Network for Ecofarming in Africa

Empowering communities towards realization of sustainable livelihoods, access to empowering education and information, food security, as well as attainment of enhanced culture and environment. It values respect for people and nature; commitment and efficiency; honesty, accountability and transparency; positive socialization; enhancing visionary leadership and governance and being ambassadors of peace. It facilitates access to information, education, skills and appropriate technologies
Mar 18, 2012

Improve lives for 225 affected households with HIV.

The year 2012, started off as a very dry year, all over the country. We are in the month of March, by when we normally expect the long rains, but there no signs of rain coming soon. In regard to this, we are taking measures on how the beneficiaries will be able to cope with the changing weather patterns. Diversification of the planting materials to suit the current weather conditions, having new beneficiaries taking on small enterprises after trainings, so far 10 beneficiaries have acquired small stalls, and with the support we have received from our donors they will embark on their small enterprises (fruit and vegetable stall, rearing rabbits and chicken for sale). Capacity building on garden management and climate change issues, have been proposed and we hope to undertake them once we have enough funds, for all the involved beneficiaries to be in a position of increasing their production in consideration of changing weather patterns. We thank our donors for supporting our project, and request for their inputs on how we could improve on this project.

Mar 18, 2012

Progress Report on Help Build School in Kachuru.

The year has started off well for Kachuru primary pupils, as the school can now accommodate more pupils from the area, having constructed and rehabilitated 7 classrooms in total. From the last academic year, 25 pupils performed very well and will be joining various secondary schools within the country. 10 pupils from the school are also on scholarships. We believe education is the key to success, and we look forward to ensure the school has required facilities, like classrooms, teachers office, library and store office in collaboration with our donors. We also wish to thank our donors for the far we have come together.

Mar 18, 2012

Progress Report on Community Health Interventions.

The project has put more emphasis on capacity building the households in areas of environmental cleanliness, conservation, tree nursery establishment and management. The neem trees that were planted are growing very well, and it is important that the households start income generating activities by nurturing the seedlings and selling them to government agencies for reforestation and to other community members since the tree is a very good mosquito repellent and in liquid form its dry leaves are good for soil fertilization. So, we are not only looking at eradicating malaria but also empowering the community to be sustainable, to be able to cope with some of the challenges in future. More bed nets have been distributed, to households that had not benefited, but more are required and funds to increase the tree nurseries production. We thank our donors for their continued support, and looking for more collaboration.

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