Chikumbuso means "Remembrance" our mission statement is to remember those who died (both family and friends), to remember where we came from (a place of poverty and hunger) and to remember to do for others (give back to the community).
Feb 14, 2014

The little things

Ever notice how the little things can mean so much? For women and young girls in Zambia, menstruation is one of those little things that takes on much more importance than it should. Can you imagine spending those few days at home in fear of what may happen, or hours washing cloths that aren't adapted to their use? Imagine the frustration, isolation, and exhaustion from adding one more thing to the long list of responsibilities and difficulties in your life. Now imagine all of this happening in prisons and hospitals around the country. 

Chikumbuso has a real passion for helping those around us - it's part of our mission statement and embedded in our culture here at the center. But so many of the women we would like to help are not in our center or even in our community. Providing sanitary pads may seem like a little thing, but it means the world to women who think they have been forgotten. 

Help us to continue to provide this service to others - please donate to this project and keep us running for another year. Even if it's just a little - it means a lot!

Feb 14, 2014

Hot season in Zambia

It's the hot season in Zambia, which means even hotter rooms for those grandmothers still without fuel efficient stoves. Unlike the traditional stoves, fuel efficient stoves require less wood and use the wood they do consume efficiently enough to make sure the fire is used for cooking and not heating up already hot rooms. In addition, they produce less smoke and other toxic byproducts, making them much safer for the user and their family. 

While you may think winter is the ideal time to buy stoves for our grandmothers, we actually need them more in the Zambian summer, when temperatures are above 90 degrees Farenheit and these women are sweltering over hot fires to cook meals for their grandchildren. 

We are so excited to have been able to provide so many stoves to our grandmothers, and hope to be able to finalize this project this year. Please partner with us to get those last stoves in their houses!

Feb 14, 2014

Still a big need for sponsors!

As we start the new year, we are faced again with the reality of increased school fees and rising costs as we send our brilliant students on to secondary school. Our students are consistently in the top scorers when they move to middle and high school, they outperform their peers on national tests, and are gearing up to do great things with their lives.

Unfortunately, we still don't have enough sponsors to send all our students to high school. Please partner with us as we support our amazing students. We only send those with the best grades and most motivation on, they truly deserve the opportunity to study at the next level. Thank you in advance!

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