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Engaging communities worldwide to chart a sustainable future - for all of us! We empower a diverse perspective-changing movement mapping local natural, social and cultural resources in 875 diverse cities, villages and neighborhoods in over 65 countries. Developing local sustainability networks since 1995, Green Map System expands the demand for healthy, green choices with our adaptable, experiential and interactive mapmaking resources and universal icons, multilingual websites, workshops and regional hubs.
Apr 6, 2009

A greeting from Hu Huizhe

We're pleased to forward this Global Giving Greeting from Hu Huizhe, China's Green Map Hub Leader, from her base at Friends of Nature in Beijing: 绿地图能从个人生活的视角体现出社区的魅力所在。很多生活中的自然、文化、绿色环保 的信息都可以通过绿地图来展现。绿地图可以用灵活互动的方式联结本地生活和全球视野 。Open Green Map的互动标注系统可以为地球村的村民们提供更加多元和有效的参与。 在这里,我们可以跨越地域的局限,展示、讨论和分享各种丰富的生态、社会、文化信息 。同时,Open Gren Map 不仅易于操作,即时更新,还具有超国界的延展性,网络和手 机用户都可以即时参与。让我们一起使用 Open Green Map来给这个世界添加色彩和个性 ,并共同拓展出更有活力和希望的未来! Green Maps highlight local natural, cultural and green living sites to promote personal and community well-being. Transforming local information into global interaction, the Open Green Map social mapping platform spurs healthy participation as it shares diverse public viewpoints. Celebrating sustainability and social resources without barriers, Open Green Maps are always available, easily updated, expanded and explored in online, mobile and custom formats. Enrich today's world and envision a verdant, hopeful future with Open Green Map! 2005年,自然之友成为中国大陆地区第一个在北京开始绿地图活动的组织。到2009年,已 经有20多个各地组织参与到绿地图活动中。这些绿色制图人包括来自学校、社区、环保组 织、研究机构、生态旅游、乡村等各式各样的伙伴。很多地区都创造出富于当地特点,丰 富有趣的绿地图。这些地图既能反映出当地文化的原创魅力,同时也具有国际视野。我们 相信中文版的Open Green Map 可以让更多人了解到在中国的社区所发生的各种环保活动 。同时,Open Green Map 也可以鼓励更多中国公众方便、有效地参与到社区记录和发展 活动中。这个系统可以为所有的中国绿地图制图人提供很好的帮助! Since its beginning in 2005, now there are more than 20 active Green Map teams all over China. Friends of Nature is the first authorized organization to outreach for and create Green Maps in Beijing. Various groups including student groups, local communities, academic researchers, eco-tourism and village communities have participated in Green Mapping in different forms in China. We have also created quite a few unique and fresh maps featuring the local cultural essence while reflecting a global vision. We believe that a Chinese interface of Open Green Map will let more people understand how Chinese Green Mapmakers work on sustainable development and environment protection. In the meanwhile, Open Green Map also provide an efficient, feasible, and interesting interactive platform for more public participation from China. It will be a great support for all Green Mapmakers.

Mar 6, 2009

Progress in Winter 2009

Each day brings new partnerships and progress to Green Map System!

Our social mapping platform-in-progress was most recently presented at at the Ashoka Changemakers - We Media Pitch It event at the end of February, where it was honored as a finalist. It's gained great press as you can see by clicking Testimonials on the home page. You'll also see that there are now more than 40 interactive Open Green Maps from a dozen countries, ready for the public to add their own insights, images and impacts! All users are invited to explore the maps, compare the sites, engage with them in person, then help assess and expand their profile online. Click In Progress on the upper menu to see a short video and upcoming plans.

This website is also drawing new leadership to become Green Mapmakers, too. We recently experienced a record-breaking day with the most new projects in a 24 hour period – 5 joined from three countries! Each can immediately access all our tools and adapt them to suit local needs and issues.

Our new youth modules are being downloaded more frequently too - check them out at and get the students you know involved, too! These Energy & Environment Exploration modules were piloted in NYC, where our office is based. For a video, click Want to hear more from the Green Map global network? Add your email address to the Newsletter box on our homepage and 6-7 times a year, you'll get the inside story on Green Map System's effectiveness in communicating sustainability across the USA and in 53 countries.

Click Contact on the bottom menu of and to send us your thoughts and advice - we'd love to hear from you!

Nov 20, 2008

November 2008 Update

It's been a tremendous season of activity, thanks to your support! We are making great strides and continuously discovering the limitless potential of the Open Green Map (OGM). Please preview our work in progress at, and explore the first 2000 sites and 30+ maps that have already been posted. There's lots more features to come before we celebrate the public launch in Spring 2009.

In the summer, we opened OGM to all Green Mapmakers around the world, so their maps could set a high standard for the thousands and thousands of sites we expect to follow. Already OGM is showcasing a vast array of sites, paths and resources charted by our network worldwide, soon to be enhanced by a great diversity of insights, images and impacts that have been added by the public. The first of the Chinese Open Green Maps is taking shape, and Google Map has recently improved street maps of Beijing and other Chinese cities. One we have secured the support to translate OGM's interface, we think it will become a very popular resource!

New features will be added throughout 2009-10 as OGM further expands its user base and magnifies its impact. Using widgets, each map will be accessible from many different websites and blogs. Users will be able to filter their view and discuss, share images and personal impacts related to each green site. In the coming months, OGM will support mobile phones access and data sharing, connecting with calendars, newsfeeds and potentially even offline exhibits or textbooks.

OGM has already been a Finalist in the NetSquared Challenge and in Tele Atlas' Maps in Apps competition, appeared in numerous articles and blogs, and presented in several countries and conferences.

Demand for this remarkable new tool is constantly increasing - and at the same time, OGM is building the demand for our traditional mapmaking resources in China and other places. Our network is expanding faster than ever! In October 2008, we reached the 500th project milestone, and we welcomed new project leaders from our 54th country!

In preparation for the significantly expanded audience generated by OGM, in May 2007, we re-launched as a multilingual presentation-collaboration-tool center. This past spring, we completed an expansion of our award-winning global iconography, so OGM’s symbol set reflects our updated understandings of social justice, economic integrity and environmental vitality. This past summer, our in-house OGM team of staff and interns at Green Map System expanded to a dozen, and our network of OGM advisors and supporters grows weekly. Our motto is “Never underestimate the power of a small donation.” Small ($10 and up) contributions helped Green Map System rank in the Top Ten of America’s Giving Challenge in January 2008 – thank you Global Givers! These funds seeded OGM's development, and helped us leverage ober 50% of the project's 2year budget. We are very happy to receive your assistance through this website. Or contact us directly if you wish to help us in other ways.

Thank you again for your continued assistance and encouragement. We hope you are as excited as we are to realize the brighter future of communities worldwide, thanks to the Open Green Map, our suite of adaptable resources, and the spirit of Green Mapmakers everywhere!


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