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Creating Hope International (CHI) was founded with the vision of bringing hope to victims of war, political unrest, and natural disasters through programs designed to help them rebuild their lives for a brighter tomorrow. CHI's mission is to provide education, training, and health care to the people in the world with the greatest needs. CHI responds to community needs at the grassroots, fosters community participation, and empowers people through culturally sensitive education and training.
Feb 28, 2014

Articles from the BCWC School Magazine!

Young Students Preparing to do a Bollywood Dance
Young Students Preparing to do a Bollywood Dance

Dear Friends, 

Thank you so much for your support!! Your generosity is helping Creating Hope International to provide much needed support to the Bon Children’s Welfare Center in Dholanji, India. In our reports, we usually relay events at the Center to you, but today we’d like to share with you articles that the students published in their yearly magazine, So-Dra.

 The Menri Bon Children written by Jigmey, Class 12

Menri Monastery is a Bon Monastery, situated in a small village called Dholanji. Menri is a refuge for about 500 Bon children whose number is increasing every year. All the children in Menri are take care of by H.H. the 33rd abbot Menri monastery. Most of the children are orphans or semi-orphans who have come from the Himalayas and other places. They come to Menri for their education and refuge in Bon Children Welfare Center (BCWC) and Bon children home (BCH). In Menri they are given modern education along with traditional Bon culture and studies. Most of them are from families who are interested in gaining knowledge about precious Bon culture. There is a school for the Bon student called CST Dholanji. This is being managed and observed by the Government of India.

Initially, most of the boys of Menri were trained as monks and the girls as nuns. But nowadays, they have a choice of becoming whatever they want. There is also Bon children home where boys and girls who do not want to be trained as monks and nuns are taken care or and are taking education at CST Dholanji.

All the children including young monks and nuns attend the school. This is situated in the valley below the monastery as education is regarded as absolute necessity for the future of children as well as of the society.


Education is Important written by Phurba, Class 6

Education is most important thing in our life. Education is as important as air because it gives better life and opens the opportunities of the life. Those who lead a good and luxurious life are only by the virtue of education. Education gives self confidence and self satisfaction. Education makes a man right thinker and correct decision maker. A man without education is like a pen without ink. In this world education is important because education develops a lot of brightness in our life. It is only education which makes doctors, officers, teachers & engineers. Education is as important as the air we breathe. So, if you want to be a good and successful person in your life then you should work hard in your studies.

We have included several pictures that we hope you will enjoy. The picture at the top is of young students getting ready to perform a Bollywood dance. Below you can see the students showing off their new jerseys which they wear when competing on their newly formed sports teams.  Also below, you can see the younger students showing the new backpacks they received which feature the BCWC logo.

Again, thank you for supporting the students at the Bon Children’s Welfare Center!


The new jerseys!
The new jerseys!
New Backpacks!!
New Backpacks!!
Jan 29, 2014

34 Patients Treated

Dear Friends,

We recently heard from the monk in charge of the essential oils program at the Menri Monastery. He let us know that from mid-June to the end of 2013, he treated 34 patients who came in for a total of 237 visits. The majority of the patients were students at a local school, and a few were visitors to the monastery. 

The majority of patients came to be treated for respiratory conditions such as cough, allergies, general cold symptoms, headaches, and influenza. Others came in seeking relief for skin conditions (rash, boils, warts, cuts, bruises, and infections), food poisoning, acid reflux, insect bites, mouth sores, tooth aches, muscle sprains and arthritis. 

The monk serving as healer said that he mainly uses essential oils to treat those who seek his help, but also makes use of other treatments including homeopathy, aspirin, acetaminophen, iodine and more. 

We thank you for your support of our project to provide for the essential oils program at the Menri Monastery. In the future, we hope to be able to share pictures and stories of specific treatment programs. Again, thank you for your support!

Jan 23, 2014

Thank you!!

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for your generous support!! The school year is currently in session in Afghanistan, and rather than give out a partial scholarship, Creating Hope International will work with our Afghan partners to select a deserving student to receive the scholarship you helped to fund for the school year when it begins March 2014. We will update you in April of 2014 with information about the student who receives this scholarship.

Again, thank you for your kind donation. This scholarship will allow one poor student to receive an education that they wouldn’t otherwise have access to. Your donation will help to change the course of one young Afghan’s life. Thank you.

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