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My Community: Capacity, Community and Change We work with partners around the world to produce Entertainment-Education (E-E) programs rooted in our three-pronged My Community approach to communications for social change. Using a combination of serial dramas, talk shows and community mobilization, we: Strengthen the capacity of our local partners to effectively use communications to catalyze change; Create a community of constituents who support our collaborative work; and Promote positive changes in audience knowledge, attitudes and behaviors around target issues. As a result we are promoting a new generation of change-leaders using communications to effectively turn up the vo...
May 3, 2012

Callaloo is Expanding its Reach!

2012 has been a busy start to the year for the Media Impact team!  

Callaloo is now on the air in 10 countries, with as many as 40 episodes (depending on the station) having aired thus far.  Negotiations are continuing to get Callaloo on-air in Trinidad, Belize, Barbados, Bahamas and St. Maarten by the end of the summer. The letters of agreement with the partner stations in these additional locations will ensure that Callaloo is on-air 3 to 5 times per week, and will guarantee each station hosts radio call-in shows to promote dialogue about the issues in each episode of the drama.

The My Island - My Community Team met in New York City from April 2nd to 6th. Our Caribbean team members joined the New York City-based team for a week to revise the program's twelve month work plan to achieve the program goals and commitments. This meeting was highly successful and provided an opportunity to refine our approaches to ensuring a high quality and impactful program as well as strengthen the team overall. The meeting allowed for the team to review preliminary results from the baseline survey and draft a plan to roll out of radio call-in shows and campaigns.

The preliminary results from the Knowledge Attitude and Behavior (KAB) Baseline Survey, conducted in St. Lucia, Tobago and St. Vincent and the Grenadines, indicate that listenership to Callaloo is 9% overall, a promising start since the radio show had only been on-air for a few months. The My Island team created a revised marketing plan to continue to increase listenership over the coming months based on the successes from our first marketing and promotions campaign.

The team is presently focused on development of scriptwriter guides to focus storylines and messages based on the KAB survey results. For example, 89% of respondents have heard of climate change and of these, nearly all believe the climate is changing now; however, only 17% have done something to protect themselves from impacts of climate change. Therefore the program will thread storylines highlighting the impacts of climate change on individuals and actions that they can do to protect themselves – overall demonstrating how easy it is to take action. In relation to HIV/AIDS, the results indicate that only about one-third of sexually-active respondents report having talked about condoms or family-planning with their partner. Therefore storylines in the drama will role-model such conversations.

Your support enables us to strengthen our efforts to deliver an impactful program that will help the more than 6 million residents of the Caribbean prepare for, and adapt to, the changes brought by climate change.  Thank you for partnering with us in this important work!  


Mar 1, 2012

My Island Coalition Training Begins!

My Island - My Community National Coalition training launched officially at a workshop in Grenada just prior to the holidays.  The workshop was attended by 14 people representing 13 organizations. This meeting is the first in a series of coalition meetings that will happen in all 15 participating countries over the next few months.  The outcome of the planning workshop is a country program implementation plan that will guide local coalitions of partners as they use Entertainment-Education to promote sustainability across the Caribbean. 

The workshop was jointly facilitated by MI Team members Alleyne Regis and Tyrone Buckmire. The workshop goals were:

  • To establish a diverse, engaged and motivated coalition to engage in activities to promote the actions encouraged in the Callaloo radio drama,
  • To strengthen the capacity of partner organizations to effectively use communications to address priority issues and build resilience, and
  • To commence design of the community action plan.

Throughout the two days of the workshop, the participants were quite upbeat and participated very actively in discussions, they were all fully in support of the coalition and expressed enthusiastic commitment to working together to take on the problems identified and discussed. The facilitation team was able to tease out the issues of major concern to the participants and the coalition was accepted as the best way of collaboratively addressing the concerns.

The experience and skills represented by the participants also made for easy identification of the issues and potential solutions for dealing with them.


After very rich and in depth discussion about a number of the current issues affecting our islands and populations, and a number of participatory activities, the following were agreed upon as possible campaigns for calendar year 2012.


Target Audience/s: Young Girls 15 to 24 years old and men 25 and over


  • Street Theatre and Interaction on HIV
  •  Health Fair, in collaboration with NAP and SGU
  •  Distribution of condoms and care packs



Target Audience/s: Passengers on public transportation, School children, Burners


  • Production and distribution of Anti-litter stickers
  • School visit to do presentations on the problem
  •  Development of anti-litter skits with/for school children
  •  Media discussions on health impacts of improper waste disposal, PSAs
  •  Placement of garbage receptacles



Target Audience/s: Children (up to 18 years old)


  • School visits to discuss and make presentations on the issue
  • Media activities to raise awareness and propose solutions – TV discussions and airing of relevant documentaries, radio shows and newspapers articles.



Target Audience/s: Young women up to 18 years old, parents


  • Media discussions on the value of women and the importance of motherhood
  • Targeted school-based discussions with young girls about the future
  • Puppet shows to highlight the issue
  • Contraceptive education



Target Audience/s: General Public


  • Puppet shows to introduce the information and initiate discussion
  • Showing of popular, relevant documentaries (Inconvenient Truth, The Home Project) etc, on national television and in community settings)
  • Mangrove and Forests replanting projects
  • Beach and community clean-up events



Target Audience/s: General Public, especially Hunters, Fishermen, Farmers, Buyers,


  • Awareness days and Exhibitions about endangered species
  • Widespread distribution of information about endangered species
  • School and community presentations and discussions about endangered species



Target Audience/s: Farmers, Buyers and Police


  • Public awareness activities, media, about the laws and penalties re praedial larceny
  • Highlighting, using media, billboards, etc, the dangers associated with  praedial larceny
  • Promotion of farm watch and community policing initiatives

Stay tuned for updates from all of the 15 national coalitions participating in the program! 

