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Apr 17, 2014

Preparedness and Prevention in The Philippines

International Women
International Women's Day Workshop

Big strides are being made at International Disaster Volunteers! We are excited for them and thank you for making this possible! Since the last report, IDV has given two awesome updates about their project. The floods season is unfortunately approaching fast in the Philippines, but IDV is doing everything they can to get the regions prepared! Most importantly IDV creates community based rescue teams. This means that members of the affected communities are trained in first aid, evacuation simulations, and general flood safety tips. IDV has cultivated a community of first responders, this quick turnover is inexplicably important and will save hundreds of lives.

IDV facilitates expanded community assessments as well as extended evacuation plans. These tools connect communities and span distances so that when a disaster inevitably strikes, the entire region will be well prepared, not just particular communities. International Disaster Volunteers’ logistical expertise that connects rural towns and farms together to ensure nobody gets left behind or forgotten. While focused on prevention and preparedness IDV is also creating important and lasting connections between distanced communities.

Recognizing the importance of women in Philippine households, IDV celebrated International Women's Day with a workshop for developing sustainable livelihoods for women and their families. In the Philippines it’s most typical for a woman to manage finances and budgets for her family. Because of this the workshop was used to teach women how to farm organically and how to market their produce. Rural, underprivileged women now have the capacity to build and sell their products, and have healthy food for their families. Your contribution to this GlobalGiving fund directly benefits one of these workshops! In the coming weeks International Disasters Volunteers are excited to announce two more workshops, one on slipper making and one for sewing.

Few realize that flooding in the Philippines is annual and ever present. Your donation contributed to alleviating a recurring disaster. Your help is always needed and appreciated more than you can know! You are not just donating, you are building resilient and well prepared communities. Thank you for your contribution, it is immeasurably important!

Preparing Products for Selling
Preparing Products for Selling
Community-Based Rescue Team Leaders
Community-Based Rescue Team Leaders
Apr 9, 2014

R.O.A.R. Partners Update April 2014

Wounda the chimpanzee - Jane Goodall Institute
Wounda the chimpanzee - Jane Goodall Institute

Dear R.O.A.R. Fund Supporters,

Thanks to your continued generosity, R.O.A.R.’s nonprofits partners are changing the lives of animals all over the world for the better.

  • American Humane Association’s Red Star Animal Emergency Services continues to reunite rescued and shelter animals with families.
  • Earthwatch Institute’s researchers aim to ensure that the habitats of the green sea turtle and the hawksbill sea turtle in the Bahamas are protected from coastal development. The 2014 research season began on February 13th and will continue through November 16th.  
  • EQUUS Foundation’s work rehabilitating Charlie, a once-injured horse thought to be too skittish for competition, allowed him to win medals in eight events in the 2010 Special Olympics in Ponder, Texas, with Kasey Barnes, born in 1993 with Downs Syndrome.
  • Jane Goodall Institute recently rehabilitated a chimpanzee named Wounda, who came to them sick and malnourished. Wounda is now thriving on Tchindzoulou Island, part of an expanded sanctuary, where she can climb trees, forage for food, and play with other chimpanzees.
  • National Wildlife Federation recently averted conflict between domestic and wild bighorn sheep by retiring grazing privileges on 12,000 acres of Montana’s Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest, which will prevent domestic sheep from spreading fatal diseases to two herds of bighorn sheep.
  • Petfinder Foundation has granted 33,780 Cat Castles and 40,000 Stretch & Scratch cat scratches to adoption groups in order to reduce stress on shelter cats and ease their transitions into new homes.
  • Villalobos Rescue Center continues to work with heartworm positive dogs to provide the vet care and medicine necessary for them to lead happy and healthy lives.

Thank you again for your help in making these accomplishments possible!

Sea Turtle in the Bahamas - Earthwatch Institute
Sea Turtle in the Bahamas - Earthwatch Institute
Petfinder Foundation cat castle
Petfinder Foundation cat castle
Sheep in Montana - National Wildlife Federation
Sheep in Montana - National Wildlife Federation
Rehabilitated Charlie - EQUUS Foundation
Rehabilitated Charlie - EQUUS Foundation
Apr 4, 2014

Project of the Month Update: April 2014

Send Joy to Seriously Ill Children
Send Joy to Seriously Ill Children

Dear Project of the Month Club,

Winter has finally ended here in Washington DC and we're seeing the first hints of spring. I'm happy to share an update that we hope is as uplifting as the warm weather:

In March, we raised $5,992 from 186 people to support "Send Joy to Seriously Ill Children," a project run by our partners at Children's Cancer Association (CCA). Your donation allowed us to completely cover the costs for 5 families, like Ryland and his family. Ryland spent more than 130 nights in the hospital while he underwent chemotherapy the first time. After a relapse, he and his family needed a way to reconnect and replenish their spirits. "[CCA] allowed our family to temporarily leave behind all the stuff that comes with fighting cancer day in and day out," said Ryland's mom, Jenn. "We didn’t even realize how much we needed it until we got here."

This month, your donation will support "Hope For Begging Talibe Children, St-Louis Senegal" run by Maison de la Gare. GlobalGiving's Champion for Customer Bliss, Paige Creigh, visited this project in Senegal during a trip at the end of February and saw their incredible impact first hand. In the Saint Louis region of Senegal there are over 7,000 young boys between the age of 3 and 19 that have been sent out into the street to beg. Locally referred to as talibe, these boys often have not had access to school. With the support of donors like you, Maison de la Gare provides these boys with clothing, food, and an education. Each month they provide life-changing support to over 350 children, all of whom we will be supporting this month.

Thank you for being part of the GlobalGiving community and reminding us all what good is possible when we come together. It's a pleasure and an honor to share this update with you, and we look forward to more good news in May!

Mari and the GlobalGiving Team

Hope for begging talibe children, St-Louis Senegal
Hope for begging talibe children, St-Louis Senegal


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