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Vision Africa equips and empowers children and youths for a brighter future, ensuring that they have the opportunity to fulfill their potential and make a difference in their families and communities. The following principles guide our project partnerships and work. The emphasis will vary depending on the nature of the project. Provision - We contribute towards meeting the children's material and emotional needs. Protection - We protect the rights of children to have a happy childhood free from neglect, cruelty and exploitation. Preparation - We support projects that enhance educational opportunities and prepare children to fulfil their potential.
Oct 2, 2013

Be The Spark for Seed of Hope

Stitching a Hat
Stitching a Hat

Seed of Hope students are back in class after a month long holiday. For some of them, the holiday time was used to sit their Government Trade exams which will help them if they choose to seek employment after graduating.

For our second year students, graduation is getting close with the first ceremony on the 24th October at our centre in Kisii, quickly followed by the Nairobi graduation the following day and ceremonies in Kitui and Kariti within the next couple of weeks. The students are busy putting the finishing touches to their final project. They have designed a collection of clothes and produced one item which they will wear to the graduation ceremony. At our Nairobi centre this week, students have also been putting their craft skills to use making jewellery to accessorise their outfit.

Last week, we had a visitor at Seed of Hope Nairobi who spent a couple of hours with a group of second year students. In this short time, she showed the girls how to cut and stitch sunhats for babies. It was amazing to see them quickly pick up this new skill and to see the pride in their work. It was also great to see them interact with the visitor as they would not have had the confidence to do that when they first joined Seed of Hope.

In fact, I was reminded of the recent report for one student, Nereah, which said “She was very shy and would even miss school because of avoiding questions from the teachers or any activity that needed participation of all students. Nowadays, she's one of the celebrities in the school, she is really outgoing." Looking at the picture of the girls modelling their hats last week, I don’t think any of them look shy! The self-confidence that they have gained in their time at Seed of Hope will go a long way to help them in the future.

Your donations have helped them on that journey. Thanks to all our friends at GlobalGiving who have supported Nereah and all the other students at Seed of Hope.

This year, we have been running a campaign called Be The Spark. This asks everyone to find a way to support our work....using their time money or skills. We are looking for staff to improve their projects, local communities to assist and all of our friends to do one thing to help. 

Wednesday the 9th October is GlobalGiving's Bonus Day for Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Donations made that day will be matched with 30% until the matching fund of $25,000 is exhausted.

Can you Be The Spark? Tell a friend about the GlobalGiving Bonus Day and ask them to donate on 9th October to make a BIG difference to the lives of our little ones.

Confident Models
Confident Models


Aug 6, 2013

Perfect Dressmaking

Phoebe Designing Graduation Outfit
Phoebe Designing Graduation Outfit

Graduation season is fast approaching for our four Seed of Hope centres. Although they are officially due to close at the end of this week for holidays, many of the second year students will be preparing for their Grade 2 Directorate of Industrial Training exams. After that, there is the final project to complete and then after graduation it will be time to set up their small businesses.

We thought it would be interesting to follow some of the students on this journey as they prepare to leave Seed of Hope and head out to start their own business.

Roselyn (18), Phoebe (18) and Salome (19) are second year students at our Nairobi centre. They are planning to open their business, “Perfect Dressmaking and Craft Shop”, in Kenyatta Market near Kibera. The girls were asked what difference they think the business will make to their lives. Salome was very quick to reply “It will help us be independent!” Phoebe and Roselyn are both looking forward to being able to help themselves and their families. They have younger siblings and would like to help ensure they get a good education.

The girls feel that they have learned a lot at Seed of Hope which will help them with their business. As well as the practical dressmaking and craft skills, they say their business skills will also help. “We’ve learned about market research, how to market our business, how to keep records and how to have a good relationship with customers. Our teachers are really encouraging us and so are our parents.”

Over the next few weeks, the second year students will be working on the designs for their final project. This involves designing and creating an outfit for their graduation ceremony. This year, the Nairobi students have been able to do a lot of research working with our volunteer, Esther, who is visiting from the UK. An exciting partnership with the ASOS Foundation means that the students have had access to iPads with internet access so Esther has been teaching them how to look up various fashion websites and then use the inspiration to create their own unique designs. They have also been looking at fashion magazines and Salome says the inspiration for her dress came from an actress on a Mexican soap opera she has been watching!

We asked Roselyn, Phoebe and Salome if they had any message for the people who will be supporting them and providing some of the capital to start up their small businesses. They said “Thank you for your support and we promise to be good girls and work hard in our business. May God bless you.” They are very excited about opening their business and say that in the future “it will grow if we put a lot of effort in.”

We look forward to following these girls through their graduation and on to the next phase of their journey towards independence.

Thank you to everyone who has supported this project via GlobalGiving. Thanks to you Phoebe, Roselyn, Salome and many more graduates from Seed of Hope face a brighter future.

For the latest news from Seed of Hope and our other projects, join us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @VisionAfrica.

Phoebe, Roselyn and Salome
Phoebe, Roselyn and Salome
Jul 24, 2013

Onwards and Upwards

Tents help education
Tents help education

Things are going well at Kibera Mpira Mtaani. Students at the ECD (Early Childhood Development) Centre are continuing with their learning and the after-school students are still showing up in large numbers to take advantage of the services provided at the centre.

In recent months, KiMMta has been able to extend one of the buildings by adding on another storey. This gives extra space for the ECD students to learn and means that all the after-school students can study in one building rather than being split across two locations.

KiMMta has had a couple of big deliveries in the last week. One was a donation of 142 footballs from Alive and Kicking. Alive and Kicking is a social enterprise based in Nairobi which manufactures hand made footballs which are durable for the surfaces on which many children in Kenya play. Through a partnership with a UK department store, Alive and Kicking was able to donate footballs to charitable organisations and KiMMta received one of the largest donations due to the number of children they connect with in the community of Kibera.

The other big delivery was a 100 seater tent and 100 chairs. These will be hired out and the proceeds will be invested in KiMMta's education programmes....helping them become more self-sustainable.

Thank you to everyone who has supported Kibera Mpira Mtaani's education programme through Global Giving. Your contribution is very much appreciated.

Receiving donation of balls
Receiving donation of balls
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