Chikumbuso means "Remembrance" our mission statement is to remember those who died (both family and friends), to remember where we came from (a place of poverty and hunger) and to remember to do for others (give back to the community).
May 23, 2013

More Books!

There is a school in Maine that has taken it upon themselves to make sure we have the BEST library for elementary children in all of Lusaka, or make that Zambia! They collect books from everywhere; libraries, schools, kids, yard sales, anywhere. Then they sort them to make sure they are quality, then they pack them up and send them to us. How perfect is that?  We are so blessed. They have single handedly given us over 3000 books and with the help of other schools and friends I believe we are over the 4000 mark.

Another school in Connecticut made a connection with a large organization which is donating to us 20 computers!

Our library is great and if you can, visit but if you can't there are just a few more things that our library needs. Please look over the list and see how you can help.

Be part of our community.


May 23, 2013

Wherever You Live

As a community of women at Chikumbuso Project we are commited to helping other women no matter where they are living. And that could mean prison. The word "Chikumbuso" means to remember and our women are champions as they remember to do for others even if it is out of the poverty. They visit the elderly, shut ins, those sick in the clinic and each year we visit the prisons in Lusaka to give back to these women who have nothing. Nothing at all.

Through your contribution in giving dignity to women prisoners the ladies at Chikumbuso can reach out even more people. Let our ladies be your feet and hands.

Thank you so much.


May 23, 2013

An Ongoing Challenge

Lions, Tigers, and Bears Oh My!

Pens, Pencils and Books, Oh My!

Backpacks, Uniforms and Shoes, Oh My!


This is what I think every end of December when it is time once again to buy supplies and get our 150 students ready for the new school year which starts in January.  The Chikumbuso Project has made every effort to commit to sending our 6th grade graduates on to Secondary Education. Not easy especially as our classroom sizes at Chikumbuso have grown considerably since we began in 2004. We started with 30 children in grades 1-4 and now we have 350 in grades 1-6. 

Please consider helping us with the costs of school supplies. Just as our student population has grown so has the cost of materials in Zambia. Many of our students, if asked to buy there own supplies, would have to drop out of school. We want to keep them in and give them a chance on a new life.

Thanks so much,


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