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Made By Survivors creates empowering opportunities for women worldwide to build an independent, safe and rewarding future. Made By Survivors educates and trains survivors of poverty, abuse, human trafficking, and slavery in high skill jobs, business and leadership skills. Upon graduating from Made By Survivors' training programs, survivors earn a good income, enabling them to permanently escape poverty and exploitation. All profits from product sales fund programs for survivors and their children, including: rescue, aftercare, healing arts and school sponsorship.
May 22, 2014


Made By Survivors Jewelry has a new name, Relevée.  The artisans at the Made By Survivors Jewelry Centers requested a name change for the jewelry line.  The wanted a name that reflected fashion and moved away from their survivor status, as they have moved away from being identified as survivors to women with secure and financially stable careers.

Relevée means ‘to rise up’ in French.  Our artisans are upliftd and uplifiting others. They have trained to become some of the first women goldsmiths in South Asia.  Their skill guarantees them a place in a respected profession, earning a middle class wage that transforms their lives and families. The stunning jewelry they make empowers them to get free and remain free forever from poverty and exploitation.

100% of proceeds of Relevée go to Made By Survivors, a tax-exempt charity serving women and children. Made By Survivors gives survivors of human rights abuses a safe and loving place to heal and rebuild their lives with shelter, education, job training, and employment programs. Relevée jewelry helps pay for all of these projects, making you, and the world we share, ever more beautiful inside and out.

The Relevée jewelry dreamed up with freedom, beauty, and modern style in mind. Style to make you feel beautiful, inside and out.  


Feb 26, 2014

Designing a New Future

As we prepare to launch into the Spring collection it has been amazing to see the new designs that will be added to the line.  But even more amazing is that the designs are coming from the women in the program.  

The jewelry centers began in 2010.  Our goal was to provide meaningful employment that paid above a living wage so that the survivors and at risk women in the shelters and community could move out of poverty and as well as away from the stigma of sex slave.  Now in 2014, the women in our programs our designing their futures.  As they have mastered the skills of creating jewelry designed by our guest jewelers, they have launched into their own creativeness and designed their own pieces for production into the spring line.  Their pieces tell stories of hope and moving forward.  

Women in the Made By Survivors Jewelry Centers are now the trainers, supervisors, and designers.  As they are promoted from within, new survivor trainess see a future of empowerment and finincial stability that they can also dream of.  

Look for our survivor designs to be launched this spring around Mother's Day!  


Dec 2, 2013

Winter 2013 - Made By Survivors Jewelry Centers

There has been a lot of growth during the past year for Made By Survivors Jewelry Centers.  We have expanded the program in Calcutta so that survivors from various shelters can attend to work.  This gives the girls more independence and freedom and allows them more control over their decisions rather than the shelter they stay in controlling all their decisions.  It is another move towards freedom.

Of course along with that comes more responsiblity, which all of the girls are not quite ready for yet. It is similar to your teenager getting her first job and the freedom with having their own income to spend, but also the responsibility for showing up to work on time, instead of stopping to hang out with friends and go shopping.  Many lessons in freedom and responsibility are being learned.

The training at the newestest Made By Survivors Jewelry Center in Jalpaiguri is coming along well.  Soma S and Soma H who were orginial trainees in the Calcutta program (when it began in 2010) travel regularly to teach the new jewelers additional skills.  As the new girls gain skills and confidence it is wonderful to watch the Soma's continue to grow in leadership.

Thank you for your support as Made By Survivors Jewelry Centers grow and hire new survivors.  Please continue to support the freedom of these survivors through purchasing their spectacular designs on our website at  You can also make donations through gifts of empowerment on our website.  At this time we are closing the project on Global Giving, but look for new projects in the future.  Thank you!