Sahyog Sansthan

Operating with the belief that social and economic transformation among the poor is possible only with their own initiative and leadership, Sahayog Sansthan supports a number of community-based educational and developmental activities designed to enhance the vision and capacity of the rural poor and the deprived sections of society.
Oct 26, 2011

Self-Help Groups Lay the Foundation for Breaking the Cycle of Poverty in Udaipur, India

We regret to announce that we will no longer be accepting donations for this project.  We very much appreciate the support you have provided for this project in its efforts providing educational advancement among the poor, particularly women.

Thank you for believing in their work that is so crucial to promoting education and the development of micro-enterprises for enhancement of economic empowerment for indigenous women of India.

As a supporter of this project, you have helped to improve the livelihoods of rural women in the Udaipur and Chittorgarh districts of Rajastan, India. Sahyog’s work continues to be carried forward by women leaders of the established Self-Help Groups (SHGs) who are creating opportunities for others through social mobilization to break the cycle of poverty/

Your support has gone a long way to make this possible!  Again, we thank you for standing united with indigenous women in India, helping to create a life absent of poverty!

Continue to show your dedicaton to breaking the cycle of poverty by supporting a similar project by clicking on the link below:

May 31, 2011

New Self-Help Groups, Renovations of Wells, Pastureland Development and Organic Farming!

Thanks to the support of you and other donors who understand the importance of environmental conversation, Sahyog Sansthan has continued to implement adaptive strategies and on-going activities that have helped build and enhance communities’ capacity to strengthen sustainable farming practices, improving their food and economic security.

As a result, there have been significant benefits to poor farmers and communities, particularly among women.  Benefits demonstrated are:

  • Formation of new self-help groups (SHGs): Thirteen new self-help groups were formed (1 male and 12 female). The total number of SHG’s supported by Sahyog has increased from 102 to 119. 
  • Renovation of old wells: As proposed, the renovation of three wells is in progress; one each in Sakalda, Lifafa and Bharev village.
  • Pastureland development: The proposed development of four private pasture lands has already been completed. The private pastures of 8 hectare in Bharave, 14 hectare in Khodipeepli and 16 hectare in Chanda Ji Ka Guda village are yielding fodder and fuel wood and are shared by all stakeholders.
  • Promotion of organic farming: A series of meetings and training was organized with the Agriculture Department, which has enabled 189 participating families to mobilize financial resources through Crop Demonstration training (the demonstrations of improved seed practice have been adapted and financially supported by the Agricultural Extension office in Rajasthan).

Sustainable development is vital to the health of communities and especially important to rural communities in Rajasthan. Your contributions will help those communities improve their ability to reach their full potential and support their sustainable development goals.

May 30, 2011

With Donors' Help, Sahyog Sees Results in its Mission for Economic Empowerment

Sahyog helps build sustainable livelihoods through natural resource development and management.  By teaching self-help groups how to conserve soil water, develop pastureland, and implement organic farming methods, they can enhance their economic empowerment.

Thanks in large part to your support, self-help groups are implementing the knowledge gained through Sahyog’s training programs and report the following successes:

  • Developing 30 hectares of private arable land for soil water conservation
  • A 20-30% increase in crop yields by improving their seed practice
  • Earned income through dairy and livestock activities

These income generation activities have enabled the villagers to increase production and earn more income during a drought year.

By donating to Sahyog you are ensuring more families can benefit from this program.

Thank you for your support.