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The University's Center for Social Concern and Action (COSCA) is its social development arm responsible for promoting the Lasallian Social Development principles in the Community. COSCA, via its programs, engages the Lasallian community to actualize faith in action through service and solidarity with the poor. COSCA aims to develop awareness in the Community of the problems and issues that abound in the country. It encourages members of the University to examine their social responsibilities in the light of the Christian faith. To complement the limited financial resources of the University, COSCA raises funds for the programs it supports, most of which are aimed at those belonging t...
May 28, 2014

reef ranger training for brgy binubusan

A reef ranger training was conducted by the center for social concern and action (COSCA) last April 10 and 11, 2014 at brgy binubusan, lian, batangas. the objectives of the sessions include the following: 1. provide essential water safety skills to new members of the reef rangers in brgy binubusan; 2. identify marine sites in the said brgy which can be developed into ecotourism areas; 3. expand possible livelihood opportunities for the local residents.

The actual training was conducted by 3 senior reef ranger volunteers. this is a deliberate strategy employed by the COSCA to further empower the local fishers and at the same time encourage them to share their experiences with others. By the end of the 2 day training, the new reef rangers from the brgy were able to formalize their local structures and to identify other needs that have to be addressed prior to their full operation.

This activity is part of the talim bay coastal resources management project by cosca in partnership with the local government unit of lian, batangas. Its ultimate aim is to promote an appropriate resource management scheme within the municipality that anchors on the following principles: people empowerment, sustainability, systems oriented, and research based. 

Apr 4, 2014

review of the initial activities and next steps

Summary of the COSCA DRTD initial review of the CB DRRM project (Bagac and Lian)


The CB DRRM project being implemented by COSCA was the result of two major consultations in 2009 with both the internal and external partners of the center in emergency relief operations. Using the learning from the onslaught of Ondoy in Luzon, the emphasis now in DRRM work shifted from providing relief response to disaster prepared and management. Facilitating this task was the approval of RA 10121 (2010 Philippine DRRM Law).

Thus the nature of the CB DRRM engagement in the identified pilot municipality of Bagac and Lian was the following: 1. Develop a training module for external partners (LGU and other groups) based on the provisions of RA 10121, Hyogo Framework for Action and other relevant DRRM materials; 2. Capacitate the partner MDRRMC on the provisions of the new law and other international DRRM framework towards building their own MDRRMC structures and mechanisms; 3. Institutionalize provisions of the new law through local ordinances and resolutions and ensure that its essence is observed.

Summary of the results:

On objective no. 1, the project was able to draft the training module using the provisions of RA 10121 and HFA as references. However, this was not finalized in preparations for eventual publication and distribution to partner LGUs.

On objective no. 2, the project was able to provide a ladderized CB DRRM capacity building session for the members of the MDRRMC and representatives from the pilot DRRM brgys.  The following represents the dates, participating brgys and total number of participants of each training activity:



Jan. 31, 2011 (12 pax, Bagac MDRRMC)

Feb. 15-17, 2011 (17 pax, MDRRMC)

Jan 31 – Feb. 1 ,2012(32 pax, MDRRMC)

March 13-14, 2012, a Disaster Drill and Motorcade was held in Bagac;

July 12, 2012, a landslide drill was conducted at Bgy. Banawang, Bagac with 65 pax;



March 4, 2011 (Total Pax: 16, MDRRMC)

March 11, 2011 (Total Pax: 35, MDRRMC)

March 28, 2011 (Total Pax: 12, BDRRMC)  

June 15-16, 2011 (Total Pax: 42, brgy. Pag-asa)  

April 9, 2011 (Total Pax: 102, Bgy. Bungahan)

April 11-12, 2011(Total Pax: 55, Bgy. Bungahan)

Aug. 19, 2011(Total Pax: 180, brgys Bungahan, San Diego, Tan-ag)

Aug. 18, 2011 (6 Barangays of Cumba, Prenza,Bagong Pook,Humayangan, Lumaniag, Malaruhatan)

Aug. 17, 2011 (8 Barangays of Cumba, Kapito, Malaruhatan, Binubusan, P. Kahoy, Sergio, Balibago, Luyahan, Matabungkay)

May 15-16, 2012 MDRRMC Training on DRRM (19 pax)

May 17, 2012 BDC Training on DRRM for Bgy. Bungahan, San Diego and Cumba

August 16, 2013, Tsunami Drill held in Bgy. San Diego with 269 pax;


Aside from trainings provided by the project, the formed MDRRMC were able to meet regularly to plan out activities:



-Sept. 8, 2011: MDRRM Plan ’11 Approval

-Feb. 17, 2012: Regular MDRRMC Meeting

-May 15, 2012: Field Meeting with MDRRMC: No Agenda Indicated

-July 16, 2012: Meeting with SB Members

-Aug. 6, 2012: MDRRM Plan ’12 Approval

-Sept. 21, 2012: MDRRMC Meeting; No Agenda Indicated

-Oct. 15, 2012: MDRRMC Meeting on DRR Plan

-July 31, 2013: No minutes attached.



