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KIDS FOR KIDS aims to help children living in remote villages in Darfur, Sudan who live lives of inexcusable hardship and to give them the chance of a better life. We seek to enable families to stay in their villages in the midst of the conflict by helping to improve their lives and livelihoods and lifting them out of poverty. Our long-term aim is to give Darfur a chance by sustaining villages as vibrant institutions - without this people living in the camps will have nothing to return to once peace is restored.
Nov 22, 2013

Village midwives help combat malnutrition

Our village midwives continue to very effectively carry out their primary role of helping women to safely deliver their babies. We receive monthly reports from the villages and these show us just how active the midwives are in providing sevices to the women in their communities. To give a couple of examples, in Siwailinga village Midwife Um Hany Hassan conducted 20 ante-natal and post-natal visits, assisted in 5 successful deliveries and transferred 2 mothers to El-Fasher hospital during the month whilst in Elfakir Ali village Midwife Zakiya Mohammed Sabil conducted 22 ante-natal and postnatal visits, assisted in 9 successful deliveries and referred 3 mothers to El-Fasher hospital.  These midwives are clearly much in demand and their services are highly appreciated by the mothers.

But conditions in Darfur are continuing to worsen as soaring inflation over the past few months makes the struggle for survival even more difficult. Last month the villagers were dealt a further blow as the Government oil subsidy has been cut resulting in higher transport costs and yet higher prices for everything, including the most basic essentials. In many villages in Darfur the effects of hunger and shockingly inadequate diet are evident in increasing numbers of malnourished children. But in the Kids for Kids villages the situation is much better with no evidence of malnutrition amongst the children. The goat loans  have made  a huge difference but the village midwives have also played a vital role providing guidance to mothers in how to feed their children and how to make the best use of the food which is available. They carry out regular meetings with mothers to provide training in nutrition and infant health and welfare.

But the villages which Kids for Kids is currently able to support is only a drop in the ocean. The need is vast and never before has our help been so vital - but we can only do it with your support. Thank you for supporting this project - your generosity has made a difference but please tell people what you know about Darfur and encourage them how to help children who no one else is helping.

Oct 22, 2013

The cost of living continues to soar in Darfur

A women and her starving child in Kindro village
A women and her starving child in Kindro village

Since our last report the situation in Darfur has continued to worsen.  Kids for Kids remains the only organisation specifically helping villagers.  Although large parts of the country are in dire need of humanitarian aid, armed conflict and the lack of infrastructure make it difficult for international organisations to reach the population in need.  (SOS Children's Villages Aug 2013).  Emergency aid for those in the camps is inadequate, but there is no help whatsoever for two thirds of the population in the villages of Darfur struggling to cope with the direct and indirect effects of years of violence, loss of even the most basic health care, and now, soaring inflation.    Many villagers have cut down their food to one, pitifully small, meal a day.    Families can no longer afford protein in any form.   This has dire consequences, especially for children.  

Last month the villagers were dealt another blow.  The Government oil subsidy has just been cut.  This will result in everything that is sent from outside Darfur, costing more to transport, leading to even higher prices for everything, including the most basic essentials.  In Nyala in South Darfur traders in the market ecently reported price rises of 500% (Sudan Tibune, 2013). 

The future for the invisible children of Darfur is bleak.  The UN warned of famine, and we see in the villages of Darfur the affects of hunger and shockingly inadequate diet.   For the past twelve years Kids for Kids has been providing a package of life changing projects, simple grassroots initiatives, such as a microfinance scheme based on the loan of 6 goats to a family, which pass on 6 after 2 years.   Even this Goat Loan on its own transforms lives, but linked to our
provision of handpumps, donkeys, ploughs, blankets, mosquito nets and much more, and the training of village midwives, paravets and first aid workers, our projects are lifting people out of abject poverty and transforming whole

Kids for Kids has shown that our simple help can change lives.  Only last week, a lady called Khajida told our Programme Manager that when she passed on six healthy kids to another family in 2007, she was left with a flock
of 20 goats.  The income that these generated for her enabled her not only to improve the basic conditions of their
lives, but to pay for the schooling of all of her children.  Two have now completed their schooling.  When you think that only 5% of children complete their schooling, you can see how important the goat loan was to her family.

In 2013 Kids for Kids has seen a reduction in the number of donations received  due to world economics yet more people need our help.  Our goats are transforming lives, not only do they give immediate nutrition from their milk but they help families build a viable future too.  The price of one goat now costs £60 ($95).  Never before has our help been so vital.  Thank you for supporting this project - your kindness has made a difference but please tell people what you know about Darfur and encourage them to help too.  Children need our help and people are desparate.



Oct 10, 2013

Blankets and mosquito nets save children's lives

Proud of their blankets
Proud of their blankets

In our last report we shared with you how the provision of mosquito nets to the poorest families supported by Kids for Kids has saved children's lives, both from malaria and from the worst outbreak of yellow fever in Africa for decades. Overall yellow fever kills one in four people but not one person in our 62 Kids for Kids villages caught it. We were concerned to be able to provide mosquito nets to the poorest families in the new villages which Kids for Kids adopted in 2013 and we put out a plea for help to meet our target. We are very pleased to report that 525 mpsquito  nets have been delivered to 262 families - 164 to the 82 poorest households in Byna, and 180 each to the 90 poorest households in Hilat Hamid and Kindo. This has only been possible due to the immense generosity of our supporters. These 262 families have each also received 2 blankets just in time before temperatures drop dramatically during the coming winter months. The blankets will help to prevent the children from succumbing to chest infections. With your help we have been able to transform the lives of these children and we are immensely grateful.

But the need is vast and what Kids for Kids is able to do is only a drop in the ocean. We must help more villages and we very much hope to adopt a further 5 villages next year but for this we need your help again to raise the funds to provide blankets and mosquito nets and save the lives of yet more children. Please help us to tell people about the work of Kids for Kids in Darfur and how they can make a really lasting difference to the health of children no one else is helping. With your help we have transformed many lives but there are still thousands more in desperate need.

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