International Disaster Volunteers (IDV)

At IDV we believe that to provide meaningful relief and reconstruction assistance to disaster affected communities around the world we have to do more than reconstruct buildings. We need to understand and address the factors that made a community vulnerable to the disaster in the first place. Our work will be organised with these factors in mind so we can effect change that far outlives our presence.
Dec 20, 2013

Give a child like Zach a Merry Christmas

This Christmas, give Zach the gift of education
This Christmas, give Zach the gift of education

It’s now a good few months into the school year, and we’re delighted to report that the kids in our programme are thriving.

Many of the children you support are the first in their families to receive a full primary and secondary school education. Their position as the only educated member of the family is a source of pride for their parents, but it also introduces unique challenges.

Last year, Zach needed extra help after school to pass his exams. When we asked why, his teacher said simply ‘His parents can’t read, so they can’t help him at home. We need to help him here, or he won’t succeed.”

If it hadn’t been for you, Zach wouldn’t have gotten that extra help. Discouraged and on his own, he would have been at high risk of not completing school. But, luckily for Zach, your generosity funded after-school help to support him and he passed his end of year exams with flying colours!

This year, we’ve welcomed several new children who are in the same position as Zach was last year. We’ll need your support to ensure that they get the same support Zach had.

This Christmas, you can give our new students the gift of education by setting up a recurring donation. When you create your recurring donation between today and New Year’s Eve, GlobalGiving will match your donation!

Your monthly gift of just $16 a month will fund three full months of education and extra help for a student like Zach.

Set up your recurring donation here 

Not ready to commit to a monthly donation? No problem. Your one-off donation, whatever its size, will be gratefully received.

Thanks so very much - and, if you’re celebrating this year, we wish you a very Merry Christmas! 

Dec 20, 2013

You can give the gift of safety this Christmas

You can keep them safe in 2014
You can keep them safe in 2014

Ryan and David are brothers. They live in a shack by the rivers and when floods come they need to evacuate. But their nearest evacuation centre is miles from their home. That means that in the past they’ve had to walk for over an hour in the pouring rain to reach safety.

Their parents would love to live somewhere safer, but they can’t afford to move. So they cling on living by the river.

It often seems like Ryan and David have only the slimmest of chances at a secure home and prosperous future – but the evacuation centre is changing all that.

The Banaba Livelihoods and Evacuation centre acts as an evacuation centre during floods, and runs poverty reduction projects year-round. Those projects will give Ryan and David’s parents the chance they need to learn new skills, find work, and support the family. And, of course, the centre’s concrete walls give them safety when Mother Nature turns nasty.

Ryan and David’s lives are already better because you’ve chosen to give, but we still have a way to go. At the moment, the centre lacks the equipment it needs to teach urban gardening, sewing, and other income generation skills on a large scale, and we still can’t stockpile all the supplies we need to keep the boys, and hundreds like them, safe during floods.

This Christmas, you can give Ryan and David a brighter future by setting up a recurring donation to help us fund poverty reduction programmes and stockpile essential supplies for when floods come.

When you set up a monthly recurring donation between today and the New Year GlobalGiving will match your gift, and we’ll be able to help families like David and Ryan’s. Your recurring donation will make all the difference.

Set up your monthly donation here 

Not ready to commit to a monthly donation? No problem. Whatever its size, your one-off gift will help vulnerable families thrive.

Thanks so very much - and, if you’re celebrating this year, we wish you a very Merry Christmas! 

Dec 20, 2013

You can give hope to a survivor this Christmas

Thanks for giving survivors hope!
Thanks for giving survivors hope!

The last update we sent you was on Thanksgiving, and we’ve been very busy bees since then! Here is some of the work your generosity has made possible since our last update:

  • We worked with Filipino NGOs, the military, and volunteer doctors to organize a clinic for more than 400 people who had not seen a doctor since Haiyan struck
  • Aid distribution to local clinics has been uneven, so we’ve facilitated ‘swaps’ of medical supplies between clinics to fill gaps in one clinic with surplus from another
  • We rebuilt the roof on local community centre which also acts as the headquarters for a Filipino NGO called ‘Volunteer for the Visayans’. That roof is now allowing this group of local leaders to meet their community’s needs.
  • We safely removed the mangled steel roof of a local centre for rehabilitating youths who have been in trouble with the law. The roof removal has made the centre safe, and the centre can now re-open.
  • We’ve begun work to re-open the Aaram Learning Studio – a school for children with developmental disabilities.

All the above has changed lives, but it’s one of our smaller projects that has had the biggest impact on our team on the ground.

Virginia is a midwife who works in the town of Santa Fe just outside Tacloban. You might have seen Virginia being interviewed by the international media.  Despite this attention, prior to our team's arrival she hadn’t received any international relief.  Her clinic had a gaping hole in its roof and her home had been completely destroyed. In spite of the damage to her clinic, Virginia has still delivered over thirty babies since typhoon Haiyan struck. 

Despite everything she’s been through, when our team reached her clinic her requests were simple – she wanted tarpaulin to cover the holes in her roof, so that she could deliver babies without the rain coming in, and some wellington boots to keep her feet dry. On November 28th -  Thanksgiving Day - our team provided those items.

While boots and tarpaulin may not sound like much, they’re the first international help that Virginia has received.  These small gifts are now allowing her to deliver babies without being rained on, and they’ve made a huge difference to her state of mind – now she knows the world hasn't forgotten her. That someone cared enough to help keep the rain out gives Virginia the strength to carry on.

Our help gave Virginia hope – and this Christmas we’re asking you to set up a monthly donation so that we can give hundreds of other survivors that same gift.

If you set up your monthly gift between now and the New Year, Globalgiving will even match your donation – allowing us to help even more survivors like Virginia.

Set up your monthly donation here 

Not ready to commit to a recurring donation? No problem. Your one-off gift, whatever its size, will change survivors like Virginia’s life.

Thanks so very much - and, if you’re celebrating this year, we wish you a very Merry Christmas! 

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