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Engaging communities worldwide to chart a sustainable future - for all of us! We empower a diverse perspective-changing movement mapping local natural, social and cultural resources in 875 diverse cities, villages and neighborhoods in over 65 countries. Developing local sustainability networks since 1995, Green Map System expands the demand for healthy, green choices with our adaptable, experiential and interactive mapmaking resources and universal icons, multilingual websites, workshops and regional hubs.
Aug 23, 2013

August is Impacts Month @Green Map!

Great teamwork at Green Map this summer
Great teamwork at Green Map this summer

Hello to all our generous donors!

We've had a very good summer with new projects and new contacts made globally, thanks to your support. Perhaps you have noticed GlobalGiving’s special 100% match of new recurring donations in August – give 4 months in a row and Green Map receives twice as much – follow the link below for details, and thank you!

Summer projects highlights:

A newly released Social Media Guide for Green Mapmakers (and model NYC campaigns on popular platforms). Low cost, fun and effective! This guide has 3 goals – 1) help Mapmakers promote their maps, events and activities to new audiences, 2) provide an in-house template for their volunteers and interns, and 3) link their promotions to the global network's social media. We tested out our guide with a new campaign:

Impacts Month! We’ve been posting stories from our 2009 Impacts book on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook (link below), and gathering new stories to update the book from Baltimore, Cape Town, Curitiba, Geneva, Guangzhou, and Gyeonggi-do with more to come! We aim to release the freshly expanded book in 2013. 

Infrastructure Improvements! We have been making important upgrades to the award-winning Open Green Map, our interactive ‘social mapping’ platform, now used in 37 countries to create easily shared, readily updated maps that are open public suggestions, images and viewpoint maps. Once these upgrades ‘go live’ in September, we’ll fill you in on what’s been accomplished and the next phase of this ever-growing platform. Your support makes a crucial difference here!

We have also had fun (serious fun) providing “Adapting to Change” cycling tours and maps highlighting Hurricane Sandy’s impacts and community resilience solutions on NYC’s Lower East Side (see the Facebook page linked below, with both interactive and printed maps – Spanish edition to come!). Open to everyone, our next tour will be September 27. It’s an official NYC Climate Week event and part of 10 Days of Climate Action. 

We had a terrific Board Reunion this summer and its 'knock-on effects' keep growing. It was a great season for meaningful, inspiring meetings, and for fabulous interns who did so much to advance our work, locally and globally! Visit our blog at any time for more news.

Share our work on your social media (our Twitter handle is #GreenMap) or send our introductory slideshow (below) to generate interest in starting a new Green Map project! 

Impacts Month & GlobalGiving's Match continues through August. We'd like to thank you, and wish you the best as the seasons change. 


Jun 10, 2013

New Mobile Green Maps! June 12 is Match Day!

Explore on mobiles!
Explore on mobiles!

Hello GlobalGiving Donors!

Wednesday is a special Match day – starting at 9AM EST, your donation will help us accomplish 50% more!

Today, we have good news to share – there’s a brand new way to explore Green Maps!

Got a mobile phone or tablet? Check out on your browser. Experience this new interactive map on your desktop at too! 

As you explore and zoom in, more sites from the Open Green Map will come into view. Finally, you can explore green sites in relationship to each other while you’re on the go. 

Created with the help of a Google-sponsored 24HoursofGood hack day, Green Map’s mobile website is ‘responsive’ - it automatically changes shape to fit your device. 

37 countries now use the Open Green Map platform, so our new mobile website is exciting to hundreds of communities worldwide who are announcing it to their audiences now too! Zoom around or tap the top square and type in a different location. If your city’s sites are not on the map, consider leading a new Green Map project. 

Next, we are planning to build new iPhone and Android apps with more features, including site collection and the interactive mobile map, but we need your help!  Please donate and share this link - - with your friends, social media, etc.

On June 12, your donation will be matched! Give this Wednesday at 9AM EST - GlobalGiving’s pool of matching funds will only last a couple hours, so set your clock, please. 50% more! Give $20, we’ll receive $30! Give $100, we’ll receive $150, 50% more up to $1000!

Give this project a running start! Our Open Green Map platform and new ways to explore it - including this mobile website and apps – are continually being improved to support progress toward a sustainable future. 

Thank you! Together we can Connect, Inform, Inspire! 

Zoom in and around to see more green sites
Zoom in and around to see more green sites
Select a Location, Map or List
Select a Location, Map or List


May 24, 2013

New Chinese Guide to Green Mapmaking

Green Map
Green Map's new Guide in Chinese

Thanks to you, donors, we are happy to announce that an important Guide to Making Green Maps has been translated into simplified Chinese!

Created in Europe by the 4BsHive, this colorful guide highlights 4 different ways to create Green Maps. With the help of wonderful mapmakers at the China Mangrove Conservation Network and our staff members Hui Zhou and Aaron Reiss, this fantastic resource is now available to our growing community of local Green Mapmakers in China, and to the public.

You are welcome to download in Chinese as a compressed 2MB PDF or as a full scale, zipped 19MB PDF.

This guide has an interesting story. The original 4BsHive project started early in 2009, with European Union funding. It’s a collaborative project between four cities: Bistrita (Romania), Bristol (United Kingdom), Berlin (Germany), and Budapest (Hungary) - hence the "4 Bs".

After two years of adult learning exchanges and mobilities and Green Mapmaking workshops, the 4BsHive project culminated in July 2011 with a wonderful guide that explored 4 ways to create a Green Map. Find more, including the original English 4BsHive Guide to Green Mapping and an excellent video (see both on blog linked below).

That the 4BsHive Guide is now available in Chinese means that our burgeoning network of locally-led projects in China will have a much stronger foundation on which to start their own projects. We would like to thank everyone involved, including you! Your contributions at Global Giving mean that we can do more to support local leadership for sustainable, healthy communities throughout China!

You'll hear from us again as GlobalGiving's June 12 Match Day approaches. We wish you all the best in the weeks until then. Thank you! !

Introducing 4 ways to create Green Maps
Introducing 4 ways to create Green Maps
Making Open Green Maps is included in the Guide
Making Open Green Maps is included in the Guide


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