Mzesa Day Care Center

To facilitate a critical mass of slum residents with knowledge and capacity to effectively deal with public health and environment issues, advocacy on various socio-economic issues including poverty eradication, child labour, girl-child education and welfare and HIV/AIDS treatment and awareness. The HIV/AIDS pandemic has left many orphans and the girls are forced to be the breadwinner and are raped at unprecedented rates, thus Mzesa enrolls all students regardless of their HIV status.
Sep 6, 2013



After a long struggle with Food shortage, we have opened the School with a high turn-out of children.

We have had a long term which saw us feed more children than ever. We have had children coming along with their small siblings so that they can share their lunch. For sure the Feeding Program During our last meeting with the community, guardians and parents, the school was commended for the Feeding Program ; which was praised that the program has made a very big impact in the community. Robai, the mother to Eugine said: "For sure Mzesa has relieved me and others a lot by feeding these children". As Mzesa family, we deeply thank our donors and well-wishers for their donations and prayers. We humbly pray that you continue with your wonderful support which is making a wonderful difference in our community. We are undergoing a very difficult time with everything expensive yet we have to maintain these kids in school. We have to provide them with ARVs, Uniforms and other welfare necessities. We also thank the community for their involvement and pray that we continue in the same spirit.

Teachers have also put in a lot of efforts by working extra hours in order to prepare our class 8 who are preparing for Kenya Certificate of Primary Education examination at the end of the year.

Jul 5, 2013


Mzesa excited kids
Mzesa excited kids

The term started with a lot of confusion and tension with election fear and fever. We have past through a lot of troubles, but by faith we have managed to come out of this. We have managed to get our last year’s pupils who passed examinations admitted in secondary schools.  We have received more kids and have managed to buy them school uniforms.

We have bought more books and writing materials for every pupil.  We sincerely thank everyone who have contributed to make all these possible.  We have done so much, despite these fears. We kept all children together, clothed them and fed them without fear.

We thank you so much for your kind donations and pray that you continue helping these kids to get to a level where they can do examinations and move to the upper level.

Thank you very much and may God richly bless you.

New entrance
New entrance
Learning about HIV and  hygiene
Learning about HIV and hygiene


Mar 21, 2013



This  year started with a lot of events and excitements as we had ordered School Uniforms for all children who had no uniform IN December 2012, before we closed the school.  In January 2013, these uniforms were delivered and all who had no uniforms were supplied with one pair each.  This was realized because of kind hearts of our donors who have made these kids very proud.  THANK YOU!

Also the kids who were in the Nursery Class last year graduated to Pre-School and Class One (1) this term (2013).  Again, our long time prayers were that we teach these kids up-to Class 8 without them running back to their usual dump-sites.  Last year we had 11 children who sat for Std 8 (Kenya Primary School Examinations) and we are happy to let our friends and donors know that out of 11 children, we had 7 kids who passed this examination.  They have to join Form One (1) this year.  We have tried all we could to see that this kids  join Secondary Schools.   With your help, we have managed to pay the First Term school fees for them.  We are praying that we shall get more assistance so that we continue paying their Secondary School fees.

We also have 4 children who failed these exams.  We are planning to give them some sort of training if we can get assistance from our well-wishers, donors and friends so that they learn and empower themselves to sustain their future.  We have also constructed a reasonable Library to secure their  books.  

We  sincerely that all our well-wishers and donors out there.   We pray  for  God to open blessings  to  YOU  so that  YOU can be  a blessing to these children who dearly depend on YOU.

God bless you,

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