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Wildlife Alliance is the leader in direct protection to forests and wildlife in the Southeast Asian tropical belt. Our mission is to combat deforestation, extinction, climate change, and poverty by partnering with local communities and governments.
Feb 28, 2013

The Community Fund

The Community Agricultural Development Program (CADP) was created in response to an urgent need to stop deforestation caused by unsustainable slash-and-burn cultivation, a direct result of the extreme poverty of farmers living isolated in the heart of the Southern Cardamom Mountain Range. Since 2004, Wildlife Alliance has offered alternative, sustainable livelihoods to the families of Sovanna Baitong, providing agricultural expertise and lifting families out of a cycle of poverty and destruction. An important part of CADP is building local institutional capacity. One aspect of this is the Community Fund, a revolving micro-credit fund which includes compulsory and voluntary savings for families participating in the program at Sovanna Baitong.

The voluntary savings component has already generated $2,310 in deposits. Members of the group have access to this fund for emergencies such as medical, school or ceremonial expenses. These funds can also be loaned out to community members to purchase equipment or start new businesses. The group members collectively decide on loan applications and how to distribute these funds.

The compulsory savings component of the fund has reached $5,626. This form of savings has remained intact in the Community Association’s bank account since 2004, and will be used by the Association for future operation costs and continued development of infrastructure. The association chief, credit chief, and association accountant are responsible for the disbursement of this component. 

The Community Fund has been a successful endeavor, as loans that were dispersed to community members for generating new income have all been paid back on time and in full, and have resulted in higher household incomes. The Community Fund remains an important aspect of CADP, as it not only gives community members access to loans for emergencies and business development, but also provides a sense of security and pride to the community as a whole. This is an integral part to our model for sustainable conservation as it protects the community from having to return to previous slash and burn practices of farming.

Feb 27, 2013

Community Night Shows with the Kouprey Express

Community Night Show
Community Night Show

At the request of Cambodia’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) Secretary of State, the Kouprey Express (KE) team and the Wildlife Rapid Rescue Team (WRRT) were invited to conduct a Community Night Show in the community of Ma-rom in Kampot province. Approximately 250 people from the villages of Preah Angkar, Ma-rom, Phnum Chmar and Derm Doung attended the event. The Community Night Shows are outreach events that raise awareness about wildlife protection to the general public. Interactive games, videos, puppet shows, and music are used to illustrate important environmental principles. At the end of the show, a Q&A was held to test their understanding of wildlife protection. T-shirts and first aid kits were awarded to participants who could correctly answer these questions. They are well received by the communities hosting them, and many travel miles from neighboring villages to attend. The event also provided an important opportunity to promote the wildlife rescue hotline and to help community members understand that the WRRT is there to help them. Events like this are an important way for the Kouprey Express team and the WRRT to increase outreach, and reach other areas and audiences. Help the Kouprey Express team as they expand their work countrywide, by visiting our donation page and choosing Kouprey Express from the dropdown menu.

Jan 10, 2013

Baby Pileated Gibbon Born at PTWRC

Baby Pileated Gibbon and Mom
Baby Pileated Gibbon and Mom

This month we welcomed a new baby Pileated gibbon to the Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center (PTWRC). He joins several other babies born as part of the gibbon rehabilitation program, which works to rebuild the gibbon population in the wild. Known for the impressive tree swinging and complex vocalizations, gibbons are spectacular primates to observe in the wild. However, due to extensive hunting and habitat loss these magnificent creatures have been listed as Endangered by the IUCN.

Owing to their high demand in the wildlife trade, the Wildlife Rapid Rescue Team (WRRT) often rescues gibbons from wildlife poachers that sell them as pets or tourist attractions in bars and hotels. We also receive many donations of gibbons that have been torn away from their mothers as infants and are kept as pets until owners realize they cannot control these wild animals. In attempts to change the animal’s natural behavior, these gibbons are often mistreated and confined to small areas. Caretakers at the PTWRC work hard to rehabilitate the animals, and house them in spacious enclosures to facilitate natural behavior.  These large, natural enclosures enable the process of de-humanization in order to make them suitable for reintroduction into the wild. This program has been largely successful in rehabilitating the gibbons, unfortunately finding suitable habitats for their release has proved to be more challenging. Gibbons by nature are highly territorial, with a home range of about 75 acres. They mate for life and live in small families composed of only the mated pair and a few of their offspring. Due to the widespread habitat destruction and competing gibbon families in available protected land, finding suitable release location has been difficult.  

Through outreach and education Wildlife Alliance is working to raise awareness about the dangers of keeping primates as pets and continued habitat destruction. Help us continue to rescue and care for these graceful primates, as well as provide them with the adequate space and rehabilitation they require. 

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