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Nov 7, 2013

Thank You for Support Green Mapmaking in China!

Adapting to Change Green Map in Chinese
Adapting to Change Green Map in Chinese

Thanks to your support, recent months have proved to be very exciting for Green Map's efforts, both in China and with our own community’s local Chinese population here in New York City.   

Your generous contributions to us through Global Giving have made it possible to welcome two young women who are deeply interested in China and Taiwan to our Green Map team.  Angran is a design student from Beijing, currently studying at Parsons the New School of Design. Eugenie was born in Taiwan, and is passionate about music, education, energy efficiency and local food. Take a look at a video that will introduce you to our Chinese-speaking staff by clicking the Blog linked below.

Currently, we are just completing a survey of Green Mapmakers in China and Taiwan to find out more about what these diverse teams need and what they have created. Next, these newly shared resources can be assessed and amplified to help others succeed in engaging community members in creating Green Maps.  We are fostering the growing Green Map network in several ways, starting by putting each respondent in contact with the others, along with information about their skills and strengths. 

Connecting Local and Global

Locally in New York, our award-winning “Adapting to Change” Lower East Ride Green Map was recently translated into Cantonese. Produced as a postcard and as a poster, the map highlights the impacts of Hurricane Sandy and resiliency resources on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Bicycling is featured, including the 45 new bike share stations is this district. With Spanish, English and Chinese editions complete, we have been conducting bicycle tours that bring people together with experts to learn, exchange and develop partnerships. Our most recent tour won a Creative Climate Action Award, as you can see on the Facebook page linked below - you can also download the maps there, and interact with the Open Green Map too!

Now, linking local and global, we are making a short video about how to create a Green Map Cycling Tour! The Chinese version will help bring this fun and informative new way of exploring the map and involve people in China and Taiwan.

Thank you again for all your support! best wishes from all of us at Green Map System!

Chinese-speaking staff at Green Map System
Chinese-speaking staff at Green Map System


Nov 6, 2013

Thank YOU for helping Green Mapmakers Worldwide!

Green Map Thanks YOU!
Green Map Thanks YOU!

To our supporters via Global Giving:

We think of you often! Your help means we can work with hundreds of local Green Map teams who work very hard on creating Green Maps that motivate positive change in communities of all scales, across the US and beyond. The presentation linked below tells more of the story – feel free to share it with friends or use it to ignite a new Green Map in your hometown.

You have supported fundamental improvements in our mapping platform which now has 40 countries using it! 

Open Green Maps offer a very low cost, highly participative way to share information about each community’s resources for sustainable and resilient living. In 2013, we have been upgrading the underlying infrastructure (including Google Map #3), with improvements to the green site information windows now nearly complete. Excitingly, you are helping us develop a new mobile site collection app – more news about this and 2014 goals soon!

You have supported mapmaker surveys that led to more social media integration too. We produced a guide to help our network promote local, regional and global efforts on free media to reach new audiences. It's one of the newest in our online Tool Center, where all of us can share engagement, criteria setting, outreach and education resources.

With your help we can respond directly to the needs articulated by this diverse network, and work together for a better world

Thank you again and enjoy the slideshow!

Our best wishes to you.    

Aug 23, 2013

China Green Map Progress

Work in progress on the Zhaoqing Green Map
Work in progress on the Zhaoqing Green Map

Hello to all our generous donors!

We've had a very good summer with new projects and new contacts made in China, thanks to your support. Perhaps you have noticed Global Giving’s special 100% match of new recurring donations in August – give 4 months in a row and Green Map will receive twice as much – follow the link below for details, thank you!

Last week, we had 7 important Chinese environmental officials visit our office in New York, including the Ministry of the Environment's Director, regional officials and NGOs such as Roots and Shoots Chengdu. Our discussion featured the Green Maps already created in China and how we might work together to extend it. This group came to us through the US State Department International Visitors Program.  

Soon, we will be adding a grad student from Beijing to our staff - she will both help us follow up with new contacts and develop short videos in Chinese and English that will help us share our stories and tools more broadly. Video tutorials in Chinese will provide technical support for Open Green Map users, too.  

She will also help us make Chinese versions of our newly released Social Media Guide for Green Mapmakers. Low cost, fun and effective! 

We’ll soon be posting a blog by the Zhaoqing Green Map project. It's created by the Public Welfare Group of Lingnan Culture, which was founded by students from Guangdong Province. Working with “China Hand” cultural magazine, a number of sharing activities have taken place. They are planning more tours that introduce the methods of making Green Maps as well as the sites. A detail of their newest map-in-progress is featured.

We’re also planning to create a How to Create a Green Map Tour guide in Chinese. Bicycling and walking tours provide an exciting way to introduce green sites and hear from experts on the spot. Experiences from Zhaoqing and other Chinese Green Mapmakers will be referenced as will our own “Adapting to Change” cycling tours and maps highlighting Hurricane Sandy’s impacts and community resilience solutions on NYC’s Lower East Side – these offer a model that has generated media interest and new partnerships. 

Lastly, August has been Impacts Month! We’ve been posting stories from our 2009 Impacts book on Pinterest and Facebook (link below), and gathering new stories to update the book. The Fresh Guangzhou project will be one of the first new stories added! 

Enjoy the season and thank you for making all this happen!  

Impacts Month "Pinterest
Impacts Month "Pinterest' page
"Fresh" at work in Guanzhou
"Fresh" at work in Guanzhou


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