Dec 9, 2011

Callaloo Making Waves in Caribbean!

Happy Holiday season!  We have had an amazing year thanks to the support of each and every one of our partners, including you!

Some of the major milestones of the year have included:

  • Callaloo ON-AIR in 10 countries and 11 radio stations
  • The launch of the Callaloo Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/CallalooRadioDrama) as well as released Posters, Banners, and other marketing and promotions campaigns
  • Callaloo Smartphone advertising (thanks to InMobi)
  • Callaloo is now ONLINE! at http://mediaimpact.org/ as well as cross-posted to the Callaloo and PCI-Media Impact Facebook pages – make sure you are listening in!
  • Callaloo launch events held in New York and the Caribbean.
  • We have welcomed a range of partners to the program allowing us to broaden the base of our technical expertise, delve into trans-media Entertainment Education as well as secure financial resources.
  • We have expanded our team! Welcoming Will Banham, Tyrone Buckmire, Jessica Robbins and Della Ashby to join Alleyne Regis, Brenda Campos and Sean Southey as part of the Media Impact My Island family
  • We have started the My Island Coalition Building workshops.

Welcome Will Banham

We are thrilled to announce that Will Banham (wbanham@mediaimpact.org) has joined the team as Programs Director based in New York.  Will will support the coordination and management of the My Island program as well as Media Impact’s work in Africa.  Will comes to the team from the Wildlife Conservation Society. 

Production of Callaloo, the radio drama ‘made wit Caribbean flava’

The production and airing Callaloo is going strong.  The eleven radio stations are broadcasting between episodes 18 to 23.  Negotiations are continuing to get Callaloo on-air in Trinidad, Barbados, Belize, St, Martin and Abaco, Bahamas.  You can now listen to Callaloo online from the Callaloo Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/CallalooRadioDrama and http://mediaimpact.org/

Please LIKE our Facebook page and SHARE with your friends http://www.facebook.com/CallalooRadioDrama 

My Community Action Campaign Workshops complete

Tyrone and Alleyne were joined by 14 persons representing 13 organizations in Grenada for the My Island Coalition Building workshop.  The workshop resulted in:

  • Establishment of a diverse, engaged and motivated coalition in Grenada;
  • Strengthened capacity of Grenada coalition members to effectively use communications and community mobilization strategies; and,
  • Identification of priority issues and potential campaign ideas as well as a clear workplan to articulate the My Community Action Campaign.

Throughout the two days the participants were upbeat and participated actively in discussion, they were all fully in support of the coalition and expressed enthusiastic commitment to working together to take on the problems identified and discussed.

Tyrone is working closely with coalition members in Tobago, St. Vincent & Grenadines and Jamaica to host coalition building workshops in early 2012.  Media Impact will also explore hosting workshops in other countries on demand.  The Jamaica coalition building workshop is tentatively scheduled for 6 to 10 February 2012.

Integrating HIV/AIDS into TV and other Radio Dramas in Caribbean

As part of the CARISMA grant, Media Impact’s Christine Bailey has been supporting the My Island team in integrating HIV/AIDS messaging into existing television and radio dramas across the Caribbean. There are some exciting opportunities that are being explored. We will keep you up to date on progress.

CANARI – Bush Melee and Bush Talk

Fire, drama and passion are pulled together in a bush melee that will hit the St. Vincent airwaves soon.

Bush Melee is a new local radio mini drama about love, life and livelihoods around St. Vincent.  Tune in to meet Mavis, a jewelry maker who is struggling to single handedly look after her six children to Mr. Pappyshow who is known by all for his bad attitude and taste for rum. 

Bush Melee will be aired as part of a broader radio magazine, Bush Talk, that discusses issues of how to use the forests and its resources in a ways that will make sure we can continue to get food and clean water for our children’s generations.

Bush Talk and Bush Melee have been developed as part of a workshop that was facilitated by St. Vincent Department of Forestry, CANARI and PCI-Media Impact held in early October 2011 in Kingstown, St. Vincent that involved representatives of local civil society organizations and state agencies that work in areas related to forest management. 

Bush Talk and Bush Melee were both written and produced during this workshop to focus on local values and issues in St. Vincent.  These efforts are part of overall public education and outreach effort funded by the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization (UNFAO) to promote community involvement in forest management to benefit local livelihoods. Participants in the programme also gained hands-on experience in how to use Entertainment-Education that they can use later in their individual organisations for their public education activities.

Plans for 2012

A major focus of 2012 will be continuing the radio drama as well as working with our coalitions to design and implement My Community Action Campaigns.  The Action Campaigns provide an exciting opportunity to mobilize the community around their local issues for on the ground results. We are looking forward to seeing many campaigns launched in 2012 from mangrove replanting to street theatre to promote awareness in HIV/AIDS.

Thank you once again to our amazing partners for all of your input, dedication, and patients throughout the year!  We are looking forward to working with you in 2012. 


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