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DCBF is a US 501 c3 nonprofit charitable supporting organization and a Brazilian NGO dedicated to aiding street children and impoverished youth in Brazil. We work in partnership with local organizations and NGO's to provide: education, moral and social development, humanitarian relief, and the offering of opportunities where there were none before.
Feb 21, 2012

Happy New Year to You!

“Happy 2012 to you all! 2011 was an awesome year and this year is going to be another great year for Music for Canoa.  We began a partnership with the local middle school and Maestro Arthur comes to the classroom once a week and gives music theory lessons and teaches the flute and other instruments to a group of 12 enthusiastic 9 to 12-year-old students who are very eager to learn. We are very excited about this new partnership since the kids will go on to be part of the main group of talented musicians. One of the newest students, Joao Gabriel, 12 yo, is very excited about being part of this program:


“I really like the music lessons I am receiving at school and I hope that all my friends can become part of this program too. I have invited them to come to the classes so that they can learn something new every time like me. I am very excited about learning music because it has also helped me to learn quicker in school. Since Maestro Arthur is always teaching something new every week, the classes are interesting and creative, it keeps me interested and wanting to learn more. Music for Canoa is a very important part of my school and I feel very lucky to have these classes.” Joao Gabriel, 12 yo.


Ten active experienced members continue to attend classes twice a week, on Fridays and Saturdays for 2 hours each day and perform every holiday and community events. One of our most dedicated musician, Angelina, 16 yo tell us how she feels about the program:


“I truly enjoy being part of Music for Canoa because it has helped me to be more dedicated in school and I am able to be more focused to achieve my goals in school. I have been able to pay more attention in my classes and my family has noticed my progress in school. Since becoming part of this program, I have been more involved in the activities in my community. Now that I can play the clarinet, I can give music back to my community. I am very thankful to have music in my life and I want to continue to play music and inspire others to participate in our program”. Angelina Pereira dos Santos, 16yo.



Our guitar lessons with Maestro Valdir have eight active members at this moment and with your continued support we will be able to get more guitars to expand the number of students. We have a total of five guitars and some of the students need to share. In order to enroll more students in our guitar lessons we need more guitars.


Once again we want to thank you for your support. Your generous contribution has helped keep our project alive. Your donation helps to pay the salaries of our music teachers, maintain our instruments and purchase supplies and new instruments. We are in need of percussion instruments to expand our percussion lessons as well as more guitars and wind instruments. If you have any suggestions or feedback about our program, please feel free to send us. You have made it possible for us to continue our work and for that we want to thank you!


P.S. Find us on Facebook and be connected!




Nina McKleroy, Project Leader.


Nov 9, 2011


Youth Playing
Youth Playing

Music for Canoa continues going strong and we have new members starting every month. Curently we have 14 active members on the Orchestra with Maestro Arhur. The classes are held twice a week, on Fridays and Saturdays for 2 hours each day. There are10 active members on the guitar lessons with Maestro Valdir. Maestro Arthur also has a class of 18 children, ages 7-10, who are learning how to play the flute; they will be the future musicians of our Orchestra.

One of our young musicians who have been in the program since 2007 tell us about the importance of Music for Canoa project on her professional and personal growth.

"Since I started being part of this project, I have had many opportunities to meet new people; I have been in contact with so many different kinds of people. Music for Canoa serves as a learning experience for me. It nurtures my dream of becoming a great musician and play in many great venues around the world. I will never give up my dream of succeeding as a musician. I am happy to have continued in this project since 2007 and I continue to learn new things every day. " Patricia Marques, 20yo.

In behalf of our crew and the youth we serve, I want to thank you for your generous contributions and your commitment to make the lives of youth better and more meaningful. Your donation keeps this program alive and we hope that you continue to support our program and follow us on our journey to make music a powerful tool that can fight many injustices and can also help youth overcome obstacles that they might encounter in their lives.


Thank you!


Aug 1, 2011

Music For Canoa Update

Hello Music for Canoa Supporters!

Music For Canoa Project continues to serve the youth in Canoa Quebrada, Brazil  thanks to your support. We continue to offer guitar lessons, an orchestra composed of 15 musicians and a chorus. This last month, we have received some instruments donated from Germany, which will help expand the orchestra. We currently need help with maintenance of instruments as well as help paying the maestro's salary.  Our new maestro, Arthur, has been a great addition to our program. Arthur is dedicated to the youth he teaches and we are very lucky to have him in our team. We hope you can continue support us so that Music for Canoa continues to change these children's lives.

" I hope I can always continue to play my instrument. I hope our orchestra continues to grow and that we can have more people helping us. I now play the clarinet and will also learn the flute. My best performance was playing during my town's St. Peters Festival in June. It was a great experience and I was so happy to play for my community.  Everyone kept praising us. The maestro, Arthur, has helped me grow as a musician and he is dedicated to my progress as his students. I am very lucky to have him as my teacher". Isabel Rocha, 11 years old.

If you want to know more about our program in Brazil please visit: http://criancasdeluz.org/ or you can also become a fan on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/pages/Music-for-Canoa-Project/109991617778

Here are some photos of the different classes being offered by Music For Canoa for you to check out.

Again, thank you for all your support in keeping this program going and making a difference in the lives of these young musicians.


Andrew McKleroy

Music for Canoa President.

Isabel playing Clarinet
Isabel playing Clarinet