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Agros exists to see rural poor families in developing nations attain economic self-sufficiency, cultivate a livelihood and pass on to future generations the values and resources that enable them to flourish.
Jun 19, 2013

You helped farmers succeed in Tierra Nueva

You Made a Difference for Don Justino and His Family:

Don Justino was forced to grow up quickly during the war of the 80s when he lost his right leg. Despite the handicap, Don Justino and his wife Doña Andrea have been an example of hard work, faith, and unity. Life has not been easy for Justino and Andrea. Before moving to Tierra Nueva, Andrea worked as a maid and Justino grew corn and beans on rented land to feed his family of seven. They had no land of their own and nowhere to call home. Now, in Tierra Nueva, the couple has planted basic grains, coffee, cacao, and vegetables. They hope to generate enough profit on their crops to make regular land payments and eventually become landowners.

Justino has been active in community projects, always showing up punctually for community work events. When the physical demands of the work at hand are too much for him, such as with the road construction and water project, he counts on his eldest children to lend a hand. He is proud of his family, of their land, and of the bright future in store for his children.

Thank you for your incredible support of Agros International's communities and the important work being done to help families fight to escape the effects of chronic poverty. Without your generosity, people like Don Justino and his family would not have the hope that they now have.



Community Organization

During this quarter new community board of directors were elected in the community, one in San Benito and one in Las 40.

A potable water committee was established to manage this important resource.

They’ve also organized commissions for the construction of the model houses and the family houses in Las 40, and commissions to guard the area where the building materials are being stored.


All the materials needed to build the first and second block of homes have been procured and are being stored in a safe location.

The families have finished preparing the land in Las 40 for home construction (leveling).

Model home construction has begun in both sectors; they will be used to teach the families how the rest of the homes are to be built.

Eighty-eight community members repaired 1.2 kilometers of access roads leading to the community

The study and financial bidding process for the road project has been completed, as well as the negotiation of the final price. 

Economic Development

Coffee: There are 52.2 hectares of established coffee plantations, which receive fertilization and integrated pest management. In preparation to expand coffee lands by another .7 hectares, farmers are growing coffee saplings from seed.

Cacao: Currently there are 14 hectares of cacao trees being cultivated in Tierra Nueva, and 12.5 hectares are projected to be started soon by families who have already been given quality seed and bags to start growing their saplings.

Basic Grains: Beans were planted during this trimester, and Agros supported this activity by offering seeds for 21.5 hectares of beans (.7 hectares per family) and inputs for 75 families, assisting a total of 106 families. The rest of the families carried out the planting with their own money.

Vegetables:  More than 131,132 tomato and jalapeño plants of different varieties have been established and commercialized providing the families with income.

Access to Markets: Eleven families participated in a workshop on access to markets and six families were trained to sell crops to Hortifruti.


Health and Wellbeing

Growth Groups: 70% of members have been participating in the growth groups, discussing subjects like communication, self esteem, goal-setting, and values.

Education: The school year recently ended and 112 students finished the school year successfully. The adult education classes have continued.

Health: 5 community health promoters engaged in a consultation with the community partner, PATH, to perform a diagnosis on community health, conduct a session to weigh children in the community under the age of 5, and administer vitamins and other anti-parasitic medications.



Agros International and the families who live in the communities we support are grateful for the critical support we receive from our donors. Agros is preparing to expand our outreach into rural communities through a regional growth project, and we could not do it without your support. Stay tuned for more information on how you can be involved! And THANK YOU for standing with these incredible families whose livelihoods depend upon the land they live on.

Apr 2, 2013

San Marcos Village Update

Since 1998, Agros has been working in Nicaragua, bringing life change and development to the rural poor. Our team comprises 19 people, and we are each committed to Agros and the 267 families we serve in our country.

We continue to strengthen our strategic alliances with other agencies in the area, establishing commercial relationships in order to increase the families’ incomes through productive initiatives. We also continue encouraging the women to become more involved with organizational and social activities and productive projects through community banks.

Together, our partner families are cultivating a total of 77 acres of coffee. They are also producing a variety of vegetables. Their knowledge is steadily increasing about farming techniques, and as a result, their crops are improving both in quantity and quality.

In personal development, our families are participating in Growth Groups, small groups in which they share their hopes, dreams, successes and setbacks; encourage each other; offer friendly advice; and build strong relationships. Also, our partnership with the Ministry of Health continues to provide important training to our families on such topics as hygiene, nutrition, family planning and gender equality. We are also pleased to report that we have a 95% retention rate among our communities’ children and youth who are attending school.

During this next fiscal year, with the help of faithful friends like you, we will continue to promote our families’ personal and economic growth, helping them achieve their great goal of owning land and forever escaping poverty. Thank you for caring for Nicaragua’s rural poor through Agros!

Apr 2, 2013

Villa Linda Village has Graduated!

Thank you for your commitment to the Villa Linda community!

Since this community’s founding in 2006, your steadfast encouragement, financial support and service team participation have helped restore dignity and hope for a better future to families stuck in a vicious, generational cycle of poverty.

Because of your support, today, Villa Linda’s families have food security, their own housing, thriving agriculture-based enterprises, access to clean water and so much more that was only a dream in the past.

In each community Agros helps establish, field staff work alongside families toward the goal of self-sustainability. This past June, after six years of partnership with Agros, Villa Linda graduated from Agros direct support. In this phase of development, the community becomes self-directed, and continues to make progress tapping the knowledge that’s been imparted through years of partnership.

Over the next few years, Agros will maintain contact with Villa Linda leadership, providing encouragement, advice and support as appropriate. During this time, families will apply everything they have learned to maintain strong community leadership, annual planning and personal growth, maintaining income-generating projects and working toward the ultimate goal of paying off their land loans.

You are a valued partner in the Agros mission, and I hope that you will consider engaging with another of our communities in Central America, or supporting an Agros initiative, such as sustainable economic development, that meets critical needs of families across all our communities.

Along with you, I look forward to that day when 100% of Villa Linda’s families receive their titles and are official landowners. I know that the families, who are so grateful for your faithful commitment, would say, “We couldn’t have done it without you!”

Thank you for your continued partnership with Agros and the families in the communities we support. Please stay tuned for new Agros projects through which you can change lives and provide hope for families in Central America!

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