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Jul 16, 2014

Race Postponed

Due to the shortage of logistical and financial support, the AIDS Race has been postponed to a new date to be announced later.

We tried our best to get supporters of the last year event on board, especially our financial backers but they have been slow in meeting the date normally set aside in funds coming through.

We are still positive about hosting the race this year. Many well wishers of the race are advocating that the race be held on World Aids Day in December.

At this moment we are calling on all local and foreign partners and organizations involve in the fight against HIV/AIDS to partner with us in a new date to be decided.

Jun 25, 2014


We are working on a partnership with Verse2Impress, a Christian Clothing line which started in 2006 which would like to start its presence here in Ghana.  The main aim is evangelism (the garment being a conversation starter) and as a secondary, generation of sales and establishment of the brand and company. Percentage of sales would be use to help single mothers in this project established.

We are excited about this new turn of event and not giving up hope on the store project as everything works well for those who trust in the Lord.

The CEO of the company, Empress Ahinel in a chat with us, stated that she is really committed to  working with us despite several times having to park. With the work force in the women we have in this project we believe she has made the right connection.

Jun 25, 2014

Shortage of bed nets and funds for renewal

Malaria team member haning bed net in Cape Coast
Malaria team member haning bed net in Cape Coast

We are glad that we are still striving to save children from malaria in Ghana. This is not an easy issue for us as it now stands. We are short of funding to get the nets in whole sale and is currently relying on retail prices which is not economical due to the low budget we have.

A net is now costing a little over $10 over the counter.

Another issue which has been brought to our attention is that the health insurance cards which we did for over 200 children need renewal. Most of the mothers has approached us asking if we are doing renewal process. The card which is valid for five years is renewable yearly. As a result some of the mother with expired cards ar now turning to traditional remedy, which is not advisable in all cases.

Nonetheless, last month. Eight mothers in Cape Coast were issued insecticide treated nets in the Bakanoo community. Mercy, a mother of two, express her excitement that she had been praying for enough money to get a bed net. She stays close to the Fosu Lagoon, a huge breeding ground for mosquito. She went on, in the night, there is no way one can even sit outdoors for cool breeze when it is hot inside and the burning of mosquito insecticide coils at night when sleeping is giving the children and I block nose and some mornings, headache.

We are still appealing for your continuous support in reducing malaria not only in Ghana but Africa.

A benificiary sleeping with her baby
A benificiary sleeping with her baby
One of the nets installed
One of the nets installed
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