Chikumbuso means "Remembrance" our mission statement is to remember those who died (both family and friends), to remember where we came from (a place of poverty and hunger) and to remember to do for others (give back to the community).
Aug 14, 2013

For Want of a Pencil

As Mishek walked along the path one morning on his way to school he came across a teenage boy crying, seemingly returning home from his school.  Mishek, curious, asked the boy what was wrong. He said that he had been turned away from takng the exams at his school for the want of a pencil and eraser. These exams are not allowed to be made up, if you are not there you do not move on in school. 

What is wonderful about this story is that Mishek had received a Math toolbox just a few days before as an Easter gift from his school, Chikumbuso. He opened it up and gave the boy his pencil and eraser to take the exam.

The next day when this boy came to the school to return the pencil Mishek told him to keep it, with a big smile on his face he said, " Here at Chikumbuso we have plenty of pencils!". 

Our students know that they are very fortunate to have a free school where they are not in charge of buying school supplies. Poverty keeps them from being able to do that for themselves. However, your support keeps them in supplies and in school; able to take an exam without worry.  Thank you so much from all of us at Chikumbuso.


Aug 14, 2013

It takes a Village or a Saturday Market

The doctor with our packets
The doctor with our packets

The more time you spend in Zambia the more you realize that inorder for things to happen you have to get out there, on the street and meet people.  That is what happened at the Saturday market last week. While selling our Chikumbuso bags and products we met a wonderful doctor who is helping young vulnerable girls.  When she found out about our sanitary pad project she was thrilled and wanted to know how she could buy some. Menstruation can be the one thing that keeps girls home and out of school for a week every month.

Chikumbuso was thrilled to sell her 15 sanitary packets and thanks to your donations was able to also "give back" five more to help this doctor help young women. 

Blessings for your support of this program that helps girls make a difference in their own lives.

Jul 29, 2013

Half Way There!

Fuel Efficient Stoves are the best way to go for our grandmothers in Lusaka, Zambia. If you can picture what buying a stove does for these elderly women you would not want to miss out on the opportunity. This winter in particular the grandmothers of Chikumbuso have reaped the benefit of having a fuel efficient stove. The winter season brings with it a chill to the bones of many people living in the slum where the cement walls guard the cold and the wind whips through the leaks in the ceiling. But for our grandmothers and their grandchildren the cold is no longer feared because these stoves work indoors as well as outside. Not only do these stoves cook meals using a few little twigs instead of buckets of charcoal but they also heat water and then stay warm enough to keep the house heated through the cooler evenings. Each and every one of our grandmothers who has a stove considers herself blessed to be a part of Chikumbuso where our supporters care to make a difference in the individual's life.

We are half way to our fundraising goal and we are thankful to those who have supported us to date.

Please help us to make our goal and give each and every grandmother a stove.

Can We Do It?  Joyce thinks so!


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