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Aug 28, 2012

Flooding Sweeps Through The Philippines Again

Photo Credit: Asia America Initiative
Photo Credit: Asia America Initiative

In July and August 2012, the Philippines experienced torrential rainstorms. The flooding that resulted in the capital city, Manila, has affected more than 2 million people, forced at least 20,000 to flee their homes and more than 60 people lost their lives. Manila was completely covered in water at the peak of the floods, shutting down shops, schools, and stores.  Food is currently in short supply as the rice fields were turned into useless mush.

Here is the good news: Your donations have already provided $4000 to the Asia America Initiative, who has used this money to provide water purification systems, fever reducing medicine and warm blankets. Asia America’s long term impact will help to prevent disease from spreading and at risk persons from exposure to the now harsh environment. To learn more about their project, click here.

Our other partners are also helping the people of the Philippines get back on their feet. 

Architecture for Humanity is supporting long-term recovery and disaster mitigation efforts by identifying reconstruction projects for those most in need.  Their project’s link can be found here.

Merlin USA is working to deliver hygiene kits and emergency health care supplies to over 300 families. Merlin is also working to raise awareness about the spread of disease through evacuation shelters. To find out more, click on their project’s link here.

The United States Fund for UNICEF has assessed the need in the Philippines and is requesting donations for portable toilets, temporary shelter, child registration and child counseling services.  You can visit their project page here.  

De La Salle University is currently engaged with student volunteers preparing food packages and basic necessities to be shipped to priority areas.  Their project can be found by clicking on this link here.

If you would like to donate to the GlobalGiving fund, the donations given to the fund will be divided according to the need of each of the organizations listed above. You can access our Philippines Flood Relief Fund here.

GlobalGiving and our partners have begun to respond, and will continue to respond to this immediate need for basic necessities such as food, clean water, and shelter. When a disaster hits, people’s daily lives are knocked off balance. You have the ability to restore that balance, both in the short term and in the long term.  Small items, such as a fever reducing pill, have a huge impact.  The city of Manila will eventually need to be re-built by experienced architects, and they cannot do it alone. Please visit all of our Philippines Flood Relief Projects here.

Thank you once again for your generous support!


Aug 27, 2012

Building Real-World Good

Asturias Academy Library: Reading for Change
Asturias Academy Library: Reading for Change

Thank you very much for your generous donation to the Bricks for Good Fund. I'm pleased to share that over the last several months we've sold more than 130 Bricks for Good sets and have disbursed $8,255 to the nine projects that benefit from this fund.

Build a Well
The purchase of the "Well" kit has raised $2,320 in funding for water projects in Ghana, Haiti, and China. As a result, 90 school children will now have access to clean water in Ghana, we've helped purchase part of a chlorinator system and chlorine tablets for schools in Haiti, and we're helping support efforts to bring clean drinking water to children's hospitals and orphanages in China.

Build a School
The purchase of the "School" kit has raised $2,470 funding for education projects in Kenya, Guatemala, and India. Your support will buy desks and other supplies for a school in Kenya (which was recently featured on NPR's All Things Considered), will buy books for a school library in Guatemala, and will buy school supplies for an entire classroom for a year in India.

Build a Tree
The purchase of the "Tree" kit has raised $3,465 in funding for environmental projects in Madagascar, Peru, and India. Due to your generosity, we've helped purchase 400 trees to help reforest a village in Madagascar, protect 4 acres of Peruvian rainforest, and will help renovate a water harvesting structure for a sacred grove in India.

Thank You
Thank you again for your generous support. We hope that you've enjoy building your sets and seeing the good you've helped build in the world. Please let us know if you have any feedback on the sets or this project in the comment.

Happy building,
Kevin Conroy
Director of User Experience

A woman drawing water from a well in Ghana.
A woman drawing water from a well in Ghana.
Rainforest in Peru
Rainforest in Peru
Aug 16, 2012

ROAR Fund Update August 2012

Dear R.O.A.R. Supporters,

Let us begin by expressing gratitude for your tremendous generosity and your continued support of the R.O.A.R. Fund.  The projects benefiting from the Fund have been doing incredible work to make the world a better place for animals and we wanted to provide you updates from some of our partners. 

We are also excited to inform you that in the months of September and October (2012) Animal Planet is generously offering up to $120,000 of matching funds to the R.O.A.R. Fund and its partner projects on GlobalGiving. We hope you will visit: to learn more about these R.O.A.R. partners and their projects beginning on September 1st.

Updates from the R.O.A.R. Fund partners:

  • In response to the record number of devastating natural disasters in the past year that put both people and animals in harm’s way, the American Humane Association’s Red Star Animal Emergency Services team deployed immediately to rescue, shelter, and protect thousands of animals from harm.  The American Humane Association cared for animals following the tornado in Joplin, Missouri; the storms in the South; the Souris River flooding in Minot, North Dakota; Hurricane Irene in North Carolina; and the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. 
  • The Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors treated over 7,500 animals in the past year, allowing the innocent victims to have the best possible chance at life.  Out of all the animals, 833 were koalas.  The organization is gearing up for another busy trauma season for its koala patients, since koalas typically breed in between June and December.  During this time, koalas cover a lot more ground and have a greater risk of getting hit by a car or being attacked by a dog. 
  • The Jane Goodall Institute’s Tchimpounga Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Center is continuing to provide traumatized orphan chimps with the care needed to have a second chance at life.  Lemba is a particularly amazing chimpanzee.  Her legs don’t work anymore due to the effects of polio, but even with her physical limitations, Lemba performs exercises daily that were designed to restore her agility and arm strength.  Lemba is also being trained to be a future surrogate mother for infant chimps at the Center.
  • In continuing its efforts to give wildlife the opportunity to roam and thrive in their native habitat, the National Wildlife Federation reached an important milestone this past year by surpassing the 600,000 mark for the number of “conflict” areas retired.  The Adopt-An-Acre project has provided bears with tens of thousands of acres of secure habitat and has created a safe space for bison to roam during harsh winters. 
  • Earthwatch Institute researchers and volunteers have been working at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy to bring rhinoceros back from the brink of extinction.  The rhino population at Ol Pejeta has been growing at an annual average of 8%, which is above the 6% Kenyan national target, and the current total number of rhinos is 87, making it the largest black rhino sanctuary in East Africa.  So far this year, there have been three recorded rhino births, indicating signs of improved rangeland conditions. 

Again, thank you for supporting the R.O.A.R. Fund and showing compassion to animals in your communities and in the wild. 

Best wishes,
The GlobalGiving Team

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