – Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe Basic School

 Edna was such a dedicated and disciplined student in primary school compared to most of her fellow students.  She travelled 45 minutes each day to attend school, and, even so, would usually remain behind after classes to study. It is not surprising therefore that Edna has an unbeatable academic track record at her primary school.


At Leopards Hill Secondary School

Grade 8

Edna got off to a great start in grade 8, earning 7 distinctions in her last examinations and also placing first in the overall academic class standing.

Grade 9

Edna continued to excel during grade 9, beginning to take advantage of the far more rigorous work load at Leopards Hill.

Grade 9 Academic Achievements:

  • First position in French, History, Religious Education, Science, Office Practice in Term 3
  • Second Position in English, Geography, Mathematics in Term 3

 Grade 10

 Edna has continued to make her family and KF proud. She finished the year in second position, just behind Bwalya, another KF student (she earned an impressive 3 As).. Though Additional Maths has been a challenge for her, she plans working extra hard to improve her marks in that subject. She continues to be an active presence at her school, motivating others to work hard and to get involved. At the annual prize-giving day at the end of the year, Edna received awards for best student in history and religious education. Edna was recently selected as a prefect at LHS for next year as well as a dorm captain, an enormous honor for students at the school. She is hoping to continue her academic excellence during grade 11.

Edna’s interests:

Extracurricular Activities

Edna is a very active girl, taking the opportunity to be involved in as many programs as possible to gain exposure and experience. She is currently involved in an Anti-Aids club, the JETS club, and drama.   She also features on the school’s football, netball and basketball teams. Netball is her favorite sport, and she was very proud of scoring 18 goals in a recent match against Lusaka East School.  Edna also competes in track-and-field. Edna pointed to the Model United Nations event at LHS as another highlight from the year.

During the August work experience week, Edna worked with her mentor, Kay, at the ministry of finance where she learned about the budget and accounting process as well as how to produce organized excel spreadsheets. Her boss described her as a bright girl, a quick learner.

Community Service

Off the field, Edna also participates in community service, tutoring neighboring children during her school breaks.

Career interests:

Edna would like to be an accountant because of her love of Mathematics: “I would love to continue with it and also have a job that has to do with maths.”

Edna’s role model:

Edna’s role model is her grandfather because she admires his accomplishments and perseverance.  When both his parents passed away when he was in secondary school, he was forced to stop school and begin working in construction, making cement blocks.  He worked for six months and then was able to raise enough funds to return a finish school.  He then found sponsorship to attend college, attaining a degree in accounts.  Her grandfather faced even more tragedy in his adult life—losing four of his children to illness.  Nevertheless, he persevered and provided for his wife and five other children. 

What others think of Edna:

Edna is a very quiet, but brilliant, young girl. She is very serious about her work and all her teachers say that studies are clearly her first priority. Edna is consistently first or second in her class.

Edna’s thoughts:

“First and foremost, I would like to thank KF for the help my parents and I are getting. Thank you for everything you have done and are still doing for me. As a member of KF I have learnt a lot of things. It’s not only in my academic learning but also in life. “

Sep 23, 2010

Edna Lungu's letter to her sponsors

C/O Kucetekela Foundation, P/Bag E891, Manda Hill Centre, Lusaka, Zambia

15th August 2010

Dear Sponsors,

Greetings to all of you. I am writing this letter to share my experience as a Kucetekela Foundation student and my performance at school. Saying thank you to Kucetekela Foundation for everything it has done in my life and for my family will always be my first priority.

Kucetekela Foundation has brought joy to the lives of many families and individuals in Lusaka. For being one of these families and individuals I will forever remain grateful and thankful to Kucetekela Foundation because my life has greatly and positively changed. Before I became part of this foundation, I had talents and gifts which I was sitting on and had no idea of how to develop them. After joining the K.F. family, I had opportunities that I took advantage of and began developing my talents and using my God given gifts. This organization has taught me a lot of things. Giving what you have to those lacking, with a pure heart and good intentions is one of the things that I have learned to do. K.F. gives me what I need and in turn, I give others what I can, for example, I give out help in my community in terms of teaching young children, some of them go to school and others do not. Even though I teach children, I cannot call it my community service programme because it is not taken seriously by the parents of the children. I often help in many things in my community. For instance, at church we do a lot of activities to help the sick and the disabled people in our community. When I am not at school, we usually have trips to hospitals and orphanages to visit the people who are there in different states. Involving myself in all these activities has made me realize what I can do for others in life. As people always say “you can’t change the whole world but can change one’s world”. It is very important in life to help people even if you have no money to give them but offer them anything that they can use to change their lives to something better. Coming to the part of class performance, I have continued working hard and hope to work harder in future. Being a student who knows what I want to do and where I want to be ten years from now, I always take off the banner for being poor and raise the banner for hard work and being focused. I do not let the fact that I came from a poor family hinder my happiness and my opportunities in life but I also remember where I am coming from.

I must say that I am happy with my performance in class and in sporting activities. I have books from the foundation and good teachers who help me in every subject and aspect of school life.

Through the foundation I am able to attend motivational conferences and talks from highly respected people in society. People who have made it in fife through struggles have talked to me about how circumstances change in life and about how to succeed using your God given talents and gifts.

I would like to let you know that I am the editor for the Kucetekela Foundation Mentors Newsletter and also the dormitory captain at my school. Many people have told me that I have great leadership qualities and can make a good leader. I usually ask people why they say this and the answers I get are that they can see a future leader from the way I carry myself, from the way I speak and from the way I do things with confidence. I feel very proud of myself when I hear this because it makes me feel good about myself as a person from a poor family.

I would like to return to my Kucetekela Foundation ever after I complete my secondary school. By being a mentor I would be paying back to the Foundation although not fully paying back because what K.F. has done for me cannot be described using words and there are no words that can express how much I thank the Foundation for everything single thing it has done for my family and me. Thank you very much Kucetekela Foundation!

Yours faithfully,

Edna A. Lungu

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