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The Tekeshe Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization which focuses on empowering and restoring dignity and hope to the people in the rural areas of the Chipinge district in Zimbabwe by providing and promoting economic empowerment, advocating literacy and higher education for both boys and girls, while assisting AIDS/HIV patients and their families with social-economic help
Feb 20, 2014

Breaking The Cycle Of Poverty Through Eduction

Some of the beneficiaries after receiving uniforms
Some of the beneficiaries after receiving uniforms

Dear Friends,

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you for your continued support of our Education program. Your donations make it possible for the Tekeshe Foundation to continue to provide access to education to underpriviledged rural youth in Chipinge district in Zimbabwe. The goal of this project is to break the cycle of poverty among underpriviledged rural youth by opening doors of opportunity for them through education.

The project is a big success. The beneficiaries of this project range from kindergatern children to university level students. To date over 100 students have received school fees, school uniforms and school supplies.  Two students have completed their teacher-training course and one of them is now working as a primary school teacher. Another student obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science and she is working for a company in Chipinge.

Bringing Joy To Kids At Christmas Time

In addition to providing school fees, school uniforms and school supplies we also bring joy to these kids at Christmas time. We give them toys, candy and cookies. As you can see from the kids' faces in the pictures Christmas 2013 was happy time indeed for them.  They had a wonderful time!. Most of these kids have never had a toy, they dont even get any presents during Chritmas time. This year we gave toys, candy and cookies to over 120 children.

The Project is Having an Impact On Girls As Well
Sadly many girls in these rural areas are still being denied access to education. Due to the financial difficulties that poor families are faced with they are making a choice based on economics as to which child to send to school. The preference is to send boys to school and marrying off the girls as this brings money into the family. People in the rural areas perceive girls as a source of wealth for their families, and would rather marry off the girls to raise funds for educating the boys.  According to research, educating girls is the most effective way of breaking the cycle of poverty in these rurals areas.  When girls get an education, not only do their families benefit, but communities and societies benefit as well. The following are some of the positive outcomes that are linked with educating girls:

             * The likelihood of educating the next generation increases
             * Decrease in infant mortality rates 
             * Improved family health 
             * Reduction in the spread of HIV/AIDS  
             * Improved general economic development

This past December during my annual visit to Zimbabwe, one of the beneficiaries of this project stopped by to give us the great news that she had completed her teacher training course. Here is what she had to say:

In her Own Words by Maidei   : Special Thanks to The Donors
I would like to thank the Tekeshe Foundation and the donors for helping me get an education. I am pleased to announce that I have now completed my Teacher Training Course at Mutare Teacher's College.  I could not have done this without your help. Growing up life was very difficult as my father has more than one wife. My mother and I struggled a lot. My father was not able to provide for my educational needs. My desire was to get an education because I knew this would give me a better future. I was so happy when the Tekeshe foundation started helping me with uniforms, school fees and school supplies. Without your help together with the Tekeshe Foundation I dont know what I would have done. Thank you very much. May God bless you.


As you are can see you are playing a major role in giving a bright future to the youth in Chipinge.

Best wishes for 2014.

Thanks again for your support!



Kids receiving toys during Christmas
Kids receiving toys during Christmas
Kids receiving toys during Christmas
Kids receiving toys during Christmas
Maidei completed her teacher training course
Maidei completed her teacher training course
Feb 19, 2014

Transforming The Lives Of Rural Teachers Through Technology

Teachers attending a workshop
Teachers attending a workshop

Dear Friends,

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to you for your continued support of our Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) project. This project is at the heart of the Tekeshe Foundation and is our strategy for bridging the digital divide that exists between the rural and urban schools. The rural youth lag behind the rest of the world in technology. Urban youth are more likely to find employment unlike their rural counterparts who have no computer skills. This digital divide is disadvantaging a whole generation of children growing up in the rural areas.

Our focus in the initial phase of this project is to provide basic computer training to the teachers. Once the teachers have acquired the neccessary computer skills then we will focus on providing computer training to the students. Your donations make it possible for the Tekeshe Foundation to conduct computer training workshops for the teachers. To date the Tekeshe foundation has worked in collaboration with Mupinda of CzWS to conduct four ICT workshops at Rimbi High School.  The objective of these workshops is to provide the teachers basic computer skills which include word processing, spreadsheet processing and presentation package training. These workshops are having a positive impact. As you can see from the attached pictures the teachers are eager to learn.

The attendees expressed their heartfelt gratitude to you the donors for making it possible for them to acquire computer skills.They found the workshops very beneficial and they requested to have more training. Here is what one of the teachers had to say:

In His Own Words - By Lovemore
I am a teacher at Rimbi High School. I would like to thank the Tekeshe Foundation and the donors for initiating the Teachers’ Computer Programme.  I am benefitting so much through this programme since I was at ‘zero’ as far as Computer Literacy is concerned.  I was even shy to be associated with computers since I couldn’t even turn a computer on.  I am very thankful for Mr Mupinda, the instructor. He has taught us a lot within a short space of time.
Microsoft Word – I am now able to type any document and can insert any symbols I want with ease.  He also taught us Microsoft Excel which is a very useful tool in teaching.  The summation in particular was so interesting, using average and the copying of formulas was just magical!   We also did PowerPoint which is again very important in our day to day delivery of lessons.  I would like to thank you so much. Our wish is to see you sending Mr Mupinda to give us some more training which includes the Internet and email, etc. 

