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Feb 19, 2013

Gift That Saves

Our staff and volunteer hanging bed nets
Our staff and volunteer hanging bed nets

December is the month for giving. One reason could be that it is the end of the year and people seem to look over how they strive and then donate. Others get in the spirit of Christmas thus leading to giving. Whatever the reason is for the jump in giving during the holidays, one thing which Hoops Care International launched was “Gift that saves”

What best way can we give gifts to our community but making sure that it will be a gift that saves life. Therefore, during the Christmas holidays, starting on Christmas day itself we embark on giving life saving mosquito nets to single mothers living in three communities, namely, Amanful, Brofredu and Jejanu, all located on the coastal shores of Cape Coast. A total of 50 bed nets were given mainly to babies who were three months or younger.

Most of the mothers did admit that it was the best gift they have received. Akua, a sixteen year old single mother, who sleeps on the porch of a good Samaritan openly express her joy for finally getting a net. She expressed how she and her two month old babies were vulnerable to mosquito bites.

A short survey during the distribution also brought to our attention a decrease in the rate of mothers taking their children to the clinic for malaria related illness. All the mothers who have previously received bed nets from us stated that they have not been to the hospital except for their normal weighing of their children.

Our goal of zero malaria infection in Amanful is hopefully showing its fruits as we encourage the mothers to continue to make sure that they and their babies sleep under treated bed nets.

Video 1

Video 2


After three months of waiting, which is the usual time it takes to process the National Health Insurance Scheme card, it finally arrived in the office. In no time, we had a full house as most of the mothers came in to claim their child/ward cards. Click to see video.

250 children were register in the initial mass registration which took place in the Amanful Community in November. The card is valid for five years to be renewed each year. We are so happy for these children as their mothers no longer have to worry about funds to be able to get good health care for their children.

We would like to take this time to thank all the donors and would be donors of this program as we hope to reach our goal and hopefully increase the number of children under the “Save 1000 Children At Risk of Malaria” Campaign.

Staff and volunteer during "Gift That Saves"
Staff and volunteer during "Gift That Saves"
Feb 19, 2013

Computer Literacy Boost!!!

ETS boys at a training match
ETS boys at a training match

There are many way to get young athletes involve into education. As we are in the computer era, the present youth are fascinated about computer related activities. Nowadays you find them actively involve interacting on social networks, mainly Facebook. But social media is not computer literacy and we are taking the bold step in making sure that the participants of ETS are highly computer literate.

We thank all donors who has made it possible for Hoops care International to be able to secure two complete computer system, a printer and funds to hire a IT trainer as well as three months Internet subscription from the funds which was raise in the month of December.

The participants have shown great excitement about the purchase of these items and they made it known to Kevin, their coach, currently in the USA, who has been very instrumental in raising the funds for the project. In a telephone call he reiterate that Hoops Care was all about making sure that they get their education and that they should take it serious. He also stated that their training routine should be as important as their daily computer classes.

The participants have already started their classes according to individual time schedule. Each participant will also receive free hours of browsing daily to be able to connect with friends on social network as well as watch training videos for their workout.

We at Hoops Care is imploding all current and future donors to please continue to help in spreading the word of this wonderful initiative. Through your generous donations some street child might just become the next Bill Gate, since he has already been given the opportunity.

We would also like to take this time to ask for in-kind donations. The program is in need of soccer balls, jerseys, cones, etc. Kindly email us at info@hoopscare.org for more info on how you can send these things for the project.

ETS at the HCI office
ETS at the HCI office
Purchased computers and monitors
Purchased computers and monitors
Day 1 of computer class
Day 1 of computer class
Nov 30, 2012

250 children benefits from health insurance

Thank you from the children
Thank you from the children

Another impact in the Amanful community due to the magnanimous donations received through the Global Giving web donation platform.

 Hoops Care has successfully helped 250 children to be register under the national health insurance scheme, NHIS. This is a milestone! After series of meetings with the scheme staff in Cape Coast, it was agreed upon that the children can be register without their parents being register first. This was excellent news as it will cost much to have their mothers register before we can o the same for them. Taking advantage of this new development, we decided to pre-register 100 children from the community. It was necessary to be certain that those doing the registration will not attend to less than said number as it is the bench mark to have them do registration outside of the office. By the close of the first day of pre-registration we decided to increase the number to 150 after which we inform the NHIS that we were ready and Tuesday, was given. On that day, the NHIS staff we occupied at a previous registration and had to postpone ours for the next day, the 21st of November. Some mothers did not take this lightly as they had to take their wards away from school for the day to be able to get registered. We talked to them and were able to convince them that the next day it will come on.

 On Wednesday as early as 6am there was already a line in front of our office! We then made available chairs and canopies for them at the community center point. At 9am registration began and you could see the excitement and joy in the mother faces. "I will not have to worry again about hospital bills," said Ama, a mother of three who came to have her children benefit. Due to the large numbers, the exercise continued the next day and we also decide to increase the number of beneficiary to 250!

 At this juncture, we would like to thank all donors for saving so many children. We only ask and plead that you continue to support this project with any little funds you can spare.

 Currently, we are securing bed nets to have these children, some of whom who still do not have. We are also started to meet with the captains of the various malaria clubs in our partner schools for a workshop. A community malaria event is slated for next month as well as sport events in soccer and basketball which is gear towards educating on usage of nets both at home and on sports grounds. Nets are use for basketball hoop and goal posts!

 We will keep you updated on all these events and futures innovations we come up with in the fight to #endmalaria in Ghana.

 Best regards.


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