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The mission of Women's Global Empowerment Fund is to reach poor and underserved women in northern Uganda thru microfinance loans and educational programs, creating opportunities while strengthening families and communities. Our strategy is to provide women with the framesork necessary to create viable opportunities for themselves and their families. Our goal is poverty reduction, human security enhancement & women's empowerment.
Jan 23, 2014

Addressing Inequality in 2014 and beyond...

women leading in their communities 2013
women leading in their communities 2013

Happy 2014! In our effort to provide relevent and meaningful programs, and understanding that poverty is a result of inequality in many spheres, we are focused on hosting our Access to Justice for Women training in May. Our goal is include 100 women in the week long initiative. The training inlcudes: 

Access to Justice Framework:

Activism: workshops, community events, outreach, awareness and ACTION! 

Introduction to Initiative:

To address violence against women, gender bias, inequality and gaps in the justice chain for women, this initiative strives to provide the critical information and resources, enabling women to know their legal and human rights within the justice system. 

Making the justice chain work for women is critical for their access to justice, but huge obstacles exist at every level. Governments have a responsibility to ensure legislation is not only passed but enacted guaranteeing women's rights, ensuring a justice chain that is gender responsive.

Justice is the foundation ensuring women become equal participants in decision making, development and their own futures. Without access to justice, women are disenfranchised and disempowered, experiencing violence, abuse and inequality. This initiative demands that women are viewed not as victims but as agents of change for social and economic justice.

 *Provide relevant information, solutions, and community collaborations

Goals of Initiative:

-Define and address discrimination

-Create an action plan; using grassroots organizing strategies, exploring informal mechanisms (hotline, peace huts)

-Ensure government is held accountable for enforcement/ impact of laws- oversight mechanisms

Initiatives such as this addresses systemic failures and provides ongoing mechanisms in addressing inequalities, challenges and obstacle for women and families in vulnerable communities. It also provides women with leadership opportunities, and empowerment opportunities. 

This training includes the vehicle for an ongoing hotline and community activism; also, women will go back to their villages and provide training and information to women who did not attend. The spirals of this initiative will provide ongoing opportunities, enabling thousands of women a brighter and more secure future. 

We need and appreciate your ongoing commitment and support! Thank you. 



Dec 26, 2013

Credit Plus end of year report: creating opportunities in 2013!

Growing mushrooms outside of Gulu
Growing mushrooms outside of Gulu

WGEF's Credit Plus program in Gulu, northern Uganda is successfully creating economic activity and social capital opportunities for women and families! This year we have given hundreds of traditional and agriculture loans providing women a way to rebuild and recover their lives. Our program is unique among interventions; we offer our clients literacy, leadership development, and health initiatives, at no cost enabling them to fully participate in their communities, building self esteem and confidence. Below are client quotes from our 2013 survey: 


While in the program life was much easier because my children had enough food, my capital was bigger and I did not have to ask other relatives to support me


WGEF's loan is much more better compare to others; WGEF also does not give loan but important educational programs and through these, her life has changed.


I have learned how to do business (keeping records) how to stay with people, save money and I was able to build some courage to making good decision in my family.


The loan and the training I got from the office has really helped me to increase in my business and able to decide for myself when problems arise.


Other than improving my economic status, through the literacy program I learnt how to read and write, the event also made me discover my talents in drama and the other performances which made me very happy and in the end my health was also improved.

Our program is critical in this post conflict region and even more so now, due to the crisis in S. Sudan; northern Uganda is receiving many refugees, creating more need and pressure on services. Increasing economic activity and our loan portfolio is more important than ever, and we appreciate your support and encouragement! 

Our average loan size is $55; we continue to have a 100% repayment rate, and our farmers a doing outstanding work at increasing food security at the household and community level. We hope you are inspired by our clients and what is possible....

Peace and love in the New Year! 


a baker shows us her oven...
a baker shows us her oven...
Mango grove, bananas, papayas too!
Mango grove, bananas, papayas too!
farming, literacy and trainings!
farming, literacy and trainings!
Dec 20, 2013

end of year report....

literacy 2013
literacy 2013

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."  Nelson Mandela

The first time I sat in on our literacy program in 2008, the women were singing and chanting Mandela's name. At that time I was still learning about Africa, it's history and political landscape, the culture; what I quickly learned was that Nelson Mandela was an important figure for all of Africa. His courage and commitment to his fellow Africans serves as an inspiration and continued light as to what is possible. 

The answers for Africa, and northern Uganda, will come from Africans, engaged and informed citizens. A critical component to the future of the people of northern Uganda is education and community participation. When people have a stake, a voice in their communities, futures, amazing things happen. 

While in Uganda in October, I witnessed the desire of women to learn. I sat in on one of our satelite programs in a burned out structure sitting on the floor, with 20 or so women armed with pencils and paper, ready to learn, committed to creating a brighter future. It was inspiring and re-invigorated my commitment to our literacy program. 

To ensure we are providing relevant and meaningful opportunities, WGEF will continue our literacy program, committed to ensuring women have an opportunity to learn and develop. This year we served over 140 women with two levels of literacy training for 8 months. We are hoping to include even more participants in 2014, but that is only possible with the ongoing commitment of the Global Giving community. 

Thank you for your ongoing support and commitment to women's empowerment. 



the loan and literacy group
the loan and literacy group
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