One major challenge we are experiencing is lack of computers since the school does not avail us maximum opportunity to this great device.  It is my wish that one day you will sponsor a computer to each of us,  your pioneer students. Thanks again. May God bless you, I salute you because you made me an up-to-date man.  


Though this project is a big success one of the challenges is that the teachers have limited access to computers. They suggested that if they could find cheap laptops they are willing to work hard to raise $50 each towards the cost of purchasing a laptop. Having laptops will help them tremendously since they will be able to put into practice what they have learned. Based on this request, we made an arrangement with CsWS to provide us refurbished laptops at a discounted price of $220 per laptop. The teachers will pay $50.00 while the Tekeshe foundation covers the rest of the cost.  

Plans for 2014 - 2015
1. Provide internet access to both Rimbi High & Rimbi Primary schools. We are working with a company based in  Mutare, Zimbabwe called B-SAT Satellite Communications. B-SAT provides free equipment on all VSAT solutions for schools. We still need need to raise $2000 for the VSAT services. 
2. Provide computer training to 100 teachers by 2015
3. Provide computer training to 500 students by 2015

4. Provide laptops to 50 teachers by end of 2014

As you can see from the attached pictures and based on what one of the teachers had to say, this project is a big success. Through your donations you are playing a major role in tranforming the lives of rural teachers!

Thanks again for all your support bridging the digital divide.

Best Regards,


Teachers attending a workshop
Teachers attending a workshop
Lovemore in blue tshirt
Lovemore in blue tshirt
Feb 10, 2014

Why this project is important

Tendai receiving food from the foundation
Tendai receiving food from the foundation

Dear friends,

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to you for your continued support of this project. Empowering disadvantaged rural women by introducing income generating projects is at the heart of our organization and is our strategy for alleviating hunger and poverty and promoting self-sufficiency. The goal of this project is to provide a way for women to earn an income so that they can feed their families, provide better health care for themselves and their children and to be in a position to send their children to school.

The biggest challenge we are faced with is water. The area where we operate is located along the Sabi valley in the southern part of Zimbabwe. This area is very hot and is characterized by prolonged droughts.  This poses a big problem since mushrooms require a lot of water.

In phase 2 of this project our focus is to raise funds to dig  a borehole.  We firmly believe that this project will benefit this area greatly. Mushrooms provide more than just taste and texture to food, they provide high nutirional value as well. This area has been hardly hit by the HIV/AIDS pandemic. The majority of the women who will benefit from this project are living with HIV/AIDS. They will benefit greatly by including mushrooms in their diet.

Why this project is important

Tendai Purasi is one of the women who will benefit from this project. She currently receives food and clothing from the Tekeshe Foundation through our Food and Clothing program.  She is a widow and she is living with HIV/AIDS.  When I arrived for my annual visit in December of 2005, Tendai was very frail.  Her health had deteriorated noticeably from the time I last saw her during my 2004 visit.  She informed me that her condition had affected the strength of her legs and it was very difficult and painful for her to walk.  In spite of this obstacle it was still necessary for Tendai to spend hard days in the hot sun tending crops.  Through the foundation, we were able to give her some food and cooking oil.  We also gave her some of the vitamins.  Within two weeks after the food had been provided, Tendai’s condition had noticeably improved.  It was obvious that, in spite of her desperate efforts, she was unable to provide for herself the nutrition needed to survive.

Through our partneship with New England Pentecostal ministries, missionaries and friends of the foundation in the United States we have sent 6  40-foot containers of clothing, food, medical supplies and many other much needed items to Zimbabwe. Tendai and numerous other people in the same predicament as she is have benefited tremendously from these shipments. In the attached pictures you can see Tendai and some of the beneficiaries receiving food and clothing from tthe foundation.

Even though we provide food and clothing to poor women, our long term goal is to lift them out of poverty and to build a culture of economic indepence. We are guided by the old the old saying, "When you give a man a fish he will eat for a day. When you give him a fishing rod and teach him how to fish he wil eat for a life time." This holistic approach ensures that people like Tendai have enough food to eat and looks out for their long term economic propspects.

Though we are making progress  we still have a long way to go reach our goal for this project.

We thank you so much for your support as we help Tendai and many other women who are in the same predicament.

Best wishes for 2014


Yours sincerely,

Thelma Sithole

Beneficiaries receiving food and clothing
Beneficiaries receiving food and clothing
Beneficiary receiving clothing
Beneficiary receiving clothing
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