Grassroots Empowerment Initiative (GEMINI)

GEMINI seeks to empower and build the capacity of marginalized communities through information-sharing, skills-building and training to enable them make informed choices.
Dec 10, 2007

World Aids Day Activities

As the world marked the World Aids Day recently, GEMINI decided to reach out to a very important target audience: orphans and street families.

We visited the local Children's Home where street families are sheltered. Our activities included Mobile VCT services, edutainment (drama, skits, music) and modeling.

We were able to provide VCT services to 37 families, counseling to 68 high-risk women and a career development training session to 23 young people.

"I had no idea some people could be so compassionate!!"quips Karis, a 23-year old beneficiary. "Its been only a day and I feel today has compensated eleven months of misery and depression...Thanks so much!!"

The turnout was overwhelming and we have already established mechanisms to follow-up activities on the clients and provide them with treatment, psychosocial care and social support.

We are planning for a series of outreach campaigns which will reach out to all the street families in the district and treat them to an Early Christmas.

Thanks for all the supporters who have continued to exude confidence in us.

Sep 28, 2007

Can't keep up with the pace!!!

In August, GEMINI launched a new concept of increasing awareness about HIV/Aids. The idea was to get as many people as we could to get tested for HIV using mobile VCT. The result was overwhelming!!

But now one month later, we are being forced to recruit more VCT counsellors!! In the first week of September, we had 413 people inquiring about the mobile VCT, with our personnel testing 167.

In the second week, we tested 204 clients, third week: 254 and this week: 197.

Mobile VCT seeks to reach out to marginalized communities and provide them with services, condoms, social support and spiritual care.

We are now planning to increase our efficiency by introducing Moonlight VCT where we will reach out to underserved clients, especially commercial sex workers, truck drivers and other hard-to-reach clients.

As usual, we have all our supporters and donors to thank for all our work.

Please keep up the splendid work!!

Dec 5, 2006

Thank You letter

Before the introduction of ARV drugs in Kenya, contracting HIV was considered a death sentence. This is slowly changing but the stigma still remains as strong.

Many of our beneficiaries have undergone the full cycle. Kindly share a rare moment with one of our beneficiaries, Abel, a very creative and talented peer educator.

We are so proud of him!