Kids for Kids

KIDS FOR KIDS aims to help children living in remote villages in Darfur, Sudan who live lives of inexcusable hardship and to give them the chance of a better life. We seek to enable families to stay in their villages in the midst of the conflict by helping to improve their lives and livelihoods and lifting them out of poverty. Our long-term aim is to give Darfur a chance by sustaining villages as vibrant institutions - without this people living in the camps will have nothing to return to once peace is restored.
Jul 29, 2013

Prices soar in Darfur, fears mount for children

Twelve years on from starting the charity I have never been more worried about the children in Darfur than now. Despite the generosity of our supporters the news is worse now than when we first reported that children were dying in the villages of Darfur from starvation.  The price of goats has shot up to £60 ($92).   When we first posted this project in April we were paying only £28 ($ 43) for a goat.   Goats should be at their lowest price now because
as people sell them to feed their children. There is nothing growing to eat until the next harvest which is
still several months away.  That the prices are at their highest so far is shocking and means there will be worse news to come.

In the wake of the creation of South Sudan, the absence of aid workers from the large agencies in Darfur, and disasters elsewhere in the world, Darfur has been left as a forgotten region.  Violence has been worsening by the month, with hundreds of thousands of people fleeing their villages since January.  Our remit has always been to help families to stay in their homes and to give them a chance of a better future.  Mothers are once again facing the prospect of not being able to feed their children so our help becomes more vital than ever as more and more families run out of seed.    We are calling for seed for people to plant so they have food for next year, and goats so the children have urgently needed milk - and if the crop is not successful enough to provide food for the year,  the small livelihood goats milk, yoghourt and cheese will provide, will save the children from starvation. 

Thankfully there is positive news as well.  In some areas the rain has started to fall again and it is time for planting, for those who have seed.  Thank you to all of you who have already donated for seed, and for goats, but we
need more.   We will be delivering seed to Hilat Ibrahim and Um Ga’al next week, but four more villages are waiting for our help. Without seed they will have no food for next year.  Without goats their children will have no protein.  Your help has never meant more.”

Jun 10, 2013

Transforming children's lives for good

A delivery of new nets to our office in El Fasher
A delivery of new nets to our office in El Fasher

When the rains come so do hordes of mosquitoes.   Last year they brought not just malaria, but yellow fever.   Yellow fever is incurable.  It was the worst outbreak in Africa for decades.  One in four people die yet
not one person in our 62 Kids for Kids' villages caught it!    Kids for Kids is the only organisation that has been providing mosquito nets and blankets to the poorest families in remote villages.  They are vital for children's health.  We provide two mosquito nets to each family, but up to four children can sleep under each.   Most
children sleep directly on the sand in the small round huts.   The walls of the huts are made from straw so no barrier to insects.  Sandflies carry diarrhoea and sickness so our nets have a specially small mesh to keep
out sandflies too. 

When children are malnourished they succumb to chest infections very easily, and there is no health care in villages.   We need help to provide two blankets for each family.   This is urgent as during the winter
months nights in the desert can be bitterly cold.   Please help us to provide more nets and blankets for these children before it is too late. 

We need 524 mosquito nets and the same number of blankets right now for children in Byna, Hilat Hamid and Korno.  These are the villages we have adopted this year.

This summer 3.5 million people are at risk from starvation, yet in our villages there is no malnutrition.    We have incontestable proof that this project, alongside our complete package of help (such as water pumps, goat loans,
donkeys, first aid and midwifes) in our villages has all but eradicated malnutrition.  In Azargarfa, a village adopted by the charity in 2004, infant mortality has reduced dramatically from 500 deaths to 2 last year.  This is a stunning statistic and shows that our simple help at grassroots’ level is changing lives in the villages but also indicates that there is still so much to do. 

We must help more villages. If you can help us to tell people about the work of Kids for Kids in Darfur, you will be making a real lasting difference to the health of children no one else is helping.   With your help we have transformed many lives but there are still thousands in desperate need. 

A blanket delivery arrives in Darfur
A blanket delivery arrives in Darfur
Jun 4, 2013

Saving women from dying in child birth in Darfur

The women who graduated as village midwives three months ago are now settling into their new role in their villages. They have now purchased their cross bred donkeys giving them the necessary mobility to be able to reach any women with problems during child birth very quickly. This is of immense importance in contributing to saving lives.  The women in the six new villages having the services of a trained village midwife for the first time are particularly happy knowing that they now have expert advice on hand in the village if they encounter problems during pregnancy and childbirth. For the first time they also have the benefit of regular ante-natal checks which enable potential difficulties to be detected early. These services are so vital and appreciated by the women as maternal mortality in the villages in Darfur is very high and our village midwives save many lives. Your support makes all this possible and the peace of mind which you give to the women in Darfur is a precious and priceless gift.

Overall, the value of the trained midwives has become apparent in recent months. Malnutrition is currently rife in the villages in Darfur as soaring inflation has meant that families cannot affort to feed their children. However, there is no malnutrition in Kids for Kids villages and the midwives have played a major part in this providing sound advice to mothers on how to feed their children in the difficult circumstances. The loan of 6 goats by Kids for Kids to the porest families has also played has been another factor pro viding nutrient rich milk to the poorest families.

We are currently in discussion with the Ministry of Health about the next training course for village midwives which we hope to start during the next few months but the process is stalled at present as we area awaiting reports from the Ministry of Health on the activities and performance of the village midwives which form a part of our contract with the Ministry of Health.  We are also awaiting a decision on our offer to at least part share the cost of the construction of a second MIdwifery Training School in the north of Darfur.   

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