 April 5, 2012: Bagac MDRRMC Consultation Meeting

July 9, 2012: MDRRMC Prep meeting for landslide drill

July 19-20, 2012: Municipal Community Based Risk Management Meeting

Sept. 17, 2012: MDRRMC Meeting for CWTS Deployment Preps

Oct. 15, 2012: MDRRMC Meeting on DRR Plan


On objective no.3, the project was able to lobby the LGU to pass relevant municipal ordinances and resolutions adhering to the provisions of RA 10121. These include the following:



Administrative Order e-organizing MDCC to MDRRMC. (A.O. 2011-14 & A.O. 2011-19

Municipal ordinance forming the MDRRMC passed last Sept. 2011 (Ordinance #6, Series of 2011

Bgy. Cumba passed resolution utilizing 70% of calamity fund for the purchase of radio communication equipment. (Resolution #4, Series of 2011)   

Standby Disaster Preparedness Plan Submitted. (undated)   

Municipal ordinance forming the MDRRMC passed last Sept. 2011 (Res. # 080, Series of 2011)   

Bgy. Bungahan passed resolution #4, series of 2013 organizing the BDRRMC.



Bgy. Saysain has included a small portion on Disaster Preparedness in their BDP for 2012-2016.



Possible next steps:


COSCA will be continuing with the capacity building on CB DRRM for the newly established MDRRMC of both Lian and Bagac and would focus on the formation of an emergency response team (includes training of rescue divers-swimmers, mountain rescue and others).


The center will also finalize the CB DRRM training module for external partners. The module will be published and copies will be given to current COSCA partners.

Feb 10, 2014

february 2014 project update

De La Salle University in partnership with De La Salle Philippines (and the rest of the Lasalle schools in Luzon) has sent approximately 12k family relief packs to Guiuan (Samar), Coron (Palawan) and Leyte. Recipient includes diocese and local parishes. In addition, DLSU was able to send the following items last Dec 2013: Blessed Sacrament Parish (129 sacks and 27 boxes of old clothes, relief packs and drinking water); St Catherine Alexandria Church (321 sacks and 29 boxes of old clothes, 245 assorted bottles of drinking water and 67 boxes of 500ml drinking water); San Jose Antique Social Action Center (63 sacks, 64 boxes and 3 large plastic bags of old clothes). Items were sent via free freight courtesy of LBC Foundation.

COSCA has partnered with the AES Philippines Power Foundation, a power company in the implementation of the Mental Health and Psycho-Social Support Project for Yolanda survivors. The project   assisted the psycho- social needs of 202 residents of SOS Village (Tacloban City and Barangay Tigbao). The psychosocial /stress debriefing activity dubbed “Kumustahan – Estoryahay” held last December 17 to 19, 2013 was implemented through the participation of eleven (11) guidance counsellors, social workers and community development workers from COSCA and the Office of Counselling and Career Services (OCCS), DLSU - Dasmarinas and DLSU Science and Technology Campus. The stress debriefing activity also served as venue for identifying potential   participants to the Training of Trainers which will be implemented to capacitate the village and the community in implementing future psychosocial interventions in the area and in identifying children or individuals needing   secondary psychosocial interventions.

De La Salle Philippines –Lasallian Justice and Peace Commission met last Feb 3 to discuss the One Lasalle rehabiliatation plans for Yolanda stricken provinces and the following are the highlights:

  1. focused support in Leyte (we came out with a criteria for selection);
  2. our short term engagement in Leyte include: rebuilding of classrooms in selected school(s); rehab of partially damaged schools; provision of school supplies and setting up of libraries;
  3. our long term activities include: provision of livelihood, health related interventions and capacity building on disaster risk reduction and management;
  4. based on a document provided by DEPED, schools from the municipalities of Dulag and Tanauan were hardest hit;
  5. the group listed the following schools as possible beneficiaries of our rehab plan: Dulag Cental School; San Miguel ES; Camire ES; and Guindagan ES (DLSP will contact DEPED to inquire if other groups have identified the mentioned schools for the same support and if this is the case then we will have to look for other propects)
  6. we are using a (per classroom) costing document from DEPED;
  7. it was also agreed that the long term interventions will be done in the brgy where the target schools are located;
  8. reps from the social action office of DLSU, DLSU STC, LSGH and DLSD will do a community profiling activity on Feb 26 to 28; and
  9. the (2 yr) one lasalle rehab plan for selected schools and communities in Leyte will be discussed and finalized on Mar 11 at DLSU STC.
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