Kids for Kids

KIDS FOR KIDS aims to help children living in remote villages in Darfur, Sudan who live lives of inexcusable hardship and to give them the chance of a better life. We seek to enable families to stay in their villages in the midst of the conflict by helping to improve their lives and livelihoods and lifting them out of poverty. Our long-term aim is to give Darfur a chance by sustaining villages as vibrant institutions - without this people living in the camps will have nothing to return to once peace is restored.
Feb 26, 2014

Health Care ensures babies are safe post delivery

Our latest 40 midwives completing their training
Our latest 40 midwives completing their training

Village Midwives continue to be absolutely key to protecting mothers and babies from the trauma and risks of child birth. Over 1 million babies die within their first day throughout the world but in Darfur, our 108 midwives have saved the lives of hundreds.  

Our donkey ambulances are available so that Midwives can call for help if they need to take a labouring patient urgently to hospital.  As well as being trained to safely deliver babies in one of the harshest places in the world, they are also trained in baby nutrition and provide critical help to young mothers so that they do not feed small babies inappropriately in desperation.  This means that the babies in our villages are cared for long after their initial delivery.  

In 2012 we built a Kids for Kids Dormitory compound housing 40 new midwives each year, the midwives return to their villages fully equipped and ready to safeguard the women in their community from the dangers of child birth. It is hugely ambitious to raise funds for so many midwives each year but the numbers of lives our midwives save makes it imperative. If you can help fund a midwife please let us know.  It costs £2,000 ($3,400) to train one midwife but the support and knowledge that she returns to her village with, post training (10 months) is a commodity that all women deserve.

Feb 25, 2014

Abu Nahla Kindergarten already changing lives

The children get their first look at books!
The children get their first look at books!

The lack of kindergartens in Darfur means that children are deficient in essential stimulation in the most crucial formative years of their lives.  Without schooling at an early age, opportunities are lost that can never be regained, and which diminish their developmental potential.   Yet education is the only sure way out of poverty. 

Our aim is to build three kindergartens in remote villages in North Darfur in 2014 because of the urgent need and because families simply cannot pay for education.   The average household income has fallen to below £75 p.a.   We are planning to fund five villages this year where we will provide all our grassroots projects in order to safeguard the health of the children.    Yet education is essential.  

In December 2013, our first kindergarten was completed in Abu Nahla, a small village of 2000 occupants.  Already 151 village children have an opportunity to learn through educational play at our school as well as receiving formal education. The educational toys at the Kids for Kids Kindergarten are the first toys in the village and the latrines the first in the region.  The State Director of Education has visited and approved our Kindergarten, "there is nothing else like this" were his humbling words.  

To save construction costs on our first kindergarten, members of the self-formed parents committee built a kiln so that they could make their own bricks.  They also took part in much of the construction, painting and organising themselves.  Now that we have funded the project, the kindergarten has been handed over to them.   Local ownership is vital for the longevity of the school, and indeed for all of our projects. We are planning to fund 3 more this year.  Please help!

Jan 7, 2014

We are warned of a crisis but who will help?

One of our large mosquito nets
One of our large mosquito nets

Thank you for supporting our project to protect children's health in the villages of Darfur.  Our simple help of providing a blanket and mosquito nets to keep disease carrying mosquitoes away from children, and to keep them warm at night, is continuing to help families to ensure their children are safe.

We enter 2014 full of hope and with the intention of adopting 5 more villages this year.  This means that 5 more communities will receive our package of help which is now preventing malnutrition and reducing child mortality.  However, with news of violence in South Sudan and uncertainty there, we are of course worried about the impact that this will have on Darfur too.   More families will need our help, food is scarce and children are starving. 

The International Community is good at reacting to emergencies, but to make a lasting difference it is important to look ahead.  Sustainability is key.  Our legacy is in the health of these children, in the availability of clean water, and in the standard of living of thousands of families.  In rural Darfur, people live in abject poverty and no-one is helping.  Without our nets and blankets, those that don't have them have to sleep directly on the sand, at risk from sandflies and mosquitoes and the deadly diseases that they carry.  The simplest infection can cause lasting disability or worse. 

The simple gift of a mosquito net can prevent a catastrophy for a family.  Please tell your friends how you have helped and ask them to help too.

Together we can save lives and build a future for Darfur.

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