Going to School Fund

Going to School creates design-driven stories to teach India's poorest children skills at school. We're an award-winning nonprofit trust with a 10-year track record of inspiring millions of children in India to stay in school, learn skills, use their education to transform their lives and create their own opportunities. Our journey began in 2003 when we created Going to School in India, a children's book that tells 25 stories of what school can be, from going to school in a tent in a desert to going to school in the dark with solar lanterns. We made the book into a pioneering TV series that aired on India's leading television networks reaching 65 million children. Our next series, Girl Stars...
Jan 12, 2011

Children's responses after reading the mini books

We send out Going to School in India mini books to schools with self addressed and stamped postcards. After reading the books children write down what they liked about the book on the postcards and post it to us. Children's responses help us understand the impact of the books and we are also able to monitor the use of these books in schools.

By now we have a collection of postcards from children all across India. The feedback in this report are from children in Northern Indian states of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh living in villages and small towns. The children from Madhya Pradesh belong to a tribal community and have only recently started going to school and most of the children wrote that the stories motivated them to continue going to school and to complete their education. 

Please see attached pdf for children's reactions.

Dec 7, 2010

Some designed pages from - 'Three Girls Detective and the Case of the Missing Village'

The Research Book: Three Girls’ “Detective” Story

Tara, Aafreen and Razia are sitting in a Geography class and are studying the map on the wall. They realize that their village is not on the map and decide to find out why this is?

Book No. 5 in a series of 50 Be! skills books deals with the entrepreneurial traits of being inquisitive, actively searching for information and the power of observation.

Sep 7, 2010

Few Pages from _Be! Book Family Tree

Family Tree-Everyone in my Family is an Entrepreneur-One of the 50 Be! books about a young girl named Seema who is a young, naughty girl in a village and is pursuing her grandmother to buy her a swing. Her grandmother refuses to ‘buy’ her a swing and instead begins to tell her granddaughter a story, tumbling back into the history of their family’s entrepreneurial adventures over the last four generations. It seems that everyone in 10 year old Seema’s family was an entrepreneur who created opportunities. From the innovative gypsy great grandmother who brought goats to the village and taught the entire village to make butter, to the resourceful Aunt who grew vegetables on her roof in her tiny city house because she had no land. From the persistent great grandfather who to this day, is the only man in the village to have carried water on his head to win the affections of his love (male/female reversal of roles) to his daughter who was the first girl to go to school in the village and disguises herself as a man because she ‘must vote’; and then there is her son who gave 10 mango tree saplings to his daughter on her wedding instead of a monetary dowry and today, her daughter has a thriving mango chutney business that exports ‘YUM-EE chutney’ around the world.

The story ends with the little girl swinging on her self made tire swing, into a wide open field of possibility, underneath a ruminating, ominous sky. She wonders what entrepreneurial journey lies in store for her, swinging over a village field and into an urban city – this is the transition into the next book of recognizing problems in villages and cities.

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