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May 24, 2013

New Chinese Guide to Green Mapmaking

Green Map
Green Map's new Guide in Chinese

Thanks to you, donors, we are happy to announce that an important Guide to Making Green Maps has been translated into simplified Chinese!

Created in Europe by the 4BsHive, this colorful guide highlights 4 different ways to create Green Maps. With the help of wonderful mapmakers at the China Mangrove Conservation Network and our staff members Hui Zhou and Aaron Reiss, this fantastic resource is now available to our growing community of local Green Mapmakers in China, and to the public.

You are welcome to download in Chinese as a compressed 2MB PDF or as a full scale, zipped 19MB PDF.

This guide has an interesting story. The original 4BsHive project started early in 2009, with European Union funding. It’s a collaborative project between four cities: Bistrita (Romania), Bristol (United Kingdom), Berlin (Germany), and Budapest (Hungary) - hence the "4 Bs".

After two years of adult learning exchanges and mobilities and Green Mapmaking workshops, the 4BsHive project culminated in July 2011 with a wonderful guide that explored 4 ways to create a Green Map. Find more, including the original English 4BsHive Guide to Green Mapping and an excellent video (see both on blog linked below).

That the 4BsHive Guide is now available in Chinese means that our burgeoning network of locally-led projects in China will have a much stronger foundation on which to start their own projects. We would like to thank everyone involved, including you! Your contributions at Global Giving mean that we can do more to support local leadership for sustainable, healthy communities throughout China!

You'll hear from us again as GlobalGiving's June 12 Match Day approaches. We wish you all the best in the weeks until then. Thank you! !

Introducing 4 ways to create Green Maps
Introducing 4 ways to create Green Maps
Making Open Green Maps is included in the Guide
Making Open Green Maps is included in the Guide


May 22, 2013

Thank you for supporting the Open Green Map platform! has embedded a Green Map has embedded a Green Map

This is a very exciting season for Green Map System – not only have we begun updating the sustainability mapping platform that you so have generously supported, we have created new ways to explore the hundreds of Open Green Maps that have already been created!

Thanks to you, we have a very successful proof of concept - Open Green Maps are now being made in 38 countries. Today, nearly 350 interactive maps are in public view containing over 30,000 sites. You can see the total number change on the home page each day, and also see which three maps are most recently updated. All of these Green Maps welcome your contributions of new sites, as well as images, videos and comments. Thousands of impacts are visible as more and more people discover hopeful green living sites in their local environment. 

Open Green Maps on Facebook
New: encounter an Open Green Map embedded in a Facebook page! Social media integration is underway - we’ll in link an example from Johannesburg South Africa below. 

There are now hundreds of embedded Open Green Maps! At, we have created five different views of the Energy Map of NYC, highlighting boroughs and basemaps (and Sandy's flood line) in our “Embed this Map’ campaign. Every Green Mapmaker can offer their Open Green Map centered and zoomed in different ways!

We are especially proud of the way Open Green Map has made it possible to share local perspectives on changing environments at virtually no cost. At a time when awareness of climate change is soaring and new local options for lower impact living are becoming more abundant, Green Maps are indispensible.

This summer, we will be working hard on fundamental improvements to this award-winning mapping platform. Some improvements incorporate newly available technologies, others address new needs of the maps’ makers and users. It’s been exciting to conduct the first Mapmaker surveys, confer with experts, plan with our board and staff, and bring in new team members and volunteers. 

With your help, it’s going to be a high impact season. You will hear more of our plans just in time to have your donation matched by Global Giving on June 12th. We invite you to click the 3rd link below, and join our mailing list, too!

Thank you for pitching in – hundreds of communities are benefiting as a result!

Click the tab next to Photos to interact with map
Click the tab next to Photos to interact with map
Sharing Open Green Maps is easy!
Sharing Open Green Maps is easy!


Mar 1, 2013

Updates from China's Green Map projects

Posing with a Lujiazui Slow Life Green Map
Posing with a Lujiazui Slow Life Green Map

Happy New Year to all Green Map contributors - the Year of the Water Snake symbolizes progress and creativity – this makes us excited about the possibilities! 

We are pleased to share the achievements of the Shanghai Oasis Center, South China University of Technology and Green Map Xinhui. Each has promoted a wide range of environmentally conscious businesses and organizations in their local communities, as detailed in the blog linked below. 

The Shanghai Oasis Center started its Open Green Map journey in the summer of 2012, and since has gathered over 300 contributors to publish four Open Green Maps - a fifth is in progress! 

Similarly, the South China University of Technology and Green Map Xinhui have respectively produced Open Green Maps highlighting environmentally significant locations as well as cultural and historic sites. We are continually inspired by the progress of these groups and look forward to learning more of their success. 

Our student ambassador, Hui translated and posted their blogs just before she returned home to Beijing. While we miss her, we are excited for her future and know her passion for sustainability will follow her wherever she goes. Her Mother came for graduation and we celebrated together (photo below).

Our Chinese Project Coordinator, Aaron Reiss, has moved into New York City’s Chinatown to improve his language skills. In the coming weeks, we will be working with the group who sent us the message below about creating a Green Map Toolkit for Guangzhou. We appreciate their enthusiasm!

Overall we are happy to note the progress and development of the Chinese Open Green Maps, including twelve interactive projects in Taiwan. We added new features, including the ability to quickly duplicate sites. This made it fast and easy for each Green Map team to add similar types of sites like transit stations, bike share locations and recycling drop off points in their communities.

Watch for our growing momentum in the coming year. As always, thank you for your support. We wish you a healthy and sustainable Year of the Snake! 

Hui graduated!
Hui graduated!
Collaboration is key to success
Collaboration is key to